Keto Bread to buy

(Joey) #61

Thanks for the clarification. Not quite sure what “low enough” means over the long term, but that would likely take us beyond the scope of an ersatz bread review. :wink:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #62

Under 25 μU/mL, if Ralph DeFronzo and his team are to be believed.

(Omar Agha) #63

Thanks, I’m no doctor and was basing my view (probably uniformed) that if I eat the wrong stuff, my insulin spikes and therefore I’d fall out of Ketosis. Perhaps that’s wrong ? All I was concerned about was falling out of Ketosis which never happened.

One thing I did learn was being more chill about all this stuff. When I started, I was overly pedantic on IF, levels, macros, amounts, measuring and weighing everything etc etc. what I found was trial and error worked for me. Everyone is different and what works for me may not for someone else. Same with results, some peeps can shed weight quick and some just grind over time. It’s a very individual process under a very broad banner. Anyway that’s my experience .

(Joey) #64

Well put!

Our individual differences (= genetics + environment + lifestyle) are surprisingly unique.

And if we want to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will stick with us over time - through both the good times and stressful ones - we need to find habits that we can embrace and actually enjoy along the way. They ought to make us feel good in some manner at some point.

After all the self-research and experimentation, we need to maintain a level of “chill” about it all. Otherwise it’s not going to be something we stick with… and if we do, we’ll likely be miserable most of the time.

Neither outcome would likely accomplish the larger goals we were aiming for. :vulcan_salute:

(Mame) #65

I think it’s great you have figured out what works for you. But different things work for different people at different times.

For me I abstained until I understood the reasons why I emotionally ate (felt out of control around certain foods) and dealt with the emotions. then I could moderate the foods… because for me I wasn’t addicted to the food but to the feelings/thoughts I associated with the food.

I am not saying it was easy or that this would work for everyone though…but it was possible for me and led to a feeling of freedom around food in general and maintaining my weight loss and working on my other health goals…

And to answer the original poster I sometimes eat the ‘keto friendly bread’ that costco sells in the US but I have never been bothered by gluten…

(BuckRimfire) #66

Heh. If I want fast food, I go to Burger King and order five bacon double cheeseburgers and a cup of water. Two for my spousal critter and three for me (I’d happily eat four or five myself, but that seems unnecessary). Buns go into the bag and then trash and meat, bacon and pickle gets eaten out of the wrapper. If I remember, I ask for mine without ketchup, to avoid that shot of sugar, but half the time I forget and most of it sticks to the bun anyway.