Keto Krafts/Art - show and chat right here! By JANIE

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #102

I love these!

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #103

Love the seahorses!

(Jane) #104


(Running from stupidity) #105

My wife wasn’t impressed at being dragged in to be one of the subjects for a shoot another photographer and I were doing as a studio test, but this came out pretty well. (2014)

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #106

Nice! And also finally nice to have a face to put to the Cha stories.

(Jane) #107

Your wife is beautiful!!!

(Running from stupidity) #108

How is it that she is married to me? I don’t get it. #makesnosense


I love the seahorses,! Very cool!!!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #110

Do you sell those? :heart_eyes: they are amazing.

(Georgia Johnson) #111

Yes, I do. I make custom orders also. Check out my page:

(Virginia ) #112

Love these…they are awesome. :+1:

(Running from stupidity) #113


Ha! I did not even notice one was crafty at first! I just thought the left twin aged better than the right.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #115

Me too! but is was the not quite floofy enough dog that was the first clue for me.

(Steaks b4 cakes! 🥩🥂) #116

Beautiful!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #117

I would rather post something more polished, but this is probably more suited for the masses


Cute, and definitely has the Anime look. :slight_smile:


This seemed the appropriate place to put this. My daughter got her first spinning wheel, today.

In fact, she was so excited, they took it to their hand-weavers guild meeting tonight, so she could show it off. :grinning:

Most of her spinning has been on a drop spindle, so this is quite the upgrade for her.

EDIT: I later learned that this spinning wheel is missing a couple of parts, in case you were looking at this picture, and knew enough to think, “wait a minute, something’s missing”. But Lisa has a functioning one, and I’m certain they’ll get it up and running in no time. :slight_smile:


You’ve got a problem, @ladyleeloo. :wink: I should know, I’ve been banished from my wife’s workroom.

Okay, she didn’t actually ban me from it, but I can’t step foot in there, so it kinda feels like a banishment. :slight_smile:

(Running from stupidity) #121

Seems like a distinction without a difference, really…