Keto Complaint Department



(traci simpson) #1599

My sports bras are too big and boobeage slips out underneath!

(Susan) #1600

That is great =). I was thinking that donating all our too big clothes to Battered Women’s Shelters might be a great idea, they are always asking for donations of Women’s sanitary products, toiletries, baby products, etc but I thought since so many of these women leave quickly, without a lot of their things, this would be a good idea.


That’s great! I am officially wearing mine on my middle finger as of last week. It will legitimately fall off on my ring finger (in the summer heat no less). Toying with the idea of buying a pretty fake to wear until I decide if I need to resize the real ones.

(Susan) #1602

I bought a fake set -band with fake diamonds and the engagement ring bit of it has diamonds each side and a centre diamond. I bought the set for $3.00 from a site that I love, that is located in China (free shipping to Canada on many items). I get loads and loads of compliments on the set all the time!

I set aside my real rings and I need to find them now (to remember where they are) haha because now the others are spinning around on my finger and I am thinking the others will fit again.

(Jane) #1603

You can get a ring guard that is adjustable pretty cheap. My husband had to buy one after his wedding ring fell off and it really bothered him. He is an artist and designed our rings and had them custom made so it would be a big deal if one of us lost their ring. :cry:

(Susan) #1604

That is very neat and special that he designed them. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to both get them sized down, since you have both lost so much? Yours must be big too?

(Jane) #1605

We should!

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(Cynthia Anderson) #1607

Oh the clothes issue. LOL. I’ve shrunk out of most of mine too.

I’m about to shrink out of my swimskirt that used to be too small.

Thankfully I know where a super cheap thrift store is.