Just started

(Doug) #83

You’ll see good results Frank. :+1:

(Frank) #84

I saw KetoFocus on YouTube where she did the waffle things.
I think its KetoFocus.
They looked great.
I bought some Tortillas called Zero Carb.
They have a few choices.
I got the ones that are 8 carbs each.
I’m being strict with the Carbs. Real strict.
Most of what I’m eating is 0 to 6 carbs daily.
Keeping it under 20.
These would put me at 20 if I had them.
And at this point I need something like these.
I’m not gonna try to make my own bread.
You scared me from that.
I don’t want to miss the real deal more.


A store-bought wrap I enjoy is called egglife. It is pretty much all egg white, and it is soft and holds together really well. I spread it with cream cheese and roll up a bunch of meat and cheese in it.

(Frank) #86

That’s exactly what I’m looking for…
I’m gonna pick some up tomorrow…


FYI they will be in a refrigerated section, so not with the tortillas. I’ve seen various flavors available at some stores.

(Frank) #88

I looked them up on Krogers website and they have them.
I will pick them up tomorrow.


Of course it may not be good enough for you but I love crunch and cheese whisps work for me, well not always but I have in my cheese whisp phase now :slight_smile:

I had years without anything in the role of bread (I just ate raw vegs with everything and didn’t use any spread) but since years I am in love with my eggy buns. Like, 100% eggs because I am an egg maniac. I can make keto bread but it never is good unless I put wheat in it (and I do because I do whatever I want but it’s for my off days. I don’t like normal bread even if I bake it) and even then, it’s merely more similar to normal bread, my egg sponge cakes are definitely better :smiley: They are very soft, not having any flour (sometimes they get some cheese but it makes them not as versatile and neutral) but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t spread things on it and I eat them with too rich, fatty, salty meat and sometimes soups. And sour cream.
Normal roasts are perfect alone or with simple egg dishes, it’s partially individual, partially one may get used to it, I suppose. I always had an inclination to eat anything all alone (I did that with normal bread too but I rarely resisted the siren song of butter. of course I eat my sponge cake buns with butter, they are good).

When I don’t drink coffee, I drink egg milk, the same fatty things may go into it. But for some reason it’s not wildly popular so maybe it’s just for egg maniacs, I don’t know, I only ever was me and love everything eggy so much I can’t even comprehend not liking eggs in nearly everything. So I can’t judge if my eggy ideas are useful for others. But who knows?

Oh you have found low-carb stuff. They are useful for some, maybe you will be fine a bit later but the beginning may be tough.
I never missed bread, I am lucky :smiley: I just couldn’t resist sometimes when I started to bake bread every week again… Despite not liking it so much due to lack of eggs. Bread has its charm for some reason, I don’t even understand, I already can’t stand flour in most things, I dislike flour taste. But bread, while it’s horribly floury, somehow still works. And it’s not even floury when it has a lot of eggs in it :frowning: I need some more decades to look at it disdain I suppose… Thankfully not eating it is somewhat easier.

(Frank) #90

I only eat one meal per day.
The egg bread sounds interesting.
They didnt have the egglife wraps that Nutbar mentioned so I bought some other wraps that have 7 carbs.

I am drinking almond milk just like I used to drink Whole Milk.
Way more expensive but hopefully healthier.


I consider almond milk mostly water. Why would it be healthier than normal milk? It’s more processed (not like it usually matters to me but people think that’s bad… and as food industry put all kinds of stuff into food items, yep, it can be), it lacks all the nice nutrients milk have… I don’t even have problems with lactose.
(But yes, there are possible problems with milk now that I think. My body is fine with milk so I don’t care about those… If it would bother me, I would drink water, tea and egg milk.)

And milk is tastier, richer and plant stuff never could replace it for me. Coconut milk worked in recipes, of course it has a strong coconut flavor and it’s very sweet but now normal milk is sweet for me as well…
I made my own coconut milk. I tried almond milk (I tried everything, even sesame milk, oh my that was so bitter :D), it was meh. Works in coffee, though if I don’t have everything else but almost anything works then, even butter and I don’t like buttery coffee when I have eggs…

But of course, tastes and priorities differ.


Frank, if you miss whole milk, you may be interested in this video by Victoria’s Keto Kitchen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZmLpsB3GdM

She makes “milk” out of whole cream and water. I haven’t tried it, because I never liked milk, but others may enjoy this recipe. Drinking almond or any nut “milk” may come with a whole lot of other issues, as well as more carbs than you may realize.

Just a suggestion. :grinning:


I don’t know the carb content of almond milk (as I remember, it’s almost exclusively water… it barely has almond! but maybe they add something sometimes) but milk is very sugary. Good thing I don’t care about animal sugar though I still try not to go overboard unless I really desire so. I avoided milk for long but it came back after carnivore (I need all the variety especially if it’s sweet and works for dessert) and it feels very good.

