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Oops. Is that my fault? LOL, sorry. But remember its a snack food. Its healthier than the rest of the snack foods seeing 99% of them are all carbs. I personally try not to go through more than one bag a day. Look at the suggested serving size, and use that as a guide as to how often you really think you should have them.

I save mine, as often as possible, to help me out when a craving hits me. I often use a guacamole dip. Just to get my snacking hunger fed.

I’m to the point now that I don’t even get sweet cravings. It probably took a couple of months since day one, but it was worth it. Yesterday, I was shooting for a 24 hr fast. Technically, I failed. I cheated a few times with a single slice of bacon when I felt kinda like breaking the fast with a meal. A single slice of bacon kept me from wanting more. Did that 3x. So a little fat and salt kept me going.


You’re Definitely to blame. Pork rinds with tapatío have become my go-to snack.

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Seconded, the motion carries.

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Okay, so I’m the new guy here and I haven’t even started eating keto yet. Beginning on Monday and really can’t wait. But I wanted to make a comment on the FB thing.

I’m a moderator on another forum (not FB and nothing related to health) and that site is comparatively large for most forums. We have in the neighborhood of 75,000 members, though only about 2,000 of them are active on the site at any given time. Anyway, there is kind of an unwritten rule about constantly or frequently asked questions…we answer them. Sure in the scheme of things a newbie could probably try to do some research before asking questions. But sometimes the process itself is a little overwhelming and the new guy doesn’t even know where to begin. If a new person asks a legitimate question, and the first person who responds says something along the lines of “Google it,” they are more than likely to just not want to follow through. Answer a question and show some kindness and watch that new person start finding information on their own. Just my two cents.


Facebook in general is terrible, but it’s even more terrible at trying to imitate a forum. Just doesn’t work. Everything about the format is wrong.


I’m a mod in one of the big FB keto groups, and admittedly I do understand some of your concerns. I can only address your questions from my perspective for what it’s worth (hope it helps).
In our group, the pinned post is very carefully curated for the info it contains. In fact, I’m pleased to say that it’s less “rules” and more FAQ. Our admin team has spent hundreds of hours over the last several years refining it. It’s not very long, is well-organized, and contains the answers to newbie FAQs that we see again and again. In short, it’s a very valuable link. When our team or a member refers newcomers to it, it’s for several reasons: one, to ensure that everyone gets consistent info to start, two a newb can read it and digest at his or her own pace, three the newb know where to find it in the future when s/he wants it again, and finally it cuts down on the potential for snotty answers from impatient members who get tired of seeing the same 10 questions over and over. As someone said below, out of the 100K+ members in our group only a certain amount are active, and believe me, though most are patient, there are only so many times you can stand answering the “How do I start” question, hence, the carefully curated pinned post. :slight_smile: You can guess that we want to help all members from the person who showed up because they “heard about it from a friend,” to the T2 diabetic whose doctor told them to do it, to the person who has been eating this way for years and is looking for support on fasting. As volunteer admins, we spend hundreds of hours of our personal time per week doing admissions, redirecting rude posts, providing vetted articles and resources, taking down spam, sharing new research and podcast episodes, comforting sick folks, and helping troubleshoot for those who are not meeting their wellness goals. Under those circumstances, that pinned post is a godsend! I hope this helps at least resolve some of your questions in a way that shows the other side of running a group of that magnitude.


Join request submitted! Looking forward to being in your group!

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Which group are you a mod in?


Ketogenic Diet Science and Support family of groups. It ain’t perfect, but I’ve learned a ton and hopefully helped along the way. In fact, it’s how I first learned of the 2KD. <3

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I do love Obscene Keto. I don’t feel as judged there. No question is stupid!!

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How bizarre. An admin practicing medicine???


Gah. I’ve departed most of the FB keto groups I was previously in, because … well, basically, after a while most FB keto groups end up behaving like pretty much any FB groups (pitchforks optional).

There were three groups that I stayed in because the folks were nice, friendly and generally supportive. But now there are only two. * le sigh *

Today the level of well-intentioned but nutbag misinformation in that third group just Did. Me. In. I simply couldn’t take any more and needed to save my sanity and leave. They all mean so well and seem to be generally lovely people (mostly mature-aged women), but SWEET VALHALLA the amount of ignorance / wild guesswork / crazy theory-spreading that has been going on! I just can’t be around that any longer (to stay feels like I’m endorsing it), and I don’t have the energy to attempt to correct every piece of misinformation being recommended so enthusiastically.

It makes me sad. :frowning:

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I’m new here AND pretty new to keto (3 months in). I’m a research fanatic so I personally would never rely on an FB group for ALL the information on how to do a diet (although this is a way of life more than a “diet” I think) or even how to start it correctly. So I’m pretty shocked at the reliance and expectation of spoon feeding that many newbies have when they arrive in the groups. Personally I think they need to first ask: “what book can I read that will educate me before I start?”

Anyway, I’ve been a moderator in the past and always try to be very kind and respectful to moderators, even if I don’t agree with them. It’s their group and I am a guest. I am free to leave.

Anyway - that’s my 2 cents. I figure if you want to answer the newbie question - go ahead. If you don’t - scroll on by!

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I’m a little late to the party - but I’ve just requested to join

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I agree - I use the Facebook group for ideas, and recipes - although there are people on here who come up with the most amazing food options.

I will ask questions, but unless I’ve seen the results, as in a regular group or a forum, I will research the answers.

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I’m new here. Two weeks into keto and learning what I can. I agree with you totally. I can say for myself that I did a lot of reading BEFORE I started and continue to read until I have satisfactorily answered my own question. I’m not just jumping on a bandwagon. I take my health seriously and I couldn’t imagine being spoon fed information. Of course, when I have specific questions like about Swurve and carbs (I got my answer on this site before I joined), it’s nice to know that you all have more experience than me on this woe, and that you all are here. I love the focus on positivity. Have an awesome week everyone!

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I LOVE THIS FORUM! It’s a great format and I love the search and the people are great. I stopped looking at FB keto groups for all of the same complaints others have stated. FB pages are designed to engage people at least daily/several times a day. If you don’t post frequently, you don’t “belong”.

This forum is here whenever you need it and you CAN find so much information on so many topics without scrolling endlessly.

Thank you Richard and Carl for creating this awesome forum for us!

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Facebook… UUGGHHH!!! I like a good Facebook group but I haven’t found a keto FB group that I really felt like I fit into. Tried Dr. Berg’s, got tired of that very quickly. Tried Dr. Fung’s more recently, got tired of that pretty quickly, too. Tried a couple of others that I can’t remember the names of but they were pretty “whiney babyish” and constantly nitpicking about what could and couldn’t be posted on “THEIR” page. Had enough of that pretty quickly, especially since all I really wanted was pleasant interaction with other keto type people, something beyond the kindergarten level of keto.

Basically, I shut all of the keto stuff off on Facebook except one page that I get recipes from. Not a lot of interaction there but good recipes.

Honestly, if you want conversation, this is about the best place I’ve found for it. Lots of good people that are quite tolerant of variations in keto, even when the leanings head more toward paleo. It’s about the most respectful place I’ve been, all the way from carnivore keto to vegan keto. We may not always agree but I’ve not seen too many times when it wasn’t respectful conversation. What was it that Dorothy said over and over in the Wizard of Oz? Something about, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” Welcome home.


Just my take. Good luck!

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I was unable to find a group with this name, did find something similar, so I wanted to be sure this was still a group you’d recommend

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How can one find them?