Keto Newbie 5k

(Paul H) #1

I ran/walked a 5k 2 months ago prior to any real keto effort…absolutely no prep. I finished… exhausted and slow but as expected… Thursday I have another 5k planned… No real organized exercise done other than hiking and canoeing. I am afraid I am not totally fat adapted yet and could not finish…feeling foolish… I am a T2D who thinks I will be fat adapted soon… in 3 days… I dunno. I fasted the last 28 hours no problem… BS not all that great though so thinking I have a bit more work to get there. Should I eat some carbs that day or possibly crash n burn? I have no problem whimpering to the finish if that’s what it takes…lol

(Carl Keller) #2

If you can consistently fast for 28 hours without serious hunger and you have consistent all day energy, you may be fat adapted. If you are not, it is probably going to be a struggle for energy, even if you load up on carbs. Being in metabolic no man’s land can be like having a sailboat with no wind and an outboard motor with clogged fuel lines.

So I’m not sure what to say except to eat plenty of fat the morning or night before and try to tough it out. Maybe you will be fully fat adapted and ready for the next one.

(Paul H) #3

That is exactly how I think I am! Can fasting another 36 hours guarantee adaptation? I dunno… I do know I have to eat something that morning… race is in the evening…

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(Scott) #5

It took me three months to get fat adapted so YMMV. but when you are adapted you can run forever. Note, you still need to build miles in training.

(Paul H) #6

I like that confidence… a solid No… hence my newbie posting. I set my sails and start the motor…

(Paul H) #7

I was hoping for a dream but, I think that’s more like it.

(Carl Keller) #8

It took me just inside of two months to reach adaptation but my metabolism wasn’t in too bad a shape. For better or for worse, I would not load up on carbs for the race. The fact that you can fast for 28 hours with no problems suggests that your body has learned how to use dietary fat for fuel, even if it’s not 100% proficient at it. I just think eating a bunch of carbs is going to replenish your glycogen stores in your liver and muscles which will add some water weight… and you are still going to have the clogged fuel lines.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #9

I’m a year in and still hungry.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #10

Fat adaptation is a process that takes place at the cellular level. There is some enzyme or protein or something that the cells need to learn to secrete again, and mitochondria have to heal—that sort of thing. It takes time, but it appears to proceed at a different pace for everyone. For most people, it’s six to eight weeks, for others longer. For a lucky few, shorter.

How does it feel when you push yourself right now? Where are you on the spectrum from exhausted to exhilarated? If you are reasonably far along towards full adaptation, why not try running the race and see how you do?

(Paul H) #11

I am at the borderline… Yep I will keep on keto and run the race and if I gotta whimper to finish so be it… I did fairly well on a 5 mile hike recently so… sacrifices have to be made… it’s a work thing so I hate puking in front of all the bosses…lol It will show dedication though so yes…puke and get a raise!! :slight_smile: or :face_vomiting: not.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #12

For me, at a year. Severe stomach pain and diarrhea if I fast more than 14 hours.

(Alec) #13

Nope, do it on fat… don’t worry about crashing and burning, if that happens, it happens. A 5k is not that long a run. Key advice, take the first half pretty easy, don’t go flat out, jog/walk it. Sounds like that was your plan anyway, but remember not to get caught up in the excitement, hold yourself back.

A walked 5k takes about 50 minutes, even if you whimper to the finish line, it isn’t that long out there. You sound reasonably fat adapted to me, I think you will do just fine, energy wise.

I am a runner: heavy and slow, but still a runner. I run a 5k race called parkrun every Saturday morning. There are loads of parkruns all over the world, and there are even some starting up in the US. Look it up, there may be one near you. Timed and free, very friendly, and not at all intimidating, usually lots of walkers as well.

Good luck and run well. Remember to enjoy it! :clap::clap::clap:

(Khara) #14

I would do it keto but take water with electrolytes in it. A homemade ketoaide or a mix that I’ve already used before. Never a good idea to try anything new on race day. Most likely though for me the electrolytes would help. Good luck!!


I agree with the don’t change anything for race day.
Looking after your T2D is more important for your health than running a speedy 5K. As said, it’s not too far. You definitely do not need to carb up for that distance, keto or not. Keep up the good work and enjoy the event.

(Paul H) #16

Sound advice everyone. I appreciate the encouragement as well. Thank you!

(Alec) #17

Let us know how you get on!

(Marco de Jong) #18

There is a difference not feeling hungry after a 28 hour fast and generating enough energy for a 5K run. For myself within a couple of weeks I could generate enough energy from fat to sustain comfortably through the day (not experiencing the keto flu-like symptoms), but quickly found myself dizzy / uncomfortable when starting to run. Now that I’m a couple of months on keto it’s much easier to run or cycle. Give it time (if that’s possible).

(Jeb Bower) #19

Sounds more like your problem is that fact that you’ve never done anything to train rather than what you’re eating. Going canoeing or hiking once in a while isn’t going to do squat to get you ready to run a 5K.

Last time I was doing low carb (Atkins then, keto now), I did several 5K’s, some 10K’ and a half marathon. No carbs, but running at least 3 miles a day most days a week.

(traci simpson) #20

If anything, have the carbs the night before.