Keto diet to lose fat not muscle / weight?

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Hi All

I am a 47 year old male and work out in the gym 3 times a week, therefore I still want to keep my physique in terms of muscle but decided to try Ketosis to lose the belly fat !

To me the whole diet makes sense, reducing the carbs to no more than 50g and avoiding sugars both naturally in food and added etc. Looking at what my eating habits were before, I ate too many carbs which ended up getting stored as fat, I was drinking too much wine and beer too ! So here are my questions I would like to know the answers to:

  • I have downloaded a list of foods to eat but is there a preferred list of veggies and fruit that are to be avoided, for example I know bananas are not good, but some people say apples are not good, others say they are fine etc.

  • Are pretty much all meats including fish okay?

  • Lastly ALCOHOL ! what can you have and quantities, what is the better option of drink? (If any !)


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Welcome A1EK. Check out this thread. It’s helpful.

Here’s some basic “what to eat” information:

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I highly recommend a 20 carb limit and no fruit for a strong start. There isn’t a daily carb requirement and keeping it as low as you can will get you faster and more sure results. Good advice from @PetaMarie.

The list of stuff not to eat is not as good as the list you can eat. Focus on the positive! Generally the rule is above ground vegetables good/root vegetables not good. (Onion and Garlic in limited quantities)

Low carb veggies

Collard Greens
Brussels Sprouts
Green Beans
Bok Choy (small baby if available)
Daikon or any Radish
Mustard Greens

Tomatoes onions and garlic are fine in limited quantities. Avoid the berries for a while. But the fruit that’s ok with keto in small servings (still very significant carbs) are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. 1/2 cup. Avocados are allowed and recommend, 1/2 a Day is good. :cowboy_hat_face:


Some illustrated low carb food guides from the Diet Doctor web site:

For the most part, yes. But you have to watch out for how things get prepared. For example, meatloaf or sausage can have a lot of carby fillers. As can artificial crab legs (white fish + starches). Even the omelets at IHOP have added pancake batter, to make them fluffier.

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Thanks PetaMarie for the article thats great, the download that was shown was the one that I already had so glad its a common one !

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Hey there,

Try aiming for 20g max, not 50. Any green, leafy vegetable that grows above ground is good, any vegetable that grows underground (potatoes, carrots, etc.) is bad.

I avoid fruits entirely. A couple raspberries or strawberries aren’t horrible, but all fruits are full of sugar.

In short, yes, most meats are fine. The fattier the better. Just be extra cautious when buying things like sausages, packaged ham, etc., as things are added to them, upping the carb count.

I avoid alcohol too. Some spirits are OK, but I tried experimenting with vodka, rum, gin, etc. on myself on handful of occasions, and felt like crap, plus had some temporary weight gain, that was just me though. I only drink water, unsweetened tea, and coffee (black or with heavy cream)

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Thanks David, I will try to keep focused on the carb limit each day !

PS. What is the main signs that you are reaching Ketosis and approximately when?



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Here’s an science-supported article that discusses how LCHF not only doesn’t tax your muscle mass, it can help you do the opposite:

As an example, here’s a before and after of Ted Naiman, a doctor who has been helping his patients with low carb for 20 years+:

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I will make this easy
No fruit.
Only veggies that grow above the ground
Meats okay
I do <50g because I like wine
I love craft beer but only drink a Corona light during the week if I have one. I do have some IPA’s on the weekend.
Alcohol: Red wine is about 2~4g per glass and I have about 1/2 bottle a night.
Most liquors are carb free but you will stop burning fat til its gone.
I aim for <50g carbs and have scotch & wine daily. I go to the gym three days a week and run 30 miles a week. I am still working on the belly fat.

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Wow, thats a comprehensive study ! I think what I can take away from it, is that the Keto diet is still beneficial and could help build more muscle due to the increase in protein, albeit with slightly less energy to push yourself.


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This might not necessarily always be true. Since I’ve started keto and weight lifting, there is a huge, noticeable difference in my muscle mass. My energy has its ups and downs. It’ll be pretty consistent for a while, and some weeks I can add an extra set or 2, or some weeks I have to decrease my reps by a little bit. It changes alot for me. But I can tell you this, my energy stays pretty consistent when I lift fasted. it’s around the 80ish hour mark of a fast that I feel a decrease, but for the first 2 or 3 days of no food intake, my strength and endurance is up there.

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My phone hides my BELLY ! :slight_smile:

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Same here. :sunglasses:

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All of these vegetables are fabulous conduits for fat - i.e. butter, bacon grease, mayo [especially cabbage; loving my cole slaw!], blue cheese dressing, etc. (not to mention salt, which you will need lots of).

Welcome and good luck!

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You’re cut already!

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Beware, once you’re in ketosis, alcohol will hit you harder than it did before. Some people have worse hangovers, I find them milder, mainly because I drink less.
I find that I prefer either dry wine, or straight alcohol. Give me a nice tequila or gin to sip and I’m happy, I’d rather not waste my carbs on a mixer. Stay hydrated while drinking, it will help with the hangovers, and keep fat handy for when you get that “I need something” after a couple of drinks.

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thanks ! I’ve just bought some urine strips…

Any advice on wine!?

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Wine is 2-4 g per glass. It’s really up to you if you want to drink it/how strict you want to be

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Dry champagnes can be nigh 0g carb per serve. Even some reds. It depends on the residual sugar (RS) or the brix, either one of which can be backed into a carb count per liter, which can be calculated to per 5oz glass.

At the bottom of the link there’s a quote from Dr. Robert Atkins about why he thought even zero carb booze wasn’t a great idea for adherents of his program.

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For me, I’ll take sustainable long term over short-term losses. That means I work alcohol into my plan. Pinot Grigio for wine usually, Altos Tequila Anejo as my sipping preference. It’s all about the balance for me