Keto in the wild: pho


Keto option on the menu at a local pho restaurant

Not my photo. Check out the bottom option on the left. Yum!

This is at Vinason in Sammamish, WA (USA).

Keto-specific Restaurants
What did you Keto today? Part Deux!
(Kayla) #3

I’ve been to this place twice and never noticed the keto option, so glad I saw this. I thought pho was a long gone option beginning this keto journey!


Nice. Check it out!


Had the steak and brisket combo tonight done “keto” (shirataki noodles). Was delicious.

(KetoMike) #6

It looks like a great keto option. Weird that on Yelp the Westlake location shows no keto option. Maybe it’s a new offering?


Yeah, I’ve walked past the Westlake one quite a few times and their menu doesn’t have it written on there. It’s always been too busy to pop in and ask but I’ll try next time I’m near there. It’d be great if it was available there!

(KetoMike) #8

Please do let me know, I love Pho and having a keto option would send me down to S Lake Union in short order! Thanks in advance.