Keto women over 50

(Paulene ) #826

Yes, you nearly broke the forum! :joy: Glad all is OK and you are back online.

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Hehehe =)). Thank you, Paulene =).


I came off my fast with a probiotic, prebiotic and some unsweetened kombucha. Then I waited for about an hour before I really ate. Maybe an overgrowth of some bad bacteria? I also make my own yogurt from Dr William Davis’s blog (the wheat belly dr.)

(Wendy) #829

Took some advice to get some Dairy enzymes. Well…for me, if I want to trade acid reflux for diarrhea :grimacing: guess the search will continue.

(Jane) #830

Sorry you are having such issues. What are dairy enzymes?

(Wendy) #831

They are an enzyme to help your body digest dairy. I Love HWC in my coffee. And cream cheese. So back to the drawing board. I may go and talk to the natural pathetic lady at the health food store and get some of her suggestions. Strange thing,is that the enzymes, focus on the Lactose “sugar” and HWC and cream cheese doesn’t have sugars. Quite the Challenge! Anyone have any suggestions, I am open!!

(Donna Smith) #832

I remember Ayds my Mom used to have them in her bureau drawer…
I’m sure I tried them once or twice

(Wendy) #833

Figured out the problem. I’m allergic to Dairy Protein. Since, about a week has passed. Lost 3# and no stomach problems. And no acne breakouts. That in itself is worth not consuming dairy. Guess I better just deal with it.
Although I did pick up some dairy enzymes. They didn’t work. But they will be added to the cabinet of supplements.

(Polly) #834

We live and learn. Could you cope with A2 milk and dairy products? Or goat’s milk or sheep’s milk? It might be worth experimenting in a while when things have settled down again.

(Wendy) #835

Goat products work excellent! I currently use Goats milk soap, and Lotion. I was raised on goats milk. It works excellent for me. I can also eat goat cheeses. They are great. I will look for the sheep milk products. Didnt realize they were available? Thanks for your suggestion!:smiley:

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I am 63 but I would love to be in your support group if you will have me


Hello Pam - welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

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62 here - welcome!

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Thank you all for letting me join. I have been looking for a group like this!

(Sherry) #842

How do I join forum? I turned 54 and weight loss is doa.

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Welcome Tranquildream. It looks as though you already joined.

Sorry things are not going well for you at the moment. Have you been following a keto way of eating for a long time and then found weightloss has stalled as you become perimenopausal / menopausal?



I’m here, too. Though I don’t log in often.

I’m 52.

What did you mean? You’re not losing weight? Could it be you only have a little to lose? I’ve noticed people who only have a little to lose find it more challenging.

(Sherry) #845

Yes! Thank you for responding. Yes, I have been on keto since January of 2018. Lost 75 pounds. Fell off the wagon a few times too many now in 2021, turned 54 and no matter WHAT I DO my body will NOT let the weight go. I am very, very keto informed. So, if it is menopause (had a hysterectomy in 2014) then PLEASE help me find out what I can do to drop this added weight gain of 30 pounds! I am DESPERATE!! :cold_sweat::weary::cry::sob::pleading_face:

(Old Baconian) #846

In addition to lowering insulin by lowering your carb intake, you have to convince your body that it’s safe to shed excess fat by giving it enough calories.

A well-formulated ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrate (under 20 g carbs/day), moderate protein (1.0-1.5 g/kg of lean body mass/day), and replaces the missing energy from carbohydrate by eating enough fat to satisfy your hunger. Cutting calories only convinces your body that there’s a famine, and it needs to conserve every scrap of fat.

If you spend time looking around these forums, you will find plenty of posts from women who found that their fat loss did not commence until they started eating more food, not less.

(Sherry) #847

Yes! Thank you Paul. I appreciate your advice. I however have and was VERY successful with my keto from 2018 right up until 2021. I just stopped for a bit. Off and on. All of a sudden massive hot flashes, can’t sleep etc. Definitely menopause. NOW, I can and have used my what was a wonderfully crafted keto knowledge and it does nothing to lose weight. 3 pounds up, 3 pounds ds down, 4 pou do up. I am all but a out ready to give up and seriously just stick a whole cheesecake down my throat. I Don’t know what else I can do. That us why I am in over 50’s. I need help from women through menopause and how in lords NAME did they get past this awful plateau??