Keto Newbie 5k

(traci simpson) #21

You can walk everyday and still complete 3 miles. If completing is all you are concerned about, that’s all it would take.

(Scott) #22

Go ahead and walk/run and have fun. If you do want to start running get fitted with some really good shoes at a running store. Go out and run til you need to walk. Walk til you are rested and repeat. Do this for say two miles until you can run the whole time and then start to add a little distance each week. If you want to run a 5k on race day you will need to be able to run a 5K before race day.

(Jane) #23

Why do you think that after a year of meat and veggies and significant weight loss on keto that you still are hungry to the point of not being able to skip meals?

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #24

Part of this can be caused by reduced blood volume from inadequate hydration. Dr. Phinney recommends a cup of bone broth about 45 minutes before the even, so as to bring up blood volume. The sodium in the bone broth will help this.

(Paul H) #25

That’s right… but I am not looking for a PB… just concerned about finishing because I am in unknown territory. I have done numerous 5k, triathlon and half marathon…but it’s been awhile… I did finish a 5k a couple months ago fine but, my chemistry if different now… hence the post.

I am no longer concerned about it or my game plan because of the information and affirmation on this thread. Thank you all.

(Khara) #26

I did a 5 mile trail run a few years ago. I had trained for it and was up to 7 miles. I was hoping the extra mileage would help make a shorter distance on trails result in a decent PR. Waiting at the start I got to talking with a gal next to me. She hadn’t really trained much at all. She was occasionally getting out for a mile, mile and a half. Anyway, she ended up passing me and making a great PR. She was not one of those long legged runner types. Just average like me. I ended up cramped up and hobbling with crazy IT band pain. I realized afterwards that the training had been too much on my body. She was fresh though, and not on the verge of injury. No doubt she was probably crazy sore the next week or so. I just think there’s something to be said for fresh legs. So, maybe you’ve got that going for you. As for the keto side of it, I was a little bit further along, at about 3-4 months in I think and my energy during training was feeling good. I would guess you’ll do much better than last time despite not training. Like already said, just watch your electrolytes. It’s not very long and you don’t need a PR, so just enjoy and see what you can do. Again, good luck, and let us know.

(Marco de Jong) #27

Thanks, will try that out on longer runs, currently no problem with shorter ones.

(Paul H) #28

Hey Hey… My time was better than 2 months ago…albeit a diff race but, I felt pretty good the whole way…much less walking. I dunno if I am fat adapted because…I am already fat and feel ok…lol But no surprises thankfully and onto the next… One of these days I will get back to regular workouts with goals but, until then I am just gonna try to get my diet down and learn… It got me here in the first place. Although I did read about HITT helping IR when you’re not sleeping properly to control cortisol…so it may be sooner than I want… Again thanks to everyone’s input!


Well done Paul


This is a little off topic, but it made me think about something I have been pondering the last few days. I hope you don’t mind me asking.

I’ve been eating keto four months now. I’ve been under 20 carbs nearly all the time. A few times I went over with good carbs (veggies, etc) and about three times in those months I had a meal (single meal, different days) with significant naughty carbs (pizza, dessert on my birthday). What does that sort of fall off keto eating do to stall your work toward fat adaption? Does it alter the progress significantly? Is it a major set back toward that state?

(Scott) #31

I use to think of fat adaption as if a switch was flipped. I now find myself thinking it is a very long process where the degree of fat adaptation slowly increases over time. The better you are adapted the less a “cheat” will trouble you some say. I know this doesn’t answer your question but due to the wide variety of time when people say they are adapted I suspect derailment is just as varied.

(Alec) #32

My opinion is that it hardly affects the fat adaption process at all. Fat adaptation is a physical change process in the body that takes a fair time to happen (3 months to a year). What matters is using fat for fuel. It is the using fat for fuel mechanism that builds the fat adaption, a bit like using a muscle that gets stronger as it is used.

When we eat carbs while fat adapted, the body will naturally use those carbs first (I don’t think that metabolic pathway changes that much with fat adaption). But as soon as the carbs are gone and the body is burning fat again it goes back to slowly building the fat adapted machinery.


That helps. It is a different way to think about it. Sort of like walking down a long hallway.


Thank you! I was hoping those blips didn’t derail the adaption train.

I’m was still trying to figure out if I am adapted. I keep reading about the signs. Some say you just know. (Sort of feels like buying a wedding dress! You’ll just KNOW the one.)

I have extra energy (I feel like I want to run instead of walk). I’m not craving breads/rice/taters. I feel full for much longer than before. However, I do sometimes hanker for something sweet, be it fruits or something more nefarious, but not often (not a single piece of Easter candy passed these lips and the baskets have been out in view for weeks).

But I am still not sure. Thinking of it more like a sliding scale or a muscle being strengthened makes me look at it in a different way. Given this, I think my body is fat adapted or at least on the way to being fat adapted and efficient.

Thank you!

(Alec) #35

It sounds to me that you are reasonably well fat adapted. As you say, it is a continuum, not a switch. So you can feel fat adapted and see the things you are seeing but only be half way to full fat adaption. This is why some people say they are fat adapted in 6-8 weeks. I don’t believe you can be fully fat adapted in that time. I think it takes longer (6 months to a year).

Sweet craving is not a sign you are not fat adapted. It is a sign you were once an addict (like most of us were).


Which means I will only feel better as I continue. And I feel pretty darn good now. Well that just made my day!

Thanks again!