Keto Friendly Doctor List?

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I stumbled on this listing, has even more than just drs.It is an international listing. Putting it in here so I can find it again when needed.

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There is going to be Three Keto Friendly Doctors doing a Q&A after a Screening of The Magic Pill documentary on June 19 near Philadelphia!
Sign up Now to reserve a ticket!

It’s sponsored by the Nutrition Coalition

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I live in MA (Plymouth County and would really like to find a keto friendly doctor in my neck of the woods/// even better if the doctor in a cardiologist as I had stents implanted 10 years ago and I am on a high dosage statin and zetia to control my cholesterol level which I just recently had tested with my levels of Total Cholesterol at 149, HDL 68, LDL 68, VLDL 13.4 and Triglyceride 67. I know these are great numbers, but now I am learning that that don’t mean diddely squat in terms of being factors leading to clogged arteries and heart disease. I have discussed getting off of the statin and zetia with my PCD but he is totally against it because it “keeps my cholesterol levels in check which helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks”. I askes him this before I learned about the keto diet and now that I have a bit more knowledge I would like to discuss my options with a doctor who understands more about how nutrition really works in out bodies. I still have a bit of hesitation because of the many years that I had to hear repeatedly about how much fat in the diet is so bad. But I am getting better accepting the real truth. So… If anyone knows of a keto friendly doctor in my area I would really appreciate any info on it. Thanks!

What if Keto Just Doesn't Work for Everyone?
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This question comes up so often on LC forums I have collected resources into a List of Lists…check these. Includes US, Canada and International.

How to Find a Doctor Supportive of LowCarb/Keto/Paleo Diets

There are a number of resources to help you find medical care supportive of a reduced carbohydrate way of eating. Some lists include not only medical doctors, but chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, RDs, etc. Some are for general practitioners, some for Obesity specialists. With any recommendation, check the website/reviews or phone the office directly to learn more about the doctor’s philosophy on diet.

Dr. Eric Westman at Duke Lifestyle Clinic and Heal Clinics.
New branches and remote health coaching may be available. (USA and Canada)
Click Find a Clinician. Members may not necessarily use a low carb diet, but many have now been trained in a low carb clinic plan module by Eric Westman, chairman and past president. Members are obesity medicine specialists, not bariatric surgeons.

FoodMed’s Low Carb Map of the World (International):

Low Carb USA Provider list (USA): Find a clinician. (US and Canada)

Canadian Physicians who signed LC petition: and

Public Health Collaboration. Map of UK GPs Also map for Nutritionists and Ambassadors who may help you find supportive real food health care./

Re-Find Health: (was Primal Docs) (International)

Paleo Physicians Network: (International)

Find Low Carb Doctors (Jimmy Moore’s old list):

There are also many Low Carb RDs and Diabetes Educators around the world, and most offer consulting via Skype. In addition to above resources

More lists within article on LC Dietitians.

And of course, Google Low Carb Physician plus location.

Sorry, I can’t seem to edit away the opened Links to Dietitians. Would rather have the first few links to Physician lists, please look there first.

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Hail Mary- Anyone in Knoxville know a keto friendly doctor?
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Maybe when I lose my 150 lbs it will convince my husband to be the upstate NY keto doctor! Good luck, I’m working on it! :blush:

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I happened to notice that the IDM program has added a Physician Finder to their website.
Links to Doctors in Canada and by Region in the US:

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Was surprised Dr. Jeff Gerber in the Denver area wasn’t on IDM’s listing.
I guess he is more into the heart health side of things than diabetes? His book with Ivor Cummins is a really good one, Eat Rich, Live Long. .

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I thought these IDM “Network” doctors would support Fasting Protocols, though also be Keto-Friendly.

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In Charlotte, NC: I have not used him, however there is a functional medicine doctor in Charlotte who understands Keto.
Found him from sone of the folks I follow and talk to on twitter:

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Found a Keto Friendly doctor in Indianapolis. Loved my blood work said Keto was a strong way to live and keep at it!!

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I see Dr. Gerti Tashko in Rockville MD. He is 1 of 3 physicians U.S. certified in all three specializations:

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Thank you so so much for sharing Fernando! I’ve been searching for a Low Carb friendly doctor in NW Houston since last year. Couldn’t believe you posted this info since 2017 and I didn’t see it. Last year my doctor (also Dr. Chen from a different location) told me my diet (keto) is tooooo extreme! I reversed type 2 diabetes but she was more concern about elevated cholesterol level, I had Calcium Score Test = Zero, she still advised me to stop eating fat, do low fat, up on whole grain etc… not very supportive. I will try to go to this location you recommended.

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Thao, let me know how it goes! He’s become very busy, but the important thing is that his entire practice is well versed in ketosis and a multitude of other interventions.

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Amy Berger has a new video on “Dealing with Non-Keto Doctors”, good ideas for different approaches. In the comments below the video, she has many lists of where to find keto doctors, similar to my previous post, but it has some new ones to search.

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DietDoctor announced they added another 66 doctors to their international list, now over 100. If interested in finding a keto friendly doctor, you may want to re-check this list.

Announcement: Low-carb doctors proud to be counted: Six reasons why it matters to world health

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Dr. Nadir Ali outside of Houston in Clear Lake, is on some of these lists, but noticed today a note under his new video: “Dr. Ali has championed many aspects of the science and practice of a low-carb lifestyle in the local Clear Lake area since 2013. He organizes a monthly nutritional seminar in the Searcy Auditorium of the Clear Lake Hospital that receives more than 100 visitors every month from the local community. Dr Ali’s focus is on managing heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.”

New information May 13, 2019 …

DietDoctor has fixed the missing information of the Keto-Friendly Doctor list…a search function and map to find the Keto Doctors by location.