Keto women over 50

(Marianne) #806

Awww, Ginger says “thank you!”


(She is a honey bear.)

(Kim Edwards) #807

Maybe focus less on the scale and more on how the clothes fit…you say you are lifting heavier. Don’t forget that muscle is denser then fat so you could be adding more muscle and that is what is reflected on the scale. :slight_smile:

(Kristin) #808

@MFRer, yes!! I have done just that and it’s been helpful. I have also backed off some on my working out. I think I was stressing my body unnecessarily. Thanks for replying!

(traci simpson) #809

So today is day two (hahaha) doing carnivore and every meal, I get hot right after. Crazy! It’s only for a minute or two but man I dress in layers so that I can strip down to the bare minimum!

(Edith) #810

I’m back to eating carnivore again, well pretty darn close anyway, and not having the same trouble with the hot flashes this time.

(Claudia Dillman) #811

Yes, thanks for bookmark advice.

(Patricia) #812

I hope my set point isn’t where I am at now, because I still have too much belly fat. That, together with the sagging skin from the weight I have lost, makes me look like a python that swallowed a donkey.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #813

I’m trying to get stricter in the hope of burning off some belly fat.

(Marianne) #814

I wonder if that is the “meat sweats”? I’ve heard of it but thought it was just a funny haha thing, not for real.

(Marianne) #815

Me, too. My problem is that I am drinking too much champagne (the cheap stuff), so my weight loss has slowed. Everything else is great.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #816

Red wine here. I have heard that cutting out alcohol actually helps target the belly fat problem. Is that correct. Cause god knows I dont have any fat on my arms or legs, or butt!

(Marianne) #817

I hope it’s not correct (!) - otherwise, I’m screwed if I don’t stop sipping champagne!



I have become quite thin on keto and belly fat did come off. I was a bit surprised but it seem to be the case. But yeah there is some sagging skin. Oh well … LOL

(linda) #819

Thank you Patricia for posting this book rec! I’m reading it now-----
I’d like to share Keep it Moving by Twyla Tharp - a resounding positive book from a 78 year old who is still choreographing and dancing! It embraces the aging process with a few tips and delightful stories but is not preachy. Not a medical book - but a book about living the best life possible as we age :slight_smile:

(Wendy) #820

Hi Jan,
Well back when I started keto last April, seems it took me like 2 months to see any weightloss. That’s when I found this forum. Reading, gave me some ideas to try. I had to unfortunately cut the HWC,from my daily coffee routine. To this day I CAN NOT consume it. Other than causing real stomach distress. It seems to put a damper on weightloss, For me. It also brought my attention to. What I was consuming. I also think it challenges your mental fortitude. Just hang in there!
Everyone on this forum is super supportive!

(Patricia) #821

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

(Paulene ) #822

Hey @DeeCS, how is that skin shrinking going?

(Susan) #823

She is taking a break off Keto atm, it is on her accountability thread @Paulene.

(Paulene ) #824

OK, thanks for letting me know.

(Susan) #825

You are welcome. I thought she might not reply because of that so I wanted to let you know.

Sorry I am replying so late! My computer broke on Thursday night so I wasn’t online for a few days.