Keto diet to lose fat not muscle / weight?

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Count it and it’s all you. I drink wines and ciders, but I count em and do the due diligence.

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Absolutely!! :sunglasses:. I love n=1

ETA: For newbies, it may take some time to find your n=1. Count your carbs, including any alcohol intake, and pay attention to how your body feels as well. Bear in mind, it can take several days to see the results of an over indulgence. Don’t start tweaking or experimenting until you’ve got a few weeks (or months) under your belt.

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I’ve been low carb for 8 months. I am not super-strict (plenty of tomatoes and onions, often snack on several servings of nuts during the day, although that’s often my lunch, and drink 2-4 glasses of wine a couple/three nights a week, plus an occasional beer) so I’m probably closer to your 50 gram target. But I’m probably very insulin-sensitive and had very little belly fat to begin with. Started already pretty lean…BMI 21, about 11 or 12% bodyfat by the Navy method. My weight dipped about 3 pounds then went back where it was. I have not been exercising much during most of this period (long walks about once per week and a half dozen kayak paddles (average 3 hours) in the last six months) but judging by the veins in my arms, I have lost a little body fat.

I did have a few fairly intense workouts early in low carb involving a few HIIT bike intervals and some weight training. I felt a little less zippy than before and once had to quit because I suddenly felt pretty weak after about four bike intervals then a few sets of weights. I want to get back to the gym now that I’m probably more fully adapted, but when the weather is nice it’s hard to go exercise inside…

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Those devils!! Is nothing sacred? I (and most people) would never think about them doing things like this. When I go out for breakfast, getting an omelete is considered the SAFE option! Now I gotta just get them as unadulterated fried eggs all the time?


I’ve never liked that generalization. Radishes are great and turnips are fine. And peas and corn are not good choices.

Mostly a waste of money…

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Aaw thanks Marianne,I didn’t realise my shorts were that snug !! :wink:

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:grinning: thanks

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I’ve heard you can ask for your omelette to be made with “shell eggs”. Which is a weird thing to have to specify.

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Because they are a legume and a grain.

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So, in the “you can eat veggies that grow above ground”, do you count the carbs in those veggies? Or do you consider them a “free” food?


Biological designations don’t matter. Common usage does.

For example, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries aren’t berries. But watermelon, bananas, pumpkins, avocados, and grapes are. So are tomatoes and peppers, which most people commonly think of as “above ground” veggies.

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I get that. Bananas are berries too. But understanding the biological classification helps.

I do think the above/below ground guidelines help, as long as you don’t confuse it for a law.

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Green leafy veggies

Only fruit is avocados, maybe raspberries, blackberries and blueberries if you must

Some nuts and seeds that are low carb - macadamia, almonds, pecans

Eggs, all meat and animal fats, all animal organs

No vegetable seed oils (corn, canola)

ghee, butter, tallow, avocado oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil

Dairy is tricky - I do butter and heavy cream + high fat low carb cheeses

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That is what make it a generalization but yes I get what you are saying. I should probably retire it. So much of my carb counting is that I just know what contains too many, I eat radishes and don’t eat corn because I just know.

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Just like momma said “nothing is free” you just need to factor them in. The only free carbs are bound up in the fiber so carbs-fiber=net carbs.

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Thanks all for the top advice.
So you think urine strips are a waste of time, what’s the best method to check then that you’re in ketosis?

Also, should protein powder be limited when I work out as it may have sugar and carbs?

Ps. How do you turn off the email updates ?



If someone is sticking to 20 net carbs per day, they will be in ketosis.

But, as a T2 diabetic, I regularly check my blood sugars, so I do have that type of monitoring going on.

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I’ve read though that people can take weeks or months even in 20g carbs, so is buying a breath tester good?