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(Neece Tinsley) #1

I am on many facebook groups related to keto. I am not a keto newbie but like to encourage newbies. My biggest complaint about FB keto groups is they expect people to read docs which is ok but when you are on several groups it is not user-friendly. Why do people insist on making a facebook group then making a rule about reading their docs, while constantly redirecting people to the docs. Admins turn off comments and overall treat newcomers badly. It is not an encouraging way to teach others about keto.

(Allie) #2

Probably because many the people who have been keto for a long time and took the time to learn and research at the beginning get fed up of the same questions over and over again, that could easily be answered with personal research.

I’m guessing the docs are intended to bring everyone up to at least the same basic level of understanding rather than having to say the same things repeatedly.

(CharleyD) #3

@Shortstuff This base level of understanding or lack thereof is what keeps me away from FB in general although I’m feeling a compulsion to make a Group for close friends/coworkers/fellow martial artists who have shown a serious interest in how I’ve un-deranged my own metabolism.

Think it’s still a good idea? I know the dudes have pay-it-forward as a tenet… but I generally make people’s eyes glaze over when they ask… maybe I should start a Kickstarter for some public speaking classes :sleeping:

(Neece Tinsley) #4

I completely agree with what you are saying about doing your own research. I just think FB is not a good platform for what the group owners are trying to do, particularly when most users are using their phones which makes it harder to navigate between the flow of posts and pinned docs. I hate answering the “what is keto” questions too and only answer them if no one has already.

(Neece Tinsley) #5

I think there needs to be a mobile app with different content based on these three phases of keto. 1. Complete newbie, 2. Experienced but still in progress. 3. Keto Fine Tuning-Dealing with stalls, adding exercise… I guess I am just seeing phases to this and it causes confusion when an experienced ketoer tells a newbie to fast or exercise when they have not yet figured out how to wean off carbs.

(Allie) #6

Facebook groups really aren’t ideal period. There’s so much bad info on them, and so many egos. I’m fed up seeing people pushing ketogains macros onto newbies who don’t even lift weights, and people pushing high protein low fat claiming it’s keto. And people starving themselves then moaning that they’re not losing weight. And claiming to be “stalled” because the scale hasn’t moved for a week. And using the scale as their only method of assessing progress… maybe I’m just in need of a bit of isolation :joy:

(Sharon A Peters) #7

My take is that there are keto FB groups … and there are keto FB groups. Keto has become the latest buzzy trend for weight loss, etc., and the internet, FB, blogosphere, etc. is now flooded with self-proclaimed authorities, many heading groups with rather dictatorial practices and harsh and regimented interpretations of what keto is. They are equaled only by the some of the equally dictatorial vegetarian/vegan, anti-fat groups. Scattered throughout are groups and discussion boards, such as this one, where people are doing this for health rather than vanity. We recognize that no one person knows all there is to know about the human metabolism … in fact, as we read and learn, we realize both that there were researchers in the past whose voices “in the wilderness” were heard and ignored, and that new technologies and true researchers are learning and relearning things about metabolic activity and function that challenge the accepted order … and the industries that have grown up around that accepted order. So, keto is not a free ride or a my-way-or-the-highway thing; there is a learning curve. No one person has all the answers. And the real, and the good groups are those where the members support each other, answer questions without shaming, and help understand or find ways to understand in “kitchen chemistry” terms, what keto is, what it can do, and how to understand the more technical aspects of studies about it. If that is not the attitude of the group, I, personally, decamp at once.

(Allie) #8

One of the groups I’m on used to be really good, but the main moderator left after being badly verbally attacked by someone and it’s gone downhill badly since. Such a shame.

(Richard Hanson) #9

Are you precluded from answering those questions and treating those newbies exactly how you think they should be treated? If so, and as you perceive a need, why not simply start a Keto Facebook group where the treatment of members conforms to the standards you are expressing?

(Sharon A Peters) #10

It IS very sad. There are lots of people reaching our for heath and help, and they are being shut down, mocked, and chased off. When I see this happen, I IM the person, introduce myself, and suggest that that they come here and give it a read … and, if they like what they find, then sign up. Those other cult-like groups and their authoritarian “leaders” - often just as well-informed and up-to-date as the ADA - help perpetuate ignorance. And damage. As surely as sugars, refined carbs, starchy carbs, and bad oils do.


I don’t use Facebook, that’s why I seeked out this place.


It’s a tricky one. I feel for admins who have massive groups and get the same questions coming up over and over again. Logically, it makes sense to create some basic docs to answer the questions. However, that is not how FB works or how people who use FB like to work. My feeling is if you want to operate in the FB medium then you need to suck it up and try and mostly be nice. I am lucky though and don’t have to deal with that kind of stuff in my group so I am probably biased!

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

@shortstuff I totally agree with you. The only diet oriented FB page I am on is Daisy’s.

Besides there is a reason the 2dudes moved over to this forum format. I like it much better personally than any FB page.

(Kay Mac) #14

Im here for the very reason you speak of …there is a group ( CULT ) on FB called Reversing Diabetes … and its all KETO based in its approach . I mentioned that my urine strips were dark and my blood sugar was high and I generally did not feel well . In about two hours Im getting a phone call from one of the ADMINS to get my wife up at 2 am in the morning and have her drive me to the E.R. and be checked out for DKA ( DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS) …not knowing any better I went and they put two liters of fluid into me as I was somewhat dehydrated ( which can make anyone feel sluggish and produce dark urine strips ) …I wasnt even in a state of KETOSIS even though there were KETONES present . I saw my Doctor the next day and he was fine with my decision to do this woe and just said keep an eye on my sugars . The ADMIN from the FB group messaged me and asked if I still wanted to receive individualized messages and I stated that I thought I would just observe for awhile and see if anyone else gets sent to the E.R. …or worse …I was immediately removed … very strange …probably thought I was going to send them the bill !!! This group here seems much more relaxed and is much more encouraging and doesnt create a panic amongst its members …GLAD I FOUND THIS PLACE !!!

(The remembrance of bacon past.) #15


(The remembrance of bacon past.) #16

Glad you found us, too!

One reason people here are more relaxed is that enough of us have survived major difficulties to have gained a better perspective on what’s serious and urgent to worry about. The result is some pretty sound collective wisdom. I’m just in awe of some of the people on these forums and their amazing stories.

Reading stories like yours, I’m beginning to realize just how unusual a group we have here.

(Suzi Smotrycz-Guilford) #17

I am in several keto groups on facebook but it’s mainly for recipes and food ideas. The mis-information as well as unkindness makes me more of a lurker than anything! I find that many people don’t want to do the work to research this WOE or are beaten up for asking questions that any newbie might ask. @Daisy what is your facebook group?


Kickarse Keto Bitches

The most awesome group of women on the planet :smile_cat:

(Suzi Smotrycz-Guilford) #19

Thank you so much for adding me-your group is a breath of fresh air!!!


Is there a limit as to how much pork rinds we can have in a day? What do you all think ? I️ like to eat them with hot sauce for a hot Cheeto substitute