Keto women over 50


I don’t see the point of total carbs. The fiber doesn’t effect your insulin or BG, so there’s no point in counting it. None. All you’re really doing is a) eating fewer carbs overall and b) penalizing yourself for eating things that have fiber. If you want to set your carb limit lower you could try that if you don’t think that 20g is keeping your insulin low enough. But just choose a net number and don’t worry about the fiber. I don’t really worry about macro percentages either. I just try to keep my carbs around net 20g/day.

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I thought so, too, but there are so many contradictory ideas about keto. There is an older woman who has a blog and has lost over 90 pounds on keto, and she insists that one should count total, not net carbs. Because I have been struggling of late, I am looking for answers. What you said makes sense, though Why should fiber be counted at all? Trying to limit intake based on total carbs is too drastic for me, at least. Thanks for your help.

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Dr. Ken Berry says to count total carbs so that’s what I do. Don’t know if its right or wrong or makes a difference.


If you count total and still restrict to 20, then your net is certainly going to be less. That will make a difference for some people, especially people who have had pretty bad metabolic disorder.

Lots of Americans think it’s easier to do it that way, so you don’t have to do all the math of subtracting fiber. Ken Berry is all about simplicity (and I love that), so maybe that’s why he suggests it. In Europe all the nutrition info already has the fiber subtracted. So for broccoli it might say 2g carbs, 4g fiber. That makes it easier to count.

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Doesn’t cream cheese have a fair amount of carbs if you eat a lot of it?

Don’t get discouraged about weight loss. It has taken me over 3 years to lose 55 pounds, and I still have 20-30 more to go. Along the way, I stalled out many times, sometimes for a couple of months at a time. Right now, I am stalled again, so I’m going to try some different things to see if I can jump start my weight loss.

Even though I still have more weight to lose, everything else (except my saggy skin) is great. I was borderline diabetic (maybe over the border!) with high blood pressure, no energy, and trouble climbing even 1 flight of stairs. Now I feel so much better,and my blood sugar and blood pressure are normal. I am no longer taking medication for blood pressure, and that was making me tired, too. I can easily climb a flight of stairs, and do all the things I need to do around the house. So, I never want to go back to how I was.

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I started the fast on Monday at 5pm. I ate 1/4 of a brick Tuesday for lunch, 1/4 for supper. Then I didn’t eat any until yesterday afternoon about 2pm, 1/4 of a brick. Since then I have only had water and herbal tea. I weighed myself a short time ago and am down to 250 (was 252 before so lost 2 pounds).

I ate a total of 3/4 of one brick. I will probably just do all water next time, because I think eating at all made me feel hungrier when when I don’t eat anything.

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I’m 9 hours away from breaking a 48-hour fast. Two weeks ago I had a four-day fast. I had 10 lb creep on without even doing anything different! Probably due to changes from menopause. I’ve been trying for months to clean up my eating and nothing is causing the weight to go down. I’ve decided to incorporate two fasts a month, a 48 and a 72 + hour 1 every other week. I’m going to keep this up until I get back down to my usual weight. Has anyone else done a fasting regiment like this? So far it seems to be working as I’ve lost 2 lbs this month. I know 10 lbs isn’t a lot but on my small frame it means the difference between fitting into my clothes and not fitting into them.

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Holla! This is me at barely 5’2" and currently 114lb. need to get to 110 or really, 100 to be the right size for my wee frame.

Re: your fasting q. I used to fast very successfully 48h and some 72h until I got below 120lbs and now 48h is difficult. I can tell you when I did fast I always had a loss and never regained :smiley:

ETA: tagging @Momof5 and @Sharon_E as both do a lot of successful fasting and are in our age group.

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@BlueViolet, ikr! I’m 5’4" and carry a lot if muscle so I comfortably weigh in the 130s. This extra 10 put me in the 140s which I’ve never seen until menopause. But thankfully with keto and fasting we have ways to help our bodies. These fasts have been relatively easy. When I was in the upper 120s I could not fast either.

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ME again! I was 115-125 from age 14-49 unless pg. Got fat only after menopause and it sucked royal ass.
I edited my post above to tag two great gals who are fasting ninjas.

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Hehe, thanks BlueViolet =).

Hiya Kristen =)

I have been doing a lot of 48 hour and 3 72 hour ones the past couple of weeks, been fasting more than eating, and it did break an almost 2 month stall for me =). I fasted last Thursday-Sunday (74 hours) then again Monday-Thursday (72 hours) and will again Sunday-Thursday this week. Fasting a lot seems to be the only thing that could break my stall. I have lost 43 pounds since February and I have 130 or more pounds to go so I will be doing a minimum weekly fast of 48-72 hours weekly for probably the rest of my life. I say this because even after I reach Maintenance (down the road) I plan to keep up this routine to maintain weight, and for the benefits of autophagy =).

I am 5 foot, 2 inches, and 54, mom of five and grandma to two (and stopped periods December 2016).

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I’m being a buttinski, but are you sure you want to lose any more? It’s not well known, but people who have the best longevity are actually in the 25-29 BMI range. As we age, we need a few extra pounds to be healthy. Waist-to-hip ratio is a much better indicator of health than BMI or weight.

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I most definitely do not care about longevity (long story). No way I want to live into old age.

My frame is unnaturally small; at 114 I still have legs that resemble those of a field hand except way flabbier, I have abd flab low down, hips still measure 38…trust me I look a lot fatter than 114lb would make one think.

Waist-to-hip, I’ve always been hourglass except for the 3yr I was fat. My waist is 28 currently.

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Are you sure you are not being too hard on yourself? How we see our bodies is not how others see us. Your waist-to-hip ratio is just fine. There is only so far one can reduce the hips. Women spend too much time worrying about how they look, and. life is too short to not enjoy the present. Not trying to be a nag… even though my family says I am one. :wink:

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Nah girl I appreciate you caring enough to comment! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you read some of my posts you’d get a better feel; I’m a detached realist and my clinical eye is unfailing in its accurate assessment. Plus IDGAF how I look. Wishing to be ideal size is more from an OCD standpoint/perfectionism.

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My daughter says I’m OCD, too. You should see how the clothes are arranged in my closet. :joy:

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Yes!! Order prevails in all aspects of my life.

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So does Dr. Westman and it’s not just for simplicity. He says fiber is not metabolically inactive. I’ve read in several places that it does impact insulin. He says about a third of people are fine limiting to 20 net and the rest are better at 20 total.

(traci simpson) #722

And then what? once you stop, don’t you think the weight will come back? I’m not a multiple day faster so I’m curios.

(Patricia) #723

Well, I’m all messed up recently. I had some serious dental work and am now on my second course of antibiotics. That always wreaks havoc with my diet. I’m trying to stick to low carb and limited time eating. So far I have not gained any weight, but I haven’t been losing, either. It’s hard to find things to eat that are easy on my stomach and my teeth and keto and filling. :roll_eyes: