Keto Friendly Doctor List?

(Karen) #1

I’m looking for a keto friendly doctor in upstate NY. The jimmy Moore list is somewhat outdated, at least in my area. Is there a morw current list, or does anyone have a suggestion for the Albany NY area?


Maybe he would be willing to move his list here as a wiki resource?

(David) #3

Great idea to have a reference (perhaps Jimmy Moore might step in) or maybe we could just start a new list. I have not found a great keto doctor but I have found one what at least seems to be pro lower carb and will listen.

(Kathy L) #4

Me too -but made an appt. at a functional medicine/natural clinic… (WI) am hopeful for more in depth hormone testing, since I’ve been on a stall for months. Fingers are crossed.

(Karen) #5

I have been searching for a doctor who will support me in this. I’m having no luck.

(Sandra Watson) #6

LOVE the idea of a list here… perhaps ask the powers that be?

(Kathy L) #7

I have heard Jimmy Moore and the doc say (on one of the podcasts) that we need more “functional medicine” doctors. So when I searched for Functional Drs in my area, I kept coming up with “Natural medicine” clinics. SO - I’m trying a new doc today,(from a Natural Family Clinic) but if she doesn’t support keto, or knows nothing about it and doesn’t seem interested in it, I will not go back. I have a list of resources for her to look at and all my blood work showing improvement over the past 3 years. Wish me luck!


Did you ask when you made the appt? Or are you getting a free first evaluation?

(Kathy L) #9

Was offered a free 10 min phone call to ask questions, but opted to make appointment after reading their online bios. Seemed like it was the closest fit to what I was looking for in my area. Just was prepared to walk away if the doc was not keto friendly (which she is -not a proponent -but definitely against sugars & grains -a big PLUS)

Looking for a Keto friendly Doctor

Good, finding a health care provider that works with you is great.

(Rhett McJunkin) #11

I am located near Charlotte NC and have had zero luck in locating a keto friendly physician. I would really like to be able to consult with a doctor that could help me go through my lipids and understand my progress, or lack thereof. How can we discover physicians who support this dietary lifestyle??

(Becky) #12

I learned about Keto from a homeopathic medical doctor in Scarsdale NY, Suzanne Saltzman is her name. She also referred me to an endocrinologist in Mt. Kisco NY, Dr. Che Chan who understands her work.

(AD Keto) #13

Were you ever able to find a Capital Region keto-friendly doc? I’m in Guilderland, and currently on the search for a new GP. The the first one that’s listed on that Jimmy Moore “keto-friendly doctors” list – the doctor located in Saratoga – hasn’t been there since 2015. He’s moved to Idaho, apparently.

The second one listed, in East Greenbush, is a chiropractor, and not exactly a general practitioner.

(Karen) #14

No luck. If you come across one, would you let me know?

(Eric Sodicoff) #15

I’m a MD practicing internist in suburban Philadelphia. I more recently became ABOM certified in in Obesity. I function mostly as a primary care doctor but also pinch hit in hospital medicine fairly frequently. My philosophy with regard to most chronic disease is fix diet first and get back to me if there is still a problem. I use LCHF, keto or paleo as first-line diet of choice for virtually everyone. I was at Keto-Fest and met Carl & Richard there although I doubt they remember me. They were very busy. If you need a Keto friendly doc near Philly call me! Office #610-495-2300

(Life is bacon, bacon is life) #16

Try this link to the American Obesity Assocation, clicking on the button for finding a doctor:

I saw a great interview with Dr. Mary Vernon, conducted by Dr. Eenfeldt when she was president of this organization. Dr. Westman succeeded her as president, so I think they are solidly keto-friendly.

Don’t go to the society of bariatric surgeons; they promote surgery as the only real cure for obesity. They just had Kevin Hall giving a major lecture at their recent annual convention, so that gives you an idea. (He had a fight with Gary Taubes about a study NuSi wanted to fund, so he is now firmly in the “carbs are really good for you” camp.)


upstate ny is pretty much a dead zone for health. I cant seem to find anyone in our area either I am in saratoga area.
maybe we need a capital region FB group or something to at least try and help each other out?
Hope @Kave70 sees this also, wonder how many of us are in here?

(AD Keto) #18

I’ve actually got an appointment with Dr. Ryan in Colonie in a couple of weeks. Here’s the website:

From what I’ve read, he’s a practitioner of functional medicine, and when I filled out the ‘new patient’ form, I talked about how I was looking for a doc that understood the benefits of keto.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

(Fernando Aramburo) #19

Just wanted to share an additional doctor, for anyone in Houston. This guys and his team (so far, everyone very well educated and super up on most innovative interventions including Keto) seem to be on point. He takes most insurance, but a lot of the initial testing he does is not covered by insurance- he is the only functional medical MD that I have found takes insurance in Houston and is very accessible. I see his RN Jennifer Meaders as my primary point of contact but the doc name is Dr. Chen, Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, . You can really geek out here. If you end up seeing Jennifer as your primary contact let her know Fernando sent you! (you can ask for anyone there to be the primary contact, the Dr. sees you after you see the primary contact).

Let me if you end up here and like or dont like it! At the moment both my wife and I use Dr. Ruan as our primary physician.


very interested in how you make out. I didnt see anything on his website that mentioned keto.
But like idea he has NTP on staff. please let me know how visit goes