Keto Krafts/Art - show and chat right here! By JANIE

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #185

So elegant!

Do you wear them? Give them as gifts? Sell them? Or all of the above?

(Jane) #186

I wear them and give them away as gifts. I wear them all as heavy neck scarves, not shawls so I prefer the crescent shaped ones as opposed to triangle shape as less bulk around my neck.

I really need them when I travel to Chicago or Northern Europe in the winter!


Sooooo pretty! Makes me want to toss aside this afghan I’m working on and make a lacy shawl too

(Jane) #188

I just ripped back the entire body of a sweater I started the first week of June. I wasn’t happy with the way it was fitting and that was BEFORE I decided to do my first EF after 6 months on keto to lose the last 10 lbs.

Well it really doesn’t fit right now!

I did some ciphering and figured out what I needed to do to get it to fit right so will take it with me on my trip to China and work on it on the long flight over there. Gonna be in the 40’s and 50’s there so I think I will take my purple scarf/shawl also!

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #189

Beautiful work!

(Duncan Kerridge) #190

Happy Valentines day folks!

(Virginia ) #191

Here’s a couple more blankets I did a while back. The snowflake one was a favorite of a few folks, but a lady who works with my Husband bought it for her Mom for Christmas, and she said she loved it. :slight_smile:

The second one (shown below) I made and gave to a Veteran in an Veteran’s Nursing Home near us, that my neighbor works at. I just wanted to do something nice to show appreciation for their service. … I didn’t know the gentlemen who received it, only being told about him by my neighbor. But she said he started crying and hugged it when she gave it to him. Saying he absolutely loved it, and wanted to say thank you so much to the one who made it. :slight_smile: The stars look crooked hanging on the fence.

I also made this Shaw and donated that as well. It was used as one of the prizes they gave away at one of the Veterans Senior Bingo games they held at the same place.

Sorry some of the images look at little offset, due to having to hang them on the fence for the photos.

(Running from stupidity) #192

Galah colours! WOO!

(Virginia ) #193

They’re pretty! :slight_smile:

(Running from stupidity) #194

Yeah, so I figured they were a good fit :slight_smile:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #195

Finally something polished to show.

(KCKO, KCFO) #196

Galahs are so beautiful, this is a wonderful pic. Thanks for sharing it with us.

(Sophie) #197

I’ve never seen those before. Aussies have some super cool birds! :+1:

(Running from stupidity) #198

And these ones don’t try to kill you!

(Sophie) #199

OMG! :scream: Which ones want to kill you, ffs?! Ostriches? Emus?

(Running from stupidity) #200

Emus frightened the crap outta me as a kid, for sure.

But as a general rule, our fauna (such a misleadingly nice-sounding name) is gonna try to kill you one way or another.

(Sophie) #201

I never considered any bird as an apex predator. Although, I did meet some fairly aggressive ostriches at a wildlife ranch once when I lived out in Texas. But I think that was because you could purchase cups of feed for them. They were relentless. :expressionless:

(KCKO, KCFO) #202

This is the only bird you need watch out for, children wear hats with a protective back, usually has a face on it, to keep from being attacked. I made the mistake of walking under a nest one day, and they are no fun to deal with, let me tell you. Oh and the songs they sing are beautiful.

And I have had several lovely dances with emus. I love them, they are second only to lorikeets in my heart.

But snakes, crocks, and funnel webs, should be avoided.


(Sophie) #203

I noticed daffodils have popped up around my mailbox! :sunflower::bouquet::smile::+1:

eta: oops wrong thread! lol damn muscle relaxers/pain killers! :roll_eyes:

(Janelle) #204

Pottery night. The teach said, “That’s a nice cereal bowl!” Na uh - scrambled eggs? Soup?