Keto women over 50

(Dawn Ellis) #643

Me. I started in December. I’ve lost near 25 lbs. I am just starting to try the OMAD thing. I love researching and learning new stuff.

(Helen Taylor) #644

Don’t forget, ladies, that the peri menopause can make your hair thin, especially body hair. I’ve been peri since I was 42, am now 51 and coming to the end. Is why I’ve decided to get a grip with my weight, I’ve put loads on over the last six years, but also have had depression and absolutely rubbish sleep for years, and the latter affects life from mood, through food. All thanks to the hot flushes, boob cysts and palpitations, super dry skin and crap sleep.

At least I can be slim again. Here’s to it!

(Amy) #645

Since we’re all talking about boobs and hormones, I’ll share my experience. I’ve been slim my whole life, until I gained 15 lbs over the last 3 years. Keto took it off in 2 months (last fall), but it really messed with my hormones! I went from a C cup to an A in 2 weeks! On the plus side, no more lumpy, swollen painful breasts! I’m 49, and very near menopause, I think!

At first I bled a lot, then I started having periods only every 8 weeks. My hair fell out and I turned into a dried up piece of jerky, inside and out -dry skin, mucous membranes, constipation, dehydrated crampy muscles, etc. In January, I started adding in a few healthy carbs (fruit, veggies, occasional grains), but continued IF, which improved the dryness and helped me sleep. I still have no boobs and only bleed occasionally.

Now I use Keto more like a tool than a WOL. I stay in ketosis about half the time. If I start feeling inflammation or having night sweats, I cut out carbs or fast for a day or two, and then I feel better.


As an update to my post a couple days ago, Aunt Flo remains about 1/10th of what it was prior to EF+Ginger Capsules+IF. I am STUNNED. I’ve never felt so normal, and free during the period days!
My diet has remained pretty strict this whole week…
Eggs, salt and butter, and 2 Coffee in the morning between 9 and 10.
I leave for work at 1030. Start work at 11, then work straight through- no breaks usually- until around 330-400. At that point, I get an Americano and eat 4-5 Simms beef sticks (from Aldi’s). I get off work at 730; home by 8. Some nights, I don’t eat anything, other nights a little salad and cheese. Last night, I was ravenous. Ate 2 hamburger patties- with cheese. Then nibbled on about 1/3 of salted cottage cheese. Drank a whole bottle of water, too.
This morning, I’m down to a new low! Starting Keto, I was 232, then re-starting after the holidays, I was 228. This morning, 211.6.
Now, I have just a hair less than 62 pounds left to lose. YAY! When I get to 150, who knows? I might decide to go lower!