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(KM) #125

Just wanted to say making yogurt can be done simply with whole milk and a couple T of plain yogurt as a starter. All that other stuff sounds yummy but the whole “yoging” thing just takes those two ingredients. It will be sour, not like store bought “yogurt” , but you can add a little Stevia or other no carb sweetener. It’s not carb free, but lactobacilus eats up most of the lactose.

(Frank) #126

I am a yogurt making that resides in the master class.
I never made healthy yogurt yet.
If you look above you’ll see the recipe I used to make.
It tasted AMAZING!
Sweet, yogurt, thick.
It could stand on its own.
I’d dump a bunch of Hersheys Butterscotch syrup on there though…:joy:
It was probably the most unhealthy yogurt known to man.
But it tasted good.

I have a gallon of milk in the fridge for Paneer.
I need to get another tomorrow for Yogurt.
Even the plain Greek yogurt I have in the fridge for Tzatziki sauce tastes good plain to me.
A little Stevia sounds great too.
I wonder how much I would ass to a gallon batch.

I have Rocky Mountain Sweetner but that might be bad.
I’ll just buy some Stevia I guess.

(Frank) #128

Just reading through things and I saw Pizza.
How do you use wraps Janie?
Do you use the carb counter brand?

(Jane) #129

Yes, the Carb Counter wraps.

A “big ole fat boy” in Houston who had been diagnosed as diabetic and went full metal keto clued me in on these. I have worked with him over 30 years and love him like a brother so he would laugh heartily at my description of him :two_hearts:

Cook a wrap at 400 F for 2 minutes. Remove from oven, spread Rao sauce over it (spaghetti sauce with no sugar added. I like the spicier Ariabatta sauce). Top with meat, cheese veggies (mushroom, onion, garlic). Bake at 400 F for 9-10 minutes. Slice into fourths and eat.

The crust is so thin it won’t hold the toppings without folding or using a fork. But a delicious substitute!

I make faux spaghetti with Rao sauce, Italian sausage, onions and garlic and angel hair cabbage from Walmart (cabbage only, not cole slaw mix).

(Jane) #130

Walmart has a riced cauliflower with mushrooms and asparagus. Microwave for 5 minutes. Line a small colander with paper towels and dump cooked cauliflower into it. Place another paper towel over it. Place a bowl slightly smaller than your colander over it and squeeze until no liquid runs out. This dries out the cauliflower and makes it edible and delicious.

Saute some onions and garlic in butter. Add the riced cauliflower along with a generous portion of butter, cream and Parmesan cheese. Decadent!!!

(Jane) #131

My husband was not overweight but joined me in keto to support me. He REALLY missed bread!

When we went to our favorite steak restaurant he would moan and complain about not indulging in rolls.

We used to refuse the basket of bread but now he accepts it since it gives him whipped butter to dip his okra into!!! LOL.

(KM) #132

Any sweetener without carbs is a reasonable possibility. What is rocky mountain sweetener?

(Frank) #133

Thats amazing…
I’m on my way to Lowes.
Walmart is right next door…

(Frank) #134

I have the wrong name…
Search Smokey Mountain Sweetener…
I add that to my 30 cal almond milk.
I love it.

(Frank) #135

This is ggod to know.
I picked up two bags of the Caul Rice yesterday.
One that you steam and another regular.

I am a HUGE rice fan and I’m hoping this is a good sub.
I love cauliflower so I guess that helps.

(Frank) #136

I never could wrap myself around okra…

(Frank) #137

I found them by the eggs at Kroger…
I put two in the oven under the broiler with Swiss cheese and ham.
A new healthy delivery system that I now love…

(Robin) #138

@Janie @frankerector
I would love to see a photo of the packages… never knew there was such a thing.

(Frank) #139

If you let me know how to add a photo I will…
If you search eeglife it comes up…
They are in a yellow clear package.
Way better than I expected.


I loved riced cauliflower (fried) so much I couldn’t squeeze it into my keto :smiley:
It isn’t even remotely similar to rice though if you ask me. But it’s very individual what is a good replacement for someone. Like eggs are a perfect replacement for pasta for me (and often fine instead of bread, it depends what I actually want from it) but probably not for most people :wink: There are options and we can try them and decide what works. Sometimes we don’t need to try as we simply want something else from the thing. Like, we want something for the bread role. We want it to be dry and at least a bit substantial, something to put our spread on it? A bunch of watery vegs surely won’t work for that. But if we just need something with our rich meats or eggs, some vegs could do the trick. If I want something vaguely pasta-like with my fried cabbage (and I always want it to be eggy anyway, never liked eggless pasta, our traditional best ones have lots of eggs), I obviously can’t use cucchini or cabbage (eggs work nicely though :wink: maybe not alone but almost) but if someone else need something with a rich, fatty meaty sauce, that’s another matter :wink:

Some level of creativity is needed for us who just can’t eat super simply all the time or miss something, not very very specific but still, something to complete our other food items.

(Robin) #141

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(Frank) #142

Fried cabbage?
Recipe please.
The Caul Rice didnt fit your keto?
I’m sure I’ll find subs here on the forum.
I’m only a little over a week deep so far.
I love all the input and advice.

(Frank) #143


Here they are on amazon.
Kroger only had the plain.
I’m gonna order the others…

(Frank) #144


Here they are from amazon Robin


Love those! I’ve had the plain and Italian style.