June Zero Jubilee :)


I posted the last pieces of my goat into my food pic thread… Oh well, I post it here too:

I ate this yesterday, it was nice. Pickled eggs, pork sausage, some brie… I usually eat Gouda but sometimes I see Brie on sale and it’s a nice stuff to have now and then. Something different. Still, Alvaro ate most of it. I am more like a Gouda and Masdaam girl :wink:

So my proper meat run out. Not much to do as I can’t add back most of the plants but as I wrote in the pic thread with photos of 2 lovely fruit bowls, June is just not for carnivore for me. We will see if I can squeeze in some days, doable since I don’t actually desire fruits, I just don’t see the point unless I get crazy and get sugar poisoned and need a carni day to heal. But I am not like that anymore I guess.
I had some days lately with fruits, some days without and I could listen what my body tells me and to figure out if it’s a good idea to pick sour cherries when I am very hungry (it isn’t but I still stop quickly enough to avoid feeling too unwell).
I still find raspberries and strawberries a good idea but a little is enough.

Alcohol is fine, I have ridiculous amounts and I can’t drink often. I just don’t feel like it. I prefer very low-carb drinks anyway.

My desire towards chocolate flared up, maybe I ignore that for a while (and the thought that it is good with fruits). I don’t enjoy it so much anyway and I dislike feeling disappointed.

I am curious where I will be some months later. Now I disappear as I so don’t do carnivore now.

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I posted a super long post last night and it would not post. I kept trying to no avail. Long story short: I think I’m now intolerant to egg whites. Experimented yesterday and so far that’s the verdict. Will verify results in a couple days

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Three days in a row, this was my dinner, and was my OMAD meal Monday and Tuesday

10 oz Rib-eye, 3 - 4oz burgers, 2 thick bacon slices and an egg. I’m loving carnivore food !

It’s all I need today, 2200 Kcal, maybe add a 400 Kcal sausage later if I get hungry, but feeling full at 4pm.

Hey @Fangs, feeling sorry for how you feel from drinking and non-carnivorting around. Tighten it up, your forgetting your junebilee pals who are holding down the fort. haha.

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I made this up today lol

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Food today was beef beef and more beef! For dinner, I put some liver on my plate, then remembered I’m not doing salt right now. Oh my, I didn’t like it with no salt!! My tummy is a little upset with me right now and I can’t figure out why. I literally ate 100% clean. 2 ribeye steaks from my cow and 2 frozen burgers from Kroger, but the ingredients are literally single ingredient: beef. Plus 2 chunks of frozen raw beef liver. Going to bring back bone broth tomorrow. I miss it!

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HI Kristen --I am sorry for all the issues that you have been having now for so long, and I really hope that you will be able to get it all figured out and be feeling better and healthier soon. You have had to cope with so much! Hugs =).


hey what are you feeling…how are you reacting a bit? just wondering on that. It is so interesting that we do find some troubles in things we think are doing well for us…but longer on plan and elimination of other junk, we might found out we are having issues with stuff we do eat.

great pics!!

Thanks Moo and I sure need it. Thing is the beer murdered my guts and add in buffalo sauce…omg the heartburn was fierce. Heartburn? What’s that? haven’t had it in so long, only time is when I push some sauces like hot stuff like buffalo. Ain’t doing that no more.

Your OMAD meat looks wonderful!

-----So yes I am on water and meat today. No drinking, no eating weirdo sauces like buffalo sauce to burn up my gut. ugh.

I got beef tenderloin and chicken for later in the day when I eat a later lunch and tonight we are grilling a big old pork tenderloin roast on the grill at the rv. Oh yea. I am keeping this day very strict and tight. I have a bit of bloaty thing going down but a day on strict clean zc will fix that. I realize it takes very very very little eating some stuff I do not eat anymore to screw up my good feeling. I like feeling good, I am not into heartburn and bloat HAHA

I will hang onto the thread and accountability thru my vacay now. I got a small taste of icky, I don’t want it no more so being tight on plan now…only got 5 days left on this trip which will go fast cause vacays always go fast, no reason to eat junk while the last 5 go down.



Hi all sorry I vanished for awhile. I tried to log on three times last month but site was down, and then took a few weeks offline to recharge. I’m still sticking mostly carnivore, with only the odd Brussels sprout here and there cooked in my beef grease.

I managed to finally break through my stall with a two day fast and have been losing about .5 to 1 pound a week since. Currently at 177ish, and so glad to finally be out of 180s where I was stuck for ages.

Eating lots of higher-fat ground beef from Aldi’s, as it is affordable and on plan for fat ratios. Less eggs than before as well as less cheese. Lots of butter and pork sausages of various types. Energy good but finally having time off work has allowed the level of fatigue (mental and physical) I have had for years to surface. Been planting flowers, ornamental grass, and some trees and shrubs to get my hands in the dirt and ground out.

Glad to see how well all of you are doing and am in on the June challenge:)

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Man, that pork tenderloin is going to be so good, sounds awesome. Not much of a camping/outdoor fan myself, but you make it sound like so much fun, that I almost want to get out to the great outdoors and do some camping and eating myself. Trouble is, I would hate the camping part, so i will just stay home and do the eating part. haha.

Don’t suppose you bought some low-carb beer, like Miller Light. < 3 carbs per bottle, it’s what I try to buy, but when out I usually have to settle for Coors light which is more than 4 carbs. I noticed last time I drank beer, that I started to get heartburn on the 3rd, and heartburn was not really a big problem for me in the past. I went a 2 months stretch without alcohol, but like I mentioned once before, it’s summer so enjoy, with moderation. ( I hate it when people say in moderation , haha)

Franks Redhot sauce is what I use on wings, not smothered, but I double bake the sauce into the wings, so less of a harsh taste and less messy for sure. Most of the time I just cook them naked in their own skin. :blush:

Have a great 5 days of vacation before you get home to be back at retirement. :wink:

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It’s amazing what that stress does to you after it’s over. How we can seem to easily feel that we are dealing with stress, while we are in the midst of it, and then when things relax your body just seems to go in to shock. I deal with stress at work for a 3 month period every year, and then it’s over and instead of feeling relaxed, I feel like I have the flu for a few days and just need to do nothing, and then it’s okay.

I quit posting for a while when I had trouble logging in, as well, but it’s been okay lately although yesterday morning their was a glitch in the website or my computer? So nice when you break a level, that’s great news, I love it when it happens to me.

Are you eating higher fat in order to do that fasting, or just normal carnivore, say 50/50. I enