Keto women over 50

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I have. The fewer carbs I eat the more the hot flashes I have even though I went through menopause 15 years ago. I also get quite hot during the night.

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Hi there
I have been doing Keto for a more than a year. When I started I was bed bound. Unable to walk. Had high blood pressure, on Metformin, Asthma that put me in hospital every year, severe pain from Ostio- Arthrites.
I have lost 60 kg. No longer taking meds for High blood pressure, its normal No Asthma attacks, perfectly controlled. No longer on Metformin, bloodsugar is normal.
Walking on crutches. I am getting a hip replacement in March. I eat lots of eggs, home made Keto Mayonaise, green veg like cabbage,full fat meat and some Dairy
I am 59.

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(Janelle) #426

This is awesome. You should feel proud of yourself!

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Thank you

(Jane) #428

My Mom’s condition was similar to yours. If I had know about keto in 1994 I would have insisted w both go on it. She mostly ate meat and veggies already so she wouldn’t have had to give up much.

I’m convinced it would have extended her life.

I am 8 years younger than she was when she died (she was 68). The first time she ended up in the ICU for her conditions she was 1 year older than me.

I am 60 and don’t look or feel it one bit after a year on keto!

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Hello Traray~ I’m new here and reading as much as possible! Who is LeAnn, and what is a “carb up?” Thank you!

(Tersia Basson) #430

I turn sixty on Friday! Can’t wait for my new hip. Taking Moringa to boost my imune system.

(Jo) #431

Hello Ladies! I was looking for a forum that fits me and this one looks like a good one. I am 52 and started Keto January 2nd, I have not lost 1 pound and am super discouraged. I follow Dr. Eric Berg, Maria Emmerich and some of Mark Sisson’s advice.

I do IF 6 days a week, 16:8 and am usually ok but by 9:00 am my tummy is talking to me! I do stay at 20 grams of carbs per day, I go to bed around 9:00 pm and am fully awake by 2:00 am and fall back to sleep at 4:00 am so my sleep really suffers when I go to low carb but I do not feel tired the next day or foggy brained. I do not have many cravings for sugar and my desire to eat carbs have dwindled. I cook all of our meals at home so that I stay on track.

I do feel less belly bloat and that my clothes are a tiny bit looser so that keeps me going.

One question that I have is that Mark Sisson says that we should only stay in ketosis no longer than 6 weeks and then we should go paleo, what are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for welcoming me! I have no idea if I am even posting this correctly, hopefully I am!

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Hi and welcome. I strongly disagree with the six week then paleo idea. Are you sure he didn’t mean six months? Some lucky people start to become fat adapted at six weeks so by going off keto right when you are adapting would cancel out any benefits. I am at nine months and only became fat adapted at around six months. I am eating healthier than at any time before and have no desire to change this way of eating.

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I went to a Keto 101 class where the instructor recommended his book, the instructor said that he does not recommend staying in ketosis longer than 6 weeks and neither did she. She looked great and is the same age as myself but has been doing keto/paleo for years, I guess it will take time and everyone is different but I just want it to happen faster than what it is. My mom was right when she said I have no patience LOL. Thanks for replying:).

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I have zero patience as well, so I am amazed I have done anything for nine months straight. Three things that can cause weight gain to stall are dairy, nuts and artificial sweeteners. In some people, not all.

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Are you drinking enough water and using enough salt? Also, the sleep will settle down the longer you follow a ketogenic diet.

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Well Kraft Heinz is buying Primal Kitchen from Mark Sisson for $200 million. I don’t blame him for cashing in, but once he’s sold out I don’t trust anything coming from him because now he is owned by Big Food who had a lot to do with influencing the dietary guidelines that got us so fat in the first place. Eat 6 meals a day, snacking is healthy, breakfast is the most important meal of the day (especially if sugary breakfast cereal!), blah, blah.

Kraft Heinz has a giant staff of chemists working tirelessly to come up with the most addictive foods they can to hook people.

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And Dr Berg has some whacked out ideas too.


I think that’s a misinterpretation of Sisson’s six-week keto reset program. He says, “The reason I chose six weeks is because that’s the point at which you’re going to probably get 90% of the ultimate potential benefits. And for most people six weeks is a very achievable goal.” He thinks that’s enough time for most people to become fat-adapted and have their bodies and brains working efficiently off fat/ketones and demonstrating metabolic flexibility. This is all very well for someone who’s already fit and eating healthily (maybe coming from a paleo diet like Mark and many of his followers would be), but not necessarily applicable to middle-aged, overweight women who have a lot of metabolic healing to do and fat to lose. Don’t take Sisson’s program (which I thought, on reading it, is very much aimed at athletes and high-performance folk) to be gospel for you.

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I am drinking enough water and eating salt. I am definitely sticking with the program no matter what as I feel better on it but I would really like to lose some weight!!

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Yes that is where the information comes from is his Keto Reset book. The lady teaching the course said that staying keto longer than six weeks can cause thyroid problems. She recommended eating paleo 5 days a week and then do keto on the weekends after six weeks.

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I really like Dr. Berg, his book is such an easy read but I guess he’s not for everyone.

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I’m overweight, have high bp, not great cholesterol and so I see an obesity specialist. I need to lose about 60lbs more to be where I want to be. My doctor, who “prescribes” Page 4 keto (Dr. Westman’s protocol) would not be basing his medical practice on a plan that can supposedly only be done for 6 weeks. My GP is also behind the plan I’m on and has zero concern about my thyroid (which she will test tomorrow again during my annual physical).

By the way, it feels like my weight loss is glacially slow but it’s happening.