Keto Bread to buy

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Would just like to say thanks to all the posters in this thread, it seemed to spark off a bit of
a tangent debate which is fine. I understand the best route is to avoid bread altogether and tbh I am. However, those crisp breads woudl be great for dipping into Camembert and those wraps for the very occasional lunch time treat and lastly I cant have a burger without a bun. So this was the primary reason for the post. I have personally found that if you can find a substitute for things you enjoy now and again, its helps keep you on track in the long run. I was never a big bread eater prior to Keto anyway. I never touched pasta and rice I substitute with Calli rice. So I understand the views but we are all different and keeping under the net carbs I dont find difficult and the 16/8 iF that im doing also fits my routine perfectly. Again appreciate all teh replies here.

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Am I right in that you have been keto for quite a while already? If so, and if you are comfortable and steady in this way of eating, then you know if you can handle real or fake bread. Some can and do, others simply can’t.

I would only add that when I eat out, I often get a double bacon cheeseburger, no bun. Oh, man, oh man. Good stuff. It’s like cutting out the middle man and getting straight too the greasy goodness.:vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:

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Haha yes ive been doing Keto a while now and this is my second spin on it. So im all in and no issues following carbs limits / iF etc - its all good. So the bread angle was more based on a very concessional treat and which bread is the best to get from members experiences rather than adverts. Sometimes it woudl be nice have a wrap for lunch or a bun with a burger etc etc so it was more a treat than a bread replacement as part of my weekly routine. Nothing wrong with that in my book, yes ok its not ideal for the Keto pureists which I get but it was more buying advice than fundamental advice I needed, but its all good.

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Great point Robin.
People should be free to choose. But they should also know that these foods are designed to be addictive.

Also, the brain pathways for eating bread… Can be triggered for eating Faux Bread. And everyone has to figure it out for themselves… It’s not easy. I Fnid that Stress is my biggest trigger to eat. I am SLOWLY learning new ways to de-stress that do NOT involve eating.

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A lettuce wrapped burger is PERFECT for me after years on this.
I have no need for the bun anymore…

It’s not the same. I get it.
But when you realize the food makers KNOWING make addictive foods.
Then they pay the Dietitians to tell you “Everything in moderation”. Which just hooks you again. You might want to take a very long term view of how you Stay Healthy…

Regardless, you get to do you!


But the ones who aren’t addicted to bread and like keto bread, why couldn’t eat keto bread? Sounds fine to me especially just for a while.

And all good food is addictive…
But I know we are different. Stopping eating grains and sugar was the easiest thing to me. I just like the role of the bread sometimes and if I can get it using a keto bread (there is nothing fake in it to me, it even has better, more normal ingredients than the usual. it’s just a different bread), why not? :smiley:
Though sometimes it may trigger eating a different kind of bread (preferably not normal ones, I dislike those too most of the time. my hybrids are the best. it must be eggy and some old bread dough helps the flavor) but I can be easily addicted and triggered, I just never was addicted to sugar (only sweets) or grains, lucky me.

But if it’s just the role and even texture doesn’t matter, it’s best for me to stick to carnivore and use my fluffy eggs sponge cake bread. Carnivore makes wanting carb pretty much impossible. Keto bread may or may not be a slippery slope, it depends.

Caramel Timtams are addictive (to me), not bread. I didn’t eat particularly tempting breads (except my own) since decades (I learned to bake bread because I disliked what was available). I tried some fancy new ones lately, relatives had some extra… So bad! Edible but I rather eat plain eggs any time, well okay I love my eggs but eating them for many years galore, they aren’t that exciting every time and simple forms are really boring quite often… And people pay big money for those breads… Interesting.

But even with my own bread, I never was a bread lover. My SO was that but he could just stop eating it too but he kept eating grains.
I am sure some people specifically want and love bread but they must be quite lucky(?) to accept a low-carb bread as low-carb things never can be really similar to carby things, with some exceptions but it doesn’t happen with bread I think. But not everyone is this sensitive and as most people don’t want to eat bread alone or almost alone like me, the actual taste may be not so important, even the texture, maybe but texture is kinda okay for keto bread with gluten and yeast. Not the same but even “normal” breads aren’t the same. My bread is quite dense while “normal” store-bought breads are typically some soft fluffs. My keto bread is in-between.

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I thought it was a perfectly good answer. Straight and direct.

If by “keto” we mean eating in a manner through which you’re adapted to being fueled by fat and protein (i.e., through ketosis and gluconeogensis), then no, bread is not “keto.” If you mean something else, perhaps we have a definitional issue.

And yes, fake bread is… well, fake bread.

Fully agreed. One’s head will not explode at 21g of carbs/daily.

Actually, you can. Of course you can choose not to.

