Ketoky Fried Chicken

(carl) #21

Switching it up a bit on Saturday (not too much):

I am using “Pork Panko” brand pork rind crumbs this time.
Using allulose for sweetener in cole slaw
No chocolate parfaits this time. BUT: Carrie Brown’s home-made ICE CREAM!

We will post LOTS of great photos from this event!


(Bob M) #22

I made the fried chicken in beef tallow. The chicken was great. It’s now my oldest daugher’s favorite chicken and my youngest daughter’s second favorite chicken.

I also learned a bit about frying with beef tallow. My first time frying and with beef tallow to boot. I think I’ll heat it up in a sous vide for a while to get it liquid before putting it in the fryer. There was an air pocket in my fryer, and that caused the safety to trip. I also bought (after the fry) a funnel and some nice filters. I think this needs to be filtered.

That’s the cooking appliance and techniques though, and not the chicken recipe. Hope to make this again.

(Kendall Thorman) #23

There’s a link in the show notes to the recipe but I keep getting the message that the site can’t be reached. Does anyone have the recipe for the coleslaw for the Ketocky Fried Chicken Coleslaw?

(Keto Kid 4 Life) #24

I made the Ketoky fried chicken about three times already. We love it!

(Katrina) #25

So I know you mentioned in a recent podcast @carl that you were still having issues with the breading sticking. I make a chicken strip where i dredge in mayonnaise with the spices mixed in and then bake it at 400 so it self fries in the mayo fat. The breading (pork rinds and cheese mix -Parmesan/Romano/Asiago) sticks really well. Just throwing that out into the keto-verse KCKO :wink:

(Bob M) #26

I wonder if that would work for actual frying in a fryer?

I tried chicken in buttermilk, drained the chicken, put the breading on, and that was a disaster.

I’ve been using Parmesan (finely ground) with herbs and an egg wash, and that seems to be OK. But it doesn’t have the same flavors as the ketoky fried chicken. Good for chicken for the kids, though. They like dark meat and not white meat, and I have to agree with them.

(Diane) #27

So, do you dredge the chicken in mayonnaise and then roll it in ground pork rinds? I’ve done something similar with onions rings. I added little hot sauce to the mayo and it was good!

(Katrina) #28

Yes exactly! I add cayenne powder :slight_smile: didn’t think of this for onion rings , that will be my next venture!

(Cecile Seth) #29

At Ketofest 22 @carl demonstrated a new version where you dredge the meat in KetoChow’s chicken soup flavor first. They were so yummy, he inspired me to dust of this recipe with pounded pork cutlets. Amazing!

Both non-keto college kids loved them.

Have also done with fish, with similarly wonderful results!