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(Frank) #146

I need to get the different flavors…
I love Italian spices…


I came across the yellow ones recently, having explored various keto replacement wraps/breads over the years and always moving on from them. They tended to not get on well with me, or didn’t taste great at all, and I rarely eat in ways now that demand the need for something like this.

However, the yellow ones (which was all I saw in the store I bought them) are great. The ingredients are really short.

When I was back in the UK last year my sister bought me some “Lo-Dough” bases but sadly they went out of business. These are perfect for the rare occasion when I do want to eat something wrap-like.

My daughter – who isn’t keto – loves them too. Whenever I have some around they make for ideal wraps for a lunch sandwich for her.


Thank you SO MUCH for this link. I have been fixated on having two hot drinks a day: Chai Tea and Golden Milk. I have felt like Goldilocks with Almond Milk and Whole Milk having too many carbs and Cream being too rich. I thought I was going to have to give them up. This will be a perfect compromise. Think I will add a bit of milk and use less Monkfruit. Thanks for this!

(Denise) #149

I’d be sure to read all the feedback here, these folks have reached their goals of turning their bodies into fat-burning mode, from carb-burning mode which is the ticket for me as well. Our bodies need fuel to lose weight, if that’s your goal, it may be like me, to beat T2 Diabetes, or another reason. Tell us more about yourself? Most are here to help, I haven’t been around much, but I’ve been on Keto 2.5 years now with for me, miraculous results :wink: Denise