Same. A bun just gets in the way of the reason we wanted to eat that big thick, juicy, fat-oozing, cheese-dripping, bacon-topped burger in the first place. Who needs to fill up on fries when you can just order another double bacon burger. Man, keto can be so hard. :yum:


Reread the original posts. It does not say, “Can I eat bread?” Or even “Which bread is ok to eat in ketosis?”

It says “Which Keto bread is safe to buy?” It’s not talking about regular bread that is not keto. It is talking specifically about things that are commonly referred to as “keto bread”. If you think “Keto bread is not bread” then, as I mentioned in my post earlier, the answer is even further off base since it is not about bread at all, it’s about that thing you are defining as “not bread”. Whether or not Keto bread is “really” bread or not is its own topic and not all that relevant here since at every stage “keto bread” was specified anyway (whatever you think it is, Keto bread is what is being asked for).

And either way, the question wasn’t answered by posts that, well, don’t specify a Keto bread that is safe to buy, or at least attempts a guess at such a keto bread.

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@djindy I apologize, you’re entirely right. Clearly, I’ve misread the original post.

My corrected answer to OP’s question: All keto breads are safe to buy.


(p.s. eating them remains another matter.)


I personally have an IIFYM definition of keto… If I stay in ketosis, it’s keto to me. Even if I eat carrot cake with raisins and honey (I probably did it at some point of my keto though maybe not the honey as I had other carby dishes on the same time, my inner rebel was in control for a bit)…
I can’t prove I didn’t get out of ketosis sometimes but I got fat adapted in 7 weeks and experienced the changes I always had on keto and not out of it so it was keto enough to me :smiley:

No, some of us really can’t do certain things. Like I can’t eat only meat. It’s theoretically possible but practically not.
But maybe it meant “I rather not”. It’s very similar, it won’t happen, they can’t do it under normal circumstances and force-feeding ourselves with some horrible food isn’t a normal circumstance. I am a hedonist and that’s plain impossible to me so “can’t” would be perfectly fine to say if I disliked a burger without a bun. It’s impossible for me to do so I can’t.

EDIT: fat-oozing burger? Ew. I definitely couldn’t eat that, probably. I admit I never eat burgers so I don’t know what it is like but if my meat literally oozes fat, I won’t eat it alone. My meat should keep all its yummy fat in :slight_smile: I like sausages but they are too fatty so not very much edible alone.
(I don’t need buns with them at all, though… At least not carby ones.)



(Alex K Chen) #52

ThinSlim foods bread. Anything with oat fiber.

Stay tf away from modified wheat starch, it spiked my glucose like crazy

(Pete A) #53

Eat none.

(Omar Agha) #54

I thought I’d come back and update this thread with my experince (a year on) seeing as i was the OP. I have been eating the products from Seriously Low Carb. Simply put they are excellent and taste superb (especially the seeded rolls and loaf), a great replacment for bread, doesnt spike my insulin and allows me to have the odd sandwich or Burger when I feel I want to. Have consistently lost BF% ever since being on Keto whilst using these products, I use the blood Keto meter to check my levels from time to time and am doing very well. So for my body type / DNA or whatever these products are great. I also use their Jam for when making a nice sponge cake with Almond flour and whipped cream to satisfy my litte treat needs with a nice ol’cup of Rosie.

So a big thumbs up from me - hope everyone is doing well on their journeys !!

(Robin) #55

Glad they are working for you. Bread and jam would be dangerous slippery slopes for me. I’m safer abstaining.


I don’t know if I could pull it off but the red warning signs surely would go off in my mind!

But I ate cakes with jam on keto and they were useful… It was a very different time and woe.

(Joey) #57

Just curious … how do you know this bread product doesn’t spike your insulin? :thinking:

(Omar Agha) #58

Because my body still produces ketones after eating it - as per my blood ketone meter, therefore I’ve remained in Ketosis. Notwithstanding the fact ive continued to lose BF%.

(Joey) #59

Great to hear you’re enjoying the bread product and your ketone levels are acceptable, plus achieving body fat goals!

Still unclear how this indicates what your insulin levels are doing in response to the bread.

But insulin levels are something most of us remain in the dark about - since there’s still no home insulin test kit. (I’m assuming you’re not getting your insulin levels checked by a lab or you’d likely have mentioned.)

p.s. - One can make some informed inferences about insulin (roughly) by tracking glucose levels before/after eating a particular food item and taking a series of blood tests at home - a sharp excursion in glucose would suggest an inverse excursion in insulin, but it’s an indirect assessment and subject to a number of other variables- including insulin resistance vs sensitivity.

You might consider doing a 1/2 hour series of glucose tests before/after eating this bread product to see what happens to your glucose levels.

Ketones are another matter.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #60

The point of a low-carb ketogenic diet is to keep insulin low. As long as the liver is producing ketones, then insulin is low enough. Even transient rises are okay; it’s chronic hyperinsulinaemia that causes damage.