Just started

(Frank) #62

I’d be scared to find out what mine is…


I was too! But it is better to know so you can track your progress.

(Frank) #64

I might have to have surgery again on the hip because they messed it up.
I guess I wont have a choice then.


Sorry to hear you may have to have surgery! You might have to ask them to check your A1C when you get your blood work. Apparently they don’t always check it. They checked mine because I had noted a family history of type 2 diabetes.

(Doug) #66

Midtown Atlanta, but moving out to the edge of the metro area. Spring is on the move.

(Frank) #67

They checked last time.
I had all the records on my phone but no longer.
I have a Ortho appointment April 20th.
New Ortho.
The old Ortho is 2 blocks away in Savannah and I have to get the records for my attorney.
I’ll look then.

(Frank) #68

South or North.
I did a job in Sandy Springs years ago.
Lifetime Fitness by the Target.
Beautiful area there…
Daughters boyfriend comes from Peachtree.
They’re both in UGA.
I’d love to move to an Athens burb…
Good luck on the move.
I’d offer help but the hip is trashed.
Hopefully they’ll fix it.

I’ll tell you what Doug.
I feel better today than I have in years.
Energy, no joint pains or body pains.
I do believe this lifestyle is a game changer.
The hip is hurting as always but the rest of my body is great…
And the energy?

(Frank) #69

I saw A1C on the test but I have NO idea what it is.
I have alot to learn.

(Doug) #70

Totally agree, Frank. I’m 64 and my joints hurt WAY more just from lots of carbohydrates. Fingers get swollen, lower legs and ankles too. Each molecule of stored carbs - glycogen - in the body bind with 3 or 4 water molecules, making for substantial weight and fluid retention. While I think it varies among people, the level of inflammation in our tissues does also tend to go up with carbs in the system - so, swollen, painful fingers versus neither. Neither is the way to do.

My mother-in-law lives in Sandy Springs. We’re right in the center of Midtown, about a half mile north of Downtown. Moving out to Smyrna, on the WNW side of the Atlanta metro area in a week or two.

(Frank) #71

64 in late October here.
So we feel pretty close to the same pain.
How long does it take the body to get rid of all the excess Glycogen?
I imagine the body keeps what it needs, or thinks it will need, stored?

(Doug) #72

We normally store about 500 grams to 1 kg of glycogen - most in our muscles, less in our liver. It’s common too see a ‘topped-up’ person have 500g or so in muscles, and around 100g in the liver. One’s weight, diet, and fitness level affects it, as does recent exercise that will have depleted it to some extent.

“Excess glycogen” - I don’t think this really applies; the body will only store so much, and I’m guessing that beyond that the body doesn’t convert glucose to glycogen. What surprised me was that even eating ketogenically and very low-carb, extreme athletes - like ultra marathoners - replenish their glycogen stores to a surprisingly high extent. Not as high as if they ate a lot of carbs, and it takes longer on a keto diet, but it does occur.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #74

Don’t forget that the muscles need glucose for explosive power, since fatty-acid metabolism is a slower process that works best for fueling endurance.

(KM) #75

It will take 2-4 days to deplete glycogen stores to the point of being in ketosis, or about 24 hours of fasting.

(KM) #76

I was looking around at Dr. Boz stuff. I like her! I just wanted to point out this Youtube, which is one of her live chats from late last year. There’s a lot of talking and as expected with live chat it’s sometimes a bit disorganized, it’s an hour long, but the upshot (somewhere around 39 minutes) is where she puts up a timeline that makes it clear she’s NOT a fan of doing too much too soon, in fact the whole sardines and fasting business is about as far from her protocol as I can imagine. I’d say she’s an excellent source for beginners, but Please, actually use her advice!

Edited: I see that there’s a lot of marketing at her site, which is really just a big ad for buying her program and supplements. Not a big fan of that. However, she’s got a lot of good videos, including the one I’ve mentioned and this link https://bozmd.com/rules-of-the-keto-diet/, that outlines her process at least roughly, for free.

(Frank) #77

Too late not to do the sardine thing…
It’s done.
I ditched the water fast.
Just below 20 carbs from here out…
I bought some MCT-C8 about 7 months ago.
I though it was for healthy cooking.
Should I dump it?

(KM) #78

I know, and it’s ok! I just found the video so on point for you. She starts out talking about a guy who did So Well as far as his blood pressure, ketone production, weight loss and other things, but felt terrible. She presents it almost like a mystery game, and then shows us why he feels terrible, which is basically because his body isn’t ready for the changes he made.

I bought MCT oil several months ago, too. I’ve since started getting more concerned with artificially processed foods, now using it to moisturize my feet. :smile:

(Frank) #79

I’ll watch the video.
I watched part of it but time is precious at the moment.
Thanks a ton for the help.
I’m totally new at this and I apreciate all input.
The MCT oil is something that sparked my interest.
I was going to use it like olive oil to cook with.
Then I. see that people put it in their coffee among other things.
I don’t do coffee so I need a different delivery system.
Man, the thing I’m missing most is sandwich bread and tortilla chips.
It’s tough but I wont budge.

(Robin) #80

Good for you. Stick it out.
I now think of bread and buns, chips and tortillas as mere delivery systems for the good stuff.

(Frank) #81

Delivery system that make ingestion easier…
I just wish there was something to put some roast beef and and chow it down.
In moderation of course…

(Robin) #82

Several members make bread using eggs and coconut or almond flour… of course that’s keto, not carni. You can add cheese and spices, etc.

I tried it at first for the very same reason as you. But they tasted too eggy to me and just made me miss the real deal all the more.

Hey wait… do you know about Chaffles? Simply whisked eggs and cheese cooked like waffles… pretty tasty. I’ve also fried cheese till it’s basically a crispy tortilla of sorts. Yummy. While it’s warm, you can shape it like a taco shell. Satisfies that urge, for me.