Keto Coffee and meal prep

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Hi, I am new to the keto diet and thought my best chances to stick with it would be to meal prep for the week.
My first question is since I really never eat breakfast, can I just do the Keto coffee everyday? I have not found any weekly meap preps that use the coffee, is there a reason for this?
Secondly, what website/book did you use to get your macro intake for the week?
Any suggestions will help, thanks guys.

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I’m not a meal planner. I just eat what I have on hand - to my macros. So I can’t say anything about weekly planning. Be aware, however, there are two general definitions of ‘keto coffee’. They are the ‘fat bomb’, often called BPC or bullet proof coffee, and coffee with both fat and protein added to some keto macro ratios.

In my opinion, a fat bomb is not ‘keto’ coffee, although if you ate a lean steak with it you could call the combo a keto meal. :innocent:

PS: I drink a litre keto coffee every morning so it is a significant part of both my daily and weekly eating.

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Hi and welcome

Some weeks I meal prep and some weeks I don’t, it depends on how the weekend goes. Prepping definitely makes lunches easier for me. And yes, you can do just coffee everyday, however you define Keto coffee. I normally have a couple of cups with HWC and coconut oil each morning, occasionally a splash of vanilla and 1/4 teaspoon of dark cocoa. Some days I add collagen peptides, others I don’t.
As for macro intake, I go simple. Aim for carbs around 20 (I do net, some don’t), adequate protein (I use about 1 gm per pound of LBM as I’m trying to prevent muscle loss as I age) and fat to satiety. Calories will sort themselves out without worrying about them.


Why not? Do whatever works for you. I don’t eat breakfast so I don’t consume any calories at all. My coffee is black or non-existent. It’s a very bad idea for me to consume unnecessary calories, I just eat my meals. But if it has some benefit for you, go for it. If you didn’t have breakfast until now, I don’t see a reason to start now, not even a keto coffee but if you aren’t sure your day will be fine without it, you can try and see.

I eat carbs below my personal ketosis limit I figured out (20g is a safe number so if you aren’t sure and don’t want to take risks, use that), I prefer adequate protein but a bit more is fine too (even much more occasionally, I just don’t plan it, it happens now and then) and exact fat macro is irrelevant, I just need to get satiated until my next meal while getting my nutrients. As there’s some wriggle room regarding protein and my calories vary too, fat can go lower and higher and it’s fine. So it’s pretty flexible but obviously carbs must stay low and protein should be adequate, too little food and too much food isn’t good either but what does it mean for you, I can’t possibly know. It’s not something one can calculate even knowing your stats and goals, we have our individual factors.


Tons of Keto meal prep vids on Youtube, worth a look.

Yup, but I wouldn’t make all your coffee’s BPC/Keto. They’re a meal by themselves.

Remember, any calculator is only making a generalized GUESS at what works for you. I like the ketogains one as it can take more into consideration than a lot of others. Keep in mind if your metabolism is screwed up the calculators are a lot less effective. Use them as a starting point and tweak as necessary.

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Here’s my take, if you were skipping breakfast before were you drinking coffee with dairy and sugar added to it then? If not BPC isn’t a requirement on KETO. It’s not necessarily going to help you loose weight. By skipping breakfast you are doing intermittent fasting. This is good if you’re already comfortable with it. If you need the morning boost that fats will provide then have the BPC. If you were drinking your coffee black before don’t add fat for the sake of adding fat. Keep the intermittent fasting window clean for maximum weight loss and ketone levels.



Drink the keto coffee while having a look at this web site resource:

Welcome and enjoy.

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I don’t meal prep (although I guess I did in the beginning). I tracked and counted macros for about 4-6 weeks because I didn’t know what I was doing and it helped me. Shortly after that, I went to eating one meal a day (easily and comfortably - you should eat in such a way that your meal(s) carry you comfortably to the next time you eat. I don’t have a need to eat more than once a day.

We buy our meat in bulk at BJs (like Costco or Sam’s), take it home and break it up into single size serving bags and then freeze it. Every morning, I take out a bag of meat to thaw for dinner. Our dinners consist of a piece of meat, a vegetable (broccoli usually) with butter, or savory cole slaw made with mayo, spices and vinegar - or you could have a loaded salad. About once a week, I make sausage cheese soup with heavy cream to have with our meals - OMG. We don’t mind eating the same things, so it doesn’t get any easier. Been doing that for almost nine months and I look forward to every meal.

I used for my macros. They have a free calculator and you don’t have to subscribe or download anything, which I appreciated.

Good luck. I love keto.