I used cream and water instead of milk in recipes but for the rich, lovely, sweet drink, milk is irreplaceable. Milk isn’t a watered down cream, after all. But if I can enjoy a cocoa made by cocoa powder and water only, it may work for some. Especially if they like almond milk too. It’s just some water to me compared to milk. And I don’t even drink a high-fat milk, just 2.8%. (Sometimes 3.5-3.6% but the difference isn’t nearly as big as the price difference.)

(Frank) #94

A glass of 2% has 12 grams of carbs.
Almond milk has 1.4.
That’s why I switched.
I was drinking a gallon every two days.

(Frank) #95

I could drink a gallon of whole milk a day if it was healthy.
I like the almond milk.
1.4 grams of carbs for 8oz.
12 grams for cows milk.
I’m not concerned that almond is mostly water.
It gets me over my milk loss.

(Michael) #96

I started keto and quickly transitioned into a 10 day fast. My A1C started over 10. I was in real trouble so I did it, and It was brutal, but I survived and while glad I did it, but would not do again. Sardines rock.

Biggest issue was lack of energy as I was not fat adapted enough. Good luck in your quest for health. Lastly, zero concern on refeed for anything under a week. After a five day fast I broke it with 3000 calories and was fine, just make your first meal small and let you digestion kick in before pounding it down.


Oh my! That’s a huge amount! When I was a kid, sometimes I drank a liter for my big summer breakfast but a long time passed, I barely ever drank milk for maybe decades so if I focus, I can drink only a little. I drink water for thirst as most people…

But I go back to milk drinking, I drink it more than once a month now (if we consider the 6-8dl I drink in a few days once)…

(Frank) #98

I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs.
Milk is my Vice.

(Frank) #99

I need to get my A1C checked.
I have no idea what it is.
I have no idea what stage I’m at in this journey.
I’m just eating 20 or less carbs once a day since I started back eating after the sardine thing.

(Kirk Wolak) #100

Dr. Boz, and Dr. Fung will both tell you this is a Marathon, not a sprint.

Dive in hard. Hit the bottom hard. Float up defeated.

Most people do not enjoy sardines. That’s why it works.
if you are truly hungry, you will eat them. If you love them.
Then this could back fire. you may over eat them, but not a big deal.

I would recommend eating them plain with just salt. None of the Yummy Flavors,
as they contain all kinds of stuff… (I’ve read the labels. I have 40 cans of them from before I knew. They are now EMERGENCY rations to me. If there is no food, I will eat them).

You did not gain all this weight in 1 week. It is going to take your body MONTHS.
Dr. Fungs clinic warned me directly:
After you lose all the weight. You have to maintain that loss long enough to build a new set point, and you will have to keep adding fasting back to keep the weight stable. You can start by thinking 1-2 months for EVER YEAR you were overweight. Then re-evaluate after that.

That conversation startled me, but it let me put things in perspective. Even after I lose the weight, I have 18-36 MONTHS longer of strong discipline. And they were right…

Good Luck. Welcome to a new WOE for life…

(Frank) #101

It is a fight.
Really though it wasn’t a choice because I was Obese.
I usually weighed 210.
6-2 210.
It wasn’t until I gained 20 lbs after my hip replacement that I became overweight.
20 lbs is all I need to lose.
The reason I’m doing this is to stave off type 2 diabetes and yes, lose that 20.
But the 20 wasn’t the main reason…
I don’t do the flavored sardines.
And yes I love sardines.
They were in olive oil.
I am going to buy a ton of smoked herring though.
I’ll check the ingredients first though

(Kirk Wolak) #102

To help your mindset. T2D is about blood chemistry more than weight.
My 400lb buddy with Fluffy fat was NOT a T2D by standard measures.
His Glucose was 88! A1C was always fine.

That said. The first 72 hours of very low carb… Takes you out of the core risk factor.
You could be T2D at 210 lbs or 190. It’s more about the liver fat, and always about the chemistry. But the chemistry changes the quickest.

That’s part of the problem. One bad nights sleep, and I slip into pre-diabetic mode pretty quickly. One day of carbs and forget about it. I need 3 days to recover…

This is why the slow/steady part helps.

it sounds like you are mostly there. Dr. Boz has great info in her Keto Continuum book. I love her approach because it’s based on TOTAL carbs, and it’s based on REALITY, and Keto is a continuum. The deeper your go, the further you get. When you are in a good place, fasting is easy. When you are in a bad place, just getting through the day seems hard.

You probably don’t need most of this advice. Take what helps you. That’s what the community is for. Others coming behind you will read this and go “Oh… That’s interesting”.

I definitely would have a Keto-Mojo and be measuring and focusing on your GKI (or the Dr. Boz ratio, which is a dummed down version so her mom could do the math by hand)…