Keto women over 50

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So… this is my question about fiber:

How does your body know fiber “doesn’t count” before it gets to the point where it cannot be digested? The first wave of insulin is secreted within minutes or maybe even seconds of the initial intake of food. Your body does not yet know it has taken in fiber.

It made me wonder if maybe the calories shouldn’t count for fiber but maybe it still causes insulin to rise because it is a carbohydrate. Fiber could still be problematic and therefore total grams of carbs is better than net.

Any of you experts like to weigh in on this?

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@VirginiaEdie Actually, my understanding is that although it’s true that fiber does not affect blood glucose it does still have an impact on insulin. I’d be interested in reading any evidence to the contrary.

(Edith) #726

So, if that is the case total carbs is better than net carbs.

Net carbs should only matter for calorie counting.

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I count total for this exact reason. I was a T2 diabetic on Metformin but Keto has seen me free and clear of meds and the dropping of the T2 diagnosis. Still along way to go and in my late 50’s is is tougher than it was…but it works, on less pain meds for arthritis and fibro and sleep better so if the weight takes a while I will celebrate these nsv’s !

Really enjoying starting this thread from the beginning to get any tips :handshake:

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There, all fixed!

My understanding is that the preliminary surge of insulin is not the problem, but rather the sustained surge caused by the glucose resulting from the breakdown of the carbohydrate. In the case of fiber, those bonds are not broken, so no glucose moves into the portal vein, so no additional insulin. We need some insulin secretion in order to stay alive, after all; it is chronically elevated insulin that is damaging.

Whether or not fiber is metabolically active, Dr. Westman’s page four requires the daily intake of leafy greens (two cups) and certain vegetables (1 cup, measured raw). His handout also states repeatedly to eat when hungry and stop when full, thus avoiding overfeeding.

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No I’m not concerned about that. It came on as a result of changes leading into menopause. I’m now 2 years out and things are more settled. And if something does creep back I can always fast again!

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Thanks for fixing it. :smile:


For the life of me, I can’t remember which of the Keto doctors said this, but the quote was in summation of some such study, I believe…“Fiber is not metabolically inactive”. ( I want to say it was Dr. Westman, but not 100% sure.)

FWIW, I do count total carbs, and am almost 100% carnivore now. What this change-over has accomplished- -which nothing else has- eliminated the intake of unnecessary carbs (thus no “sneaky carbs” get in) , completely eliminates hunger for 80% of the day (somedays more) , and tendency to overeat has been quashed - which is a major acheivement. I really don’t think about food nearly that much, anymore. And I LOVE to cook. But, it seems like I feel satiated enough that I can enjoy cooking now, without eating.

I don’t mean to infer that fiber was fully responsible for my lack of progress, but rather that the things I overeat on - macadamia nuts in particular - contain fiber, and I just can’t seem to stop myself from eating them. So, stopping them altogether has been helpful. Difficult, but helpful.

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If you are out of control hungry, eat foods that have zero to few carbs, and don’t worry about how much you are ingesting. Just eat. Oh, and drink lots of water. Your body will calm down. I guess it didn’t like what all you are and drank over those days. I’ve read a posts by quite a few people who had similar things happen.

It was a learning experience. You only fail if you give up. You can do this. :blush:

Lol, I just realized how old the post I responded to is. I’m a dork.

Edited to add: oops! I meant to say your body didn’t like what you ate, not are! That changes everything!

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No you aren’t Parker; I have also done this a few times =).

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I blame the waterfall of sweat. My brain cells must be draining out too lol! :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Haha, you are fine, Parker, you are a sweet, wonderful lady =).

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Okay, maybe this is a random question but…
How many of you don’t drink coffee? I’m just curious. I am wondering if I’m the only one? Certainly not! Right? :grin:

(Edith) #737

I have also gone mostly carnivore. Saying I was carnivore was too stressful. If I “cheated” and ate some lettuce or a few berries I would feel guilty. Of course, the ironic thing about the cheating was that the cheating was just being keto.

My body does seem to be happier as mostly carnivore. I can intermittent fast now which I found really challenging with the slightly more carbs on keto. I do believe I am looking leaner, as well. My stomach is not as puffy by the end of the day.

The other thing I finally got squared away after two years following the ketogenic diet is my electrolytes. I have a feeling that finally figuring out my electrolyte needs may also contribute to my ability to intermittent fast.


Not me! Ptooooie!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(Not that I mind coffee-flavoured ice cream or creamy desserts. But hot, dirty, bitter water? Nope.)


I drink coffee - every day. Coffee is my elixer of life. Its also the avenue for MCT oil, butter, HWC to make its way down my pie hole.
And honestly, its just because I love the taste of it so much. Iced, hot - I really don’t care.

Okay kids. Short story time now.:joy: (remembering this makes me giggle…so bear with me.)
My Daddy let me try it when I was about 6 years old. We were at our cottage in Grayling, sitting at the round table - looking at the lake. Daddy had his gigantic cup - that read: Pa’s Cup. We were dunking crullers in the coffee, nibbling away, and then he took a swig of coffee. Mom wasn’t watching, so I took a swig too. Then we both giggled. Fell in love with the stuff. The contrast of the bitter with the sweet - was awesome. Just like our history of excessive Hershey bar consumption, Daddy had conquered teaching me about another delicacy - which we both loved and enjoyed together. And, we always drank it black. Except now, if I need a good hit of fat, I’ll add cream and MCT oil. Otherwise, black.

Okay…back to Keto stuff. :smiley:


I’m still working on the electrolyte balance, but YES! That is absolutely essential for fasting. I mean, I can do extended fasts, but I never feel quite like my internal balance is right. So, there is still some tweaking to be done with the Keto-ade.

But, exactly like you said - it seems like the fasting is SO much easier once those Keto-friendly carbs are gone. And, what is so funny, is that irony that you mentioned. I actually felt slightly guilty nibbling on a few almonds when I didn’t feel like eating meat. Its like, “duh! this is a Keto-friendly food! Why do I feel guilty, sneaking on a few nuts?!” Literally, that is what went through my head!

On another note, I’m flying out of town in Sept for a wedding, and I swear, my cousins are going to lose their marbles when they see how I eat now! This is going to be SO fun. They haven’t seen me this thin since I got married. Can’t wait!!!


Hahahahahahaha! I used to have a button that said “Coffee is my only real friend.”

But I’m sure there are plenty of Brits and Aussies around here who start their mornings with tea, so you’re probably not alone in skipping the coffee.

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I rarely had coffee pre-keto, and started to have some after I joined the forum, with everyone going on about it, and soon abandoned it, as it was giving me bad headaches, so I am not saying I will never have any ever again, but I certainly don’t actively drink it now.

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I never have. Not once. I think I tried it when I was a young teen and was like, hellnaw. But I don’t remember trying it.

Ditto all alcohol, drugs and smoking. Have always been revolted by the idea of using any of these (though am fine with being around drinkers, they don’t bother me at all, in a social setting. Never been around drug users -unless they were and I had no clue- or smokers, I avoid these and smokers were uncommon in my social circles). My objection isn’t morals-based, just revulsion based.

Girl just cal it “almost-carn” like I do :smiley:
I do best on it too, that’s for sure.