Keto women over 50

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Please help polly1. Do you have ANY words of advice to start losing again at 54? I lost 75 pounds from 2018 and now 2021 just fell off. Can NOT live now. But gained 30 pounds. All while still maintaining 20 carbs or less even on my cheat days. Someone please, help! :weary::tired_face::disappointed_relieved:

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What does a typical day look like as far as what you eat and when?

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How tall are you and what do you weigh now?

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Maybe you need to up your protein and lower your fat intake a bit?

I’m 55 and have the same thing happening, hot flashes, weight bouncing up and down. I’m just hoping that when my hormones settle, I may get off that last five pounds. I like keto as my woe, so I’m not going to change it the mean time.

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It is very frustrating. Like I said. I had list 75 pounds. Kept it off for about 3 years. Then fell off keto for about 6 months. Gained 30 pounds back. Still can’t lose ANY of them extra 30 I gained back for the life of me! :frowning:

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I am 5’6 and weigh 173. I was pretty much 140 to 145 pounds most of my life. Gained 75 pounds after hysterectomy in 2014. So, between 2014 and 2018 before I finally started keto, I had gained the 75 pounds. Then 2018 to 2019 lost the 75 pounds on keto. Now since 2021 gained 30 back. And all of my knowledge of strict, clean keto doesn’t do anything to help me lose anymore. I have has test after test. My TSH is perfect my A1c is only 5.4 all of my levels are perfect. Only thing found was I did test positive for ANA which I will be seeing a RHEUMATOLOGIST for. Might be Lupus and or rheumatoid arthritis. Other than that I am stumped. :disappointed_relieved:


It might be worth looking up Georgia Ede - she had experience of having a successful keto life which stopped working for her during menopause (she’s now carnivore).

I can’t think of the specific ones where she discusses it, but she does bring it up quite often on podcasts - maybe the Carnivore Cast episode she did?

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I usually fast with a 16:8 ratio at least 5 to 6 days a week. Wake up I have a coffee black with HWC added as well as 1 tablespoon of my organic mct oil. Then I don’t have anything else except water until my 16 hours are up. After that I only eat once or twice in a day. Consisting of generally 4 eggs 2 tablespoons of sir kensington avacado keto friendly mayo. Maybe another coffee, but decaf this time. With same. 2 Tbs of HWC and 1 Tbs. of MCT oil. Snack maybe some clean pork rinds, maybe sunflower seeds 1-2 ounces. Then, later perhaps a steak with keto steak sauce or maybe more eggs 2-3 with 2 Tbs. Of Sir Kensington’s again. That’s it. Sometimes a keto fat bomb or 2 if more fat needed. No maltodextrin, ever. No dextrin, no real sugar, no msg etc. Not even in my vitamins.

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Awesome! Thank you. I will look for her. :grinning:

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Do you have a link or a possible way to find her? Do I Google her name? Do I look her up on this forum? Thank you. :grin:


No problem - if you have a podcast app, then search for Georgia Ede and you’ll find a bunch of podcasts she’s appeared on.

Otherwise, this is the Carnivore Cast episode on YouTube. I hope it’s in this one - I’ve listened to quite a few of hers this year, and can’t quite remember which bits are in which podcasts!

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Thank you VERY MUCH!! :grin::grin::blush:


Wow, congratulations on losing the weight last time!

Menopause is a bi***h!

I’ll go on a wild guess, here.

Because it isn’t working, you’re cutting calories. But because you’re cutting calories, it won’t work.

I suspect you can’t really lose weight on keto if you’re menopausal AND close to a “normal” weight. Because it’s my case. I’m at a normal weight and have always been and menopausal and I don’t lose weight on keto. In my case, I don’t care, as I’m happy with my body.

I think it’s a lot emotional. With all the horrible changes, the scales not moving in the right direction are just the tip of an iceberg that stresses us.

If you could be persuaded to eat to satiety, stop thinking too much about food and diet, tweaking too much… just trying to get a more relaxed relationship with food. Like they say, KCKO. Don’t step on the scales. Love yourself with the weight you have right now.

With time, perhaps what’s stopping your weightloss may go away. For instance, it could be high cortisol levels. Stressing won’t help, if that’s the case.

Menopause symptoms improve with time. I had hundreds of hot flushes a day! I woke up soaked several times every night. The lack of sleep drives me mad. I got frostnip because I couldn’t support clothes during a snowstorm at 4000 m of altitude… life was difficult. After several years of despair, I’m finally a bit better.

So, I’m sending you a big cyber hug from one woman to another and hoping you’ll find peace and eventually your body will behave better. You need to be kind and understanding to yourself.

About going carnivore, since someone posted a link: I’ve tried carnivore for a few months and I put on weight. I only lost it when I went on a cycling trip and stopped the carnivore experiment. It doesn’t work for everybody, that’s all I’m saying.

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It seems to be you are adding a lot of extraneous fat. Fat for fat sake is really just empty calories. Fat has very few nutrients. I would suggest dropping the MCT oil and heavy cream and replace them with real food that contains vitamins and minerals. Higher protein and less fat.

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Yes, thank you. I have tried that also. Only thing is, the added protein (clean protein) only made me gain. Not lose. Then as well as now.

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Hello Corals! Thank you very much for this message. It means a lot! I am however not cutting calories. If anything, I get way to close to OVER eating. :disappointed: I do like keto 1 reason especially, is because it reduces my inflammation due to Lupus/ R.A. immensely! But, I am NOT happy with my body at ALL right now. It is thick heavy visceral fat. None of the likes I have ever seen before.

I really do appreciate you reaching out. I agree with you. I could NEVER do the carnivore. I would be bored to death with food. :grinning: I hate the scale. I try to only use it once a week. I am just going to have to keep on keeping on until I find what works. Thank you again for your time and attention. :grin::grin::innocent::innocent:

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Are you on medication for your lupus/RA?

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Hi! No, not yet! I see my rheumatologist next month. But, I will not take that Rinvoc or whatever it’s called. Way to many bad side effects.

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Dr. Ede’s Web site is, and she writes a column for Psychology Today.

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Thank you! :grin::innocent: