Keto 11months 2 months no weightloss

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Hello, i am New to the forum but not Keto. Lost 30lbs in 9 months! Yay but the last 2 months i have Stayed the same. I hit all macros, tried the whole “just stay under carbs dont worry about the rest”… still nothing! I changed my macros to eat more and gained, then went back and lost what i gained, and stayed the same again! I have No energy anymore, frequent headaches. I don’t eat a ton of veggies only about 1 -2 meals worth and I am very carb conscious on them. I track everything. I tried the egg fast and lost 5 lbs but gained it back when i slowly incorporated anything not eggs. I work out hard in the gym 5 days a week! I have to it’s my only me time i love! HELP i need Advice on why this is happened i am only 10lbs away from my goal

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How many veggies is 1-2 meals worth? how many times are you eating a day? are you snacking? what is a typical meal?

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Considering you’re that close to goal, it’s going to be tougher to shed the last few off. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your height, weight, and sex?

You say you workout hard, so depending on what you’re doing you could be (or already have) built some decent muscle mass causing weight gain.

When all else fails, extended fasts do the trick for me.

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A two month stall is not that uncommon. Don’t fret. As long as you are not gaining anything back you are okay. I stalled for almost three months then I slowly started losing again. Down another six pounds in the past couple of months. Just to be safe make sure you are tracking everything for a bit to see you are really staying on plan. What i did to break my stall was to vary my calories each day, vary whether I added HWC to my coffee in the AM as on one day yes one day no, and so on. Mix it up for your body.

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Thank you! I am 5’3” currently 160 goal is 150 or less. I am Female age 33. I do 30 min cardio and an hour of lifting or hiit.

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If you’re going to the gym five days a week and your weight is unchanged, it’s possible you are adding muscle to your body and losing fat. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

I’d be more concerned with your fatigue and headaches. A number on a scale tells your relationship with gravity and has more to do with how you look as opposed to the other symptoms that tell how you feel. I would make sure you are eating enough and maintaing proper electrolytes, especially sodium…

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Oh okay, yeah definitely try fasting. Also try eliminating dairy, nuts, and vegetables for a bit. That’s what I did recently and it seems to be working.

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My veggies are 3g of carbs each serving. I do Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus cooked in a fat followed by a protein. I do It for lunch and dinner or lunch and breakfast. I do Intermittent fasting every other day. I eat 1-3 actual meals depending on a fasting day and i eat 1-2 snacks consisting of usually hard boiled eggs and a cheese stick or celery and peanut butter. Or cream cheese and celery…

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Thank you so much for you input! Info is greatly appreciated

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Have you read the Obesity Code? Apparently snacking could be an issue because you really need to give your body breaks in between meal so insulin levels can drop again. Maybe try cutting out the snacks for a couple of weeks - just eat what would have been the snacks along with your meals.

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You are 100% right! I need To start measuring and not weighing. I will Definitely add sodium and electrolytes to my diet and see if it helps, thank you!

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That’s the thing i cant Have nits so i dont eat them, but i could Cut out my cheese. I dont do milk or alternatively milks, on occasion I’ll have HWC. So what should i eat Then if not veggies?

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No is that on here? Or can i just Google it?

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It’s a really good book regarding the science of weight loss. Cutting out snacking this past winter after reading it was game changer for me. I ended up losing over 10 pounds the following month in an effort that has typically been between 2-3.8 pounds a month. My rate of loss has slowed again even though I didn’t bring snacking back, but I am still losing.

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Just meat and fat for the most part. For the past 3.5 weeks or so, I’ve only consumed different cuts of fatty beef/chicken, salmon, eggs, pork rinds, and zero carb seasoning/condiments here and there. There are more options, but I keep it simple. I think I only had vegetables 2x since starting that, but that was pretty much because I was in situations where there wasn’t enough meat to fill me up.

I was skeptical at first, but by the end of week 2 I noticed the scale move and my pants and wedding ring are looser. I also fast at least 48 hours before I weigh myself, but I’ve been doing the weekly fast for months now.

*edit - I also use ghee and olive oil

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Definitely eliminate snacking, eat enough at your meals to get you to the next one. I would also recommend IF TMAD on most days if you can move towards that. Lighten up on the exercise if you want the scale to go down. Make sure you aren’t consuming too much dietary fat, in other words meeting a macro. You can dial that back at this stage of the game to burn more of your own body fat. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Awe man that’s my goal to lose 150 lbs…ima lose a whole you when I’m done lol

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I like it!

This should be in the “My Favorite Quotes” thread.


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I am 5’ 2” (60 yo so no spring chicken) and stalled out in the low 160’s for a couple of months, eating the same as I always did.

I tried my first EF for 72 hours and broke my stall. I kept fasting 3 days each week for about a month and dropped to the mid 150’s. Stayed there almost a year and I was happy.

Started EF’ing again for autophagy and health and now I am in the high 140’s so weight is dropping again from the fasting even though not my goal.

If you don’t want to fast multiple days then start with eliminating the snacks and reducing your eating window. Or just skip a day of eating and you have a 36-hr fast under your belt!


Can you be more specific about what you mean by intermittent fasting? Some people mean they don’t eat at all for at least a day (a fast of at least 36 hours) and some people mean they’re doing time-restricted eating (TRE) on a 16:8, 20:4 or some other schedule. Some people can lose weight with TRE (usually the younger and fitter, often men), but for most people this is just good for maintenance. A lot of people who are doing IF will do TRE on their eating days.

If you’re not already, you might want to try IF with fasts of at least 36 hours.

And I would pile on with what other people said about cutting out the snacking if you can. Try to eat two really good meals that will carry you through to the next one.