Keto women over 50

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Honestly, I went from slightly hyperthyroid pre-keto, to completely normal at six months. Why would meat and lots of veggies, berries, dairy and nuts cause thyroid problems? As my mother would say, consider the source. Carbs are not necessary. I choose to eat nuts and berries, but you really don’t even need those.

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Paleo is essentially keto, but they add in some fruits and tubers. And some eschew dairy. I’m nine months in and eat a cantaloupe once a month. At nine months I could eat a sweet potato. They have this in common: No soy, no seed oils, no processed foods.

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Isn’t he the one recommending 7 cups of salad per day or such nonsense???

Maybe I am misquoting him as I have never read or listened to one of his podcasts.

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Here’s what I’ve gathered.

  • He’s a chiropractor
  • Other doctors with more relevant degrees contradict his advice
  • He sells his own line of products (not totally disqualifying)
  • He promotes some weird quackery for which he’s been brought up on charges -
  • He is a Scientologist (not my favorite cult)

There are a couple of recent threads about him on this board. Ultimately, it’s up to you but I think there are more reliable/credible sources of info out there. “Consider the source.”

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Lol… this one is news to me.

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Other references out there.

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Thanks! :rofl:

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Good to know! Thanks for the information!

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You are so right! How can all those things be bad for us? Keeping on! Thank you!

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He does recommend that. What do you eat and how has your progress been? Maybe I need to re-evaluate :blush:

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Well it’s not 7 cups of salad a day!!! :laughing:

I am 14 months keto and on maintenance. Lost 35 lbs and kept it off the last 6 months or so.

I eat low carb - some days way under 20 some days over. I was stricter on carbs when I was actively losing weight. I rarely eat breakfast and even more rarely snack.

My other 2 meals are protein and a non-starchy veggie or two cooked with fat. When not fasting I use butter and HWC in my coffee.

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do some research on Ozone injections.

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I use whipping cream in my coffee instead of half/half

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anyone still here? new, but keto and 50… keto for about a year or so… but finally getting serious… high fat! and tracking daily…

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never heard of keto/paleo… and keto not good for more than 6 weeks… ill have to look and read further…

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Where did you read/hear it’s not good over 6 weeks?

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Someone else mentioned that 6 weeks thing above. I’ll reiterate. My doctor is an “obesity specialist”. I’m pretty sure he’s lost money on lap band surgeries because he also prescribes long term keto.

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I’m still around. I’ve been keto over a year and still doing well. I’m at maintenance but am still slowly losing weight. (Trying to stop that LOL. I’m not dangerously under weight but am seriously not wishing to lose any more of my top half. I’ve always been a smaller cup size but this is getting ridiculous.)
I’m still a healthy size 8 pants. (Was a16/18)

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Good for you! That’s really awesome.

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Have your calories? I know I’m general we are not supposed to, but they still count. A lot of people say don’t count at first… get with the program… become fat adapted, or weak off the sugar… then if u still are having trouble look at calories. I very easily go over board with them… and the weight either creeps up or stalls. I am close to “goal”… but find it very easy to over eat calories. Too many fat bombs nuts etc. might help to use a macro tracker and set calorie goals and see if that helps move the scale some.