Just started

(Frank) #103

The only problem so far, is Milk and Bread.
Rice and potatoes have been easy so far.
All I’m counting so far are Carbs.
Should I count calories too?

(Robin) #104

The only reason to count calories is if you are prone to under-eating…. Which is easy to do at first. You need enough calories to keep your body satisfied… otherwise it wants to save for a possible famine.

I eat way more calories now than I did pre keto/carni.

(Frank) #105

I’m probably at the high end of calories and way low end of carbs.
30 Oz’s of provolone cheese and 4 Oz’s of roast beef is all.
Not sure about calories…
I know the carbs are low.
Water is my friend, I hope…

(Frank) #106

I sure could go for Yogurt…
A few drops of Vanilla and some blackberries.

(Kirk Wolak) #107

Be careful with Carbs are low on Provolone cheese.
I caught myself thinking 2g of carbs. No big deal.

Then realizing I at 16 servings! OUCH.

(Kirk Wolak) #108

Others answered. No need to count calories.
Definitely count EVERY CARB. Even the “fiber”.
Remember, if it says KETO on the label, it’s NOT food!

Bread is a rough one. But after a while, you realize it taste like PASTE.

You know the difference between paper towels and hamburger buns?
Neither does your gut… LOL (Just Kidding, but it’s close. To me, neither
are something I should eat).

You have time. Drink the HEAVIEST Fat milk you can get.
Upgrade to Heavy Whipping Cream. Cut the portion down a bit.
Drink more water…

But you sound like you are on the path.

(Frank) #109

I looked it up and it said .06 carbs per slice.
16 slices would bury me…
You had me worried for a minute…

(Frank) #110

Thanks for the encouragement.
I bought some wraps at walmart that were 8 carbs per wrap.
I picked up another brand.
The egg wraps have me interested.
I bought a quart of egg whites for maybe wraps…

(Kirk Wolak) #111

One more thing.
They are allowed to ROUND DOWN from 0.49 to 0.
So be careful on trusting questionable things. YOU Should be able to doublecheck using larger volumes online to be safe.

Did not mean to scare you. But I’ve made every mistake twice! LOL

(Robin) #112

I have always rounded up on the carbs listed on labels.
.5 = 1. and 1. = 2.
I take no chances with those libelous labels!

(Frank) #113

I had to ditch the wraps I bought today…

(Frank) #114

After reading that some said I was goint too low with intake, I decided to eat a little more.
I ate 2 celery sticks with some low carb peanut butter.
No sugar.
Then I had 1 more stick with a little salt.
The reason I mention this is because I have no clue as to whats right.

Also I bought another blood glucose monitor.
I have no idea where the one I had is.
Hell, I had 2 of them…
Now 3.
They also had an A1C tester for 34 at Wally.

(Frank) #116

I love it!

I am a master at making Yogurt the good ole fat way.
I do it in either my Crock Pot Express or my Insta Pot.

I used 1/2 gallon of whole milk, 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk, 1 quart of Extra Heavy Whipping Cream and two pints of half and half.

I’d use two scoops of Dannon Whole milk yogurt to start the batch as my culture.

24 hours later it was thick as could be. Way too many carbs though.
I’m going to do the EXACT recipe that you have listed here.

I’d be afraid to know how many carbs mine had.
I did it for good gut bacteria.
Then I’d dump a ton of Hersheys Butterscotch ice cream syrup on there.
I bet a bowl, which was huge, was at least 2000 calories.

This was after my surgery which was September 4, 2021.
I stopped making it when I started gaining weight.
I’ve alway eaten one meal daily but I would snack a bunch…Like lots.

This was a snack.

Could I use a lower carb non pasteurized milk?
A whole milk?
Or does it have to be Butter Milk.
I love Buttermilk…

(Frank) #118

I’m going to make abatch tomorrow.
That and Paneer…
I’ll keep you posted.


13 years after going low-carb and dropping the bread (it was no effort, actually, never was into bread so very much), (“good”) bread tastes AMAZING to me. I doubt it will ever change. I eat little bread (I have my sponge cake buns instead), no problem but the right kind of bread does taste great and nothing can replace it. I can do it quite low-carb though, now. Still requires wheat to taste right but not much.

Isn’t paste a texture? Not a food… And food paste easily tastes great… So I don’t understand that part.
And it’s not the taste for everyone or always. It’s the TEXTURE. And the role. Firmness.


Celery won’t really help with calories… Peanut butter may if you eat a lot of it but it’s carby too…

3 oz cheese and 4 oz roast beef has almost nothing. Low protein, very low-cal… Well the carb must be fine, at least :smiley:

(Frank) #121

I use the celery just as a delivery device.
Otherwise I’d just be spoon feeding myself.

The stuff I buy has 6 carbs per 2 tablespoons.
Not bad at the rate I’m going.

It’s my bread sub…

(Jane) #122

We occasionally use wraps for sandwiches and as a base for pizza. My favorite brand is Carb Counter - just make sure you don’t pick up the whole wheat ones - I don’t like the taste of them.

Made the mistake the other day and will be tossing them.

(Jane) #123

I have seen cheese wraps in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Maybe another option for your roast beef.

(Frank) #124

I have some wheat ones in the fridge.
They can rot there…
I’ll look for the carb counter brand.
A little mustard, onion, and roast beef would put me in a near heaven state…