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Happy Anniversary!


What he said. :point_up: :slight_smile: Happy Anniversary.

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Thanks @dlc96_darren and @Digital_Dave. It was a really nice, low key celebration and hubby loves his new camera strap. He put it on his camera today for a whirlwind trip down to FL tomorrow and back on Sat. (picking up an antique new-to-me loom!!!). I also designed a freestyle band today for my UberCoolNeighbor who is the city’s consummate cameraman and going to be celebrating his 70th Bday in a couple of weeks. There’s no stoppin me now! :wink:

(Sophie) #228

Janelle, your work is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had the patience!

(Sophie) #229

Meant to post earlier but got involved in dinner prep…here’s my first Tapestry and it’s a tiny one. I threw everything I could think of at this piece…cotton, wool, metallic, silk, chenille, wool roving…stuff was flying all over the studio and I can’t remember when I had so much Fun! :smile:


And you say you have no patience. :smirk:

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Touche! :clap: :blush:

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I love this so so so much!

I may need to do some loom shopping.

(Janelle) #233

Do you live anywhere near an IKEA? This can be used as a tapestry loom.

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I haven’t seen that at my ikea, I’ll have to take a look. Thanks for the tip!

I think what I want is something I can do narrow scarves or other small items.

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With a name like Lustig, it’s perfect for Keto people.

(Tiffani Dutridge) #236

This is awesome!

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ha! I did take a second glance at the name, but didn’t realize why it seemed so familiar out of context!


Oh sure, you start off with a small one, but then another, and another!

And they get Bigger, and BIGGER!

It’s a trap @Ruina! Run away! RUN AWAY!

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This is a likely scenario, but I also have to be mindful that things need to be either packable, or something I’m willing to leave behind.


I’m sure this is true in your situation, but you’ve heard of the word “addiction”, right?

I’ve seen this take over too many people…dear ones, I love.

I just don’t want you to fall into the same fate!

You notice the weavers on this thread aren’t commenting. They’re too busy weaving! It takes a objective person to make these warnings. :slight_smile:

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You don’t know how well you are selling me on weaving.


It all starts with a simple lap loom.

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I’m sure I could fit a little loom and some fibers in here somewhere.


Ooh, a Ukulele!

You need to make a video of you playing, and post it! Maybe a lullaby?

Before you know it, you’ll have raw fiber stuck in corners and crevices, you never knew existed.

From the picture you posted above, you have NO IDEA the opportunities there. :slight_smile: