Keto women over 50

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I was 11 when I had my first period, and had my last one December, 2016 (5 months after I became a grandma) so easy to remember when, and I was 52.

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My birth month the year I turned 50 was the first month with no period. I had really bad hot flashes. I asked the Dr. 5 years later how long hot flashes last. She said: “Uhm, 16 years?” She had no idea. I still have them, albeit less intense, 19 years after i started menopause. She prescribed progesterone back then, but I figured it would just prolong the inevitable so I never took them.


I was almost 12 when I got my first period. Was hoping that maybe by now, things would slow down. I know there is no set time, but dang. Its alot of years to be dealing with it.

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EEEK girl that SUCKS :expressionless:
I had them for about 2 yr and was driven mad by them.


Despite the unwanted visit from Aunt Flo, I am happy to report that I am down to 194.8 this morning. At my highest weight this year, I was 232. When I started Keto in March, I was 228. To be this far under 200 hasn’t happened in 20+ years. So period or no period…today is a GREAT day!

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There was a dear, elderly lady that was like a grandma to me (knit baby sets for all my kids, and blankets, etc. that I have safely stored away for their children later) she told me she was still having them (when she was 94) she passed away rather suddenly after that (natural causes, her age not anything to do with that).

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Help is always a good thing. Im 54 and been doing me to moreover 3 years…menopause (peri and post) has been crazy. Lots of how and down…but keto has been my one constant. Speaking with other women, I feel like shouting keto from the roof tops.

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I am 53. My period started the weekend of my 15th birthday. It is still fairly regular, but just within the last few months my cycle seems to be lengthening a bit.

My cramps are less with keto, but I still get mild
ones the first few days of my period. I still get
tender breasts. Also, hot flashes and night sweats seem to come in waves: a few weeks with and then a few months without. The hot flashes alternate with morning anxiety. I’d rather have the hot flashes.

Except for less cramping, it’s hard for me to say if keto made any difference considering my age. Maybe my perimenopausal symptoms would be worse. I guess I shall never know. I’m not quitting keto to test and compare. :thinking:

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Menopause was the best thing that ever happened to me (4-ish years ago) No symptoms except: I stopped being a total crazy person every month. I sure don’t miss going nuts and only realizing LATER that it was PMS. Now I feel great and can trust my mood much more. Such a relief.

The linen stays a lot cleaner, too.

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Me too. The hot flash nonsense was my only symptom and it did suck rancid ass.
Now, my weight gain was postmenopausal and related without question. BUT I still am so thrilled to be an old bag who can be invisible. I used to be quite attractive and get more attention than I ever wanted. Now I am looked past/over and freaking love it. Attention gives me anxiety. :crazy_face:

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Yeah! Being invisible can be a blast! Also, I can talk to men without them thinking I’m starting anything. Women don’t see me as a threat anymore. So I get to be like a kid again. Which is more fun than it was actually being a kid because NOW I have a credit card.

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Heckyeah it can!

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I am sooooooo looking forward to hitting that milestone!

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OK, I am a bit confuse these days. After reading some other threads on the keto boards, it seems some think you need less fat as you become keto adapted, and others say some people need a few more carbs. I have been on keto for a little over 3 years, and my progress is slow with long-lasting plateaus. I have lost 55+ pounds but need to lose 20 - 30 more. The worst part, though, is that I still have a big belly, complete with sagging skin underneath. I know, attractive, eh?

At first, I lost weight pretty quickly, but after weight loss stalled, I found that I have to eat about 1300 calories a day to keep losing, and even that is very slow. I have also switched from counting net carbs to counting total carbs. I took a stab at some minimal fasting by skipping lunch, and I thought I would die from hunger. That evening I ate way too much to compensate.

I am probably one of the older gals on this board at 67 and spent decades abusing my body with various diets. Keto is the only one I can stick with, plus my blood sugar and blood pressure are greatly improved. My HDL and triglycerides are good, but my LDL and total cholesterol are bad. I am not the least worried about that, because I feel there is too much treating to the numbers going on. (BTW, if I haven’t already, I recommend Dr. Nortin Hadler’s book Rethinking Aging: Growing Old and Living Well in an Overtreated Society.)

So, anyway, I am getting frustrated by the shape of my body and wonder if anyone else has the big belly problem even though you have lost weight. Any ideas on how to make that disappear?

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I’m 54 and been keto since April.

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The only way to make our belly disappear is by doing Fasting.

That is one of the reasons I do them, the others are for Autophagy, resetting myself when I stall, getting rid of skin tags, getting rid of saggy skin, reducing tummy, and there are multiple other health benefits to it as well.

I am 54, will be 55 in November.

I am doing a 72 hour fast right now, I am just over 43 hours atm.

(traci simpson) #680

I don’t know if that is true. I was eating sooo much protein and it’s still thin. It was thinning before I even started KETO. Not sure what’s going on. Going to see my hematologist Thursday and see if there is another test that can test my thyroid.


Fasting that promotes a good solid stretch of dramatically increased autophagy is a good option to deal with sagging skin. You’ll need to do proper IF with fasts of at least 36 hours, not just time-restricted eating.

Fasting can also help sustain or increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR), so that you aren’t trying to lose weight while eating nothing. The fasting will provide the calorie deficit that you need, while the feasting days in between will help push your RMR up. Again, TRE won’t be effective for this. You need at least full day fasts–not one meal a day (OMAD) or 24 hours, but full days which are at least 36 hours. Ideally, you want to build up to something like 2 to 3 days fasting (about 60–84 hours) followed by the same number of feasting days. On the eating days you should be eating well over your estimated TDEE.

Skipping lunch is the the worst option and has none of the effects that TRE or fasting do. You need sustained periods where you’re not eating anything. If you eat breakfast, skip lunch, eat dinner, you’re not doing that.

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That book sounds like a good read.
I’m only 54 but have not done extensive fasting but do eat in a time restrictive way. Some days I eat three meals but usually I don’t eat until well after noon. I was not very obese but have lost 80 pounds now. I didn’t do a lot dieting in my past so my metabolism may not have been too damaged, but I ate the standard junk food/fast food that is common in America.
So time restrictive and mostly real whole foods is what I’ve done. Meats and veggies sometimes just meat.
My belly is small (26") but I do have some wrinkles. Perhaps if I did more fasting it would look like I’m 20.:blush:
I think it just depends on your body and what works for you! Give extended fasting a try. Maybe it will help you reach your goal.

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Hmm, you have given me food for thought (pun intended). I take a pill for hypertension that is to be taken with food, and I have been taking it first thing in the morning. Maybe I can wait until lunch to take it. I was taking 2 pills a day, but I cut it down myself to just one. I’m sure my primary care NP is not happy with how I tinker with things, but too bad… :grinning: