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(PJ) #1042

Dunno, but it seems like that kind of metabolic distress could make one ripe for acquiring something.

(Karim Wassef) #1043

Probably true. If my immune system is preoccupied with metabolic inflammation, it’s distracted from real defense.

I’ll try not to eat 12 large raw sheets of roasted seaweed.

(Karim Wassef) #1044

Arghh. I hate the tight headaches I’m getting on PSK.

I’m going to reduce my protein to 0.7 tomorrow and see if that alleviates it.

(Karim Wassef) #1045

Day 3 of PSK final results (day 27 since the start)

(Karim Wassef) #1046

Day 4 of PSK (total day 28)

Last night, I was able to dull the headache with some herbal mint tea in the evening. It has no caffeine but I had lots of energy and could sleep again. It seems that the sleeplessness and headache may be two unrelated symptoms.

Woke up this morning with the headache again…

Hunger is more tolerable but is still worst in the morning.

I’m planning on more cardio today coupled with less protein. The cardio is intended to reduce my cortisol and the reduced protein is an experiment. I just think more fat is needed with that much protein.

(Karim Wassef) #1047

Day 4 PSK (Day 28 total) - final

(Karim Wassef) #1048

Did about 90 minutes of low intensity cardio on my elliptical machine today which was ~600 calories.

I also simulated a low intensity sauna after my cardio for another hour to build up my heat shock proteins.

My food intake was 6g carbs, 105g protein, 1000 calories. That protein level is ~ 0.75g / lb of lean mass which is lower than the last few days.

So the net of exercise and eating was 400 calories, ignoring my RMR and the thermogenesis effect of the protein. Assuming my RMR is still ~2200 and the thermogenesis effect of the protein is 25% of the protein ~100, then I’m at ~ +1000 - 2200 - 100 - 600 = -1900.

This should be close to what I experienced while fasting ~ -2200.

I’m also using herbal tea again and it is helping. The hunger subsided tonight and the headache is a lot better.

My primary sources of non-fat calories are the pea protein powder and the seaweed. I suspect that while they provide the protein I need, they’re not ideal as primary foods.

I am a carnivore and restricting myself to vegan PSK is not ideal. Maybe I should do this again as carnivore PSK with chicken breast and egg yolk but frankly, I just like my ribeyes too much. There’s a reason I run these long experiments only once or twice a year and it’s because for the rest of the year, I’m more interested in bulking up muscle.

My ketones are holding at ~2 but glucose is rising to ~80 so the GKI continue to drift into the mid 2s. That seems to be my PSK stable point. We’ll see if that needle moves tomorrow given the macro, cardio and heat shock changes I tried today.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Shout out if you’re reading this :slight_smile:


Just an idea - whenever I eat something that doesn’t really agree with me, histamine-intolerance wise, I wake up with a headache. You’ve had your fair share of veggies these past few days, it could be histamine and/or oxalates?

(Karim Wassef) #1050

That’s what I was thinking. The pea protein may not be “compatible” with my biology.

Unfortunately, there are almost no low carb alternatives with a high protein content that are vegan.

Also, I am concerned that plant protein without fat is especially hard to digest (for me).


It could also be the spices, avocado, seeds, nuts…

I don’t know the composition of plants protein isolates, is it just protein or does the powder contain other elements? For example, de-fatted almond flour doesn’t contain as many omega 6, but it does contain oxalates and other elements that can cause issues.

(Karim Wassef) #1052

It’s just the protein. Starch and fiber is removed and there is trace amounts of fat.

The other foods I eat I’ve used before without issue & they are small quantities.

The spices are also pretty conventional but I’ll try to eliminate some of them- sticking to salt, pepper and cumin today. I’ll see if that makes a difference.

(Karim Wassef) #1053

Day 5 PSK (Day 28 total)

Apparently, I’ve gained 5lbs of fat yesterday eating 1000 calories and <10g carbs… :joy:

I know it’s all water and probably an indication that I’m losing fat and just hydrating back up, but it’s funny to think about. The total weight of the food I ate was less than 0.5lbs and the scale jumps by 5lbs…

(Doug) #1054

Hanging in there with you, Karim - plenty of time these days to do it. :wink: Lockdown, self-imposed, with my wife.

(Karim Wassef) #1055

(Karim Wassef) #1056

Day 5 PSK - final

so I gained 2.4 lbs of “fat mass” and 0.4 lbs of “muscle mass” overnight… :smiley:

I know the “calories out” in yellow is wrong, but it’s just an assumption to see what the net calories could be. I assumed 1800 RMR + 600 cardio.

I did 90 mins on the elliptical and then 60 mins in my “DIY sauna” :smiley:


I checked my histamine-intolerance list, try removing cumin and seaweed is high in histamine, so watch out for that too. :slight_smile:

Edit: I went back through your foods…:joy: pickled (olives, ginger), seeds, sauerkraut… my poor histamine-intolerant body is yelling “what are you trying to do, kill yourself!!!” :joy:

I haven’t checked the science, but I remember reading a study that connected migraines to lower amounts of produced DAO in our gut… I produce some DAO, so as long as I control my histamine intake and triggers, the pool is large enough to handle that histamine. You could have a lower amount of DAO and you’ve used it up with the diet you’ve had?

(Karim Wassef) #1058

Hmmm… I’m Egyptian American so I’ve consumed mountains of cumin at this point… :joy:

It’s possible that my diet has changed me but fasting should improve it?

I’ve always consumed pickled and fermented foods too so nothing new there. Same with the seaweed and seeds.

The only thing I haven’t done is consume so much pea protein with such low fats at such low caloric levels.

Today, I increased my fat intake and I feel some relief. I’m still calling it PSK even though I let the calories rose to 1100.


My histamine intolerance is passed down through the “Slovene” genes in my family, so I’m one of the unlucky Slovenian-gene carriers. :wink: The older I was, the worse my symptoms became…
It could be that your body’s changing and reacting more to certain elements and/or pea protein doesn’t agree with your body, or who knows what else… :thinking:
Or it could be less fat in your current diet, like you noticed, which would make sense, as well.

(Karim Wassef) #1060

Woke up this morning feeling great. No headache and low hunger.

I really think digesting high protein low fat is hard for me. At least when it comes to plant protein.

The higher fat will slow my progress but it’s worth it to keep the headache at bay.

Or - maybe I had an almost asymptomatic covid19 case and this was the symptom that made it through.

After being in multiple airport for two days last week, I made the decision to self - self - quarantine one the guest bedroom to avoid contaminating my family. Today is day 7 of that and I’ve literally done everything with minimal interaction outside - unless I had gloves and a mask. So… stress.

I may be in here for another 7 or my wife may explode and say “enough already!!”… :smiley:

(Karim Wassef) #1061

Since I like to consume “interesting” food and drink, I figured I’d share this…

I like to have half a shot of chilled ACV followed by an iced MCT coffee a few times a day.

Keeping it chilled reduces any taste and since it’s a shot, it doesn’t touch my teeth. I usually do this when I take my mineral supplements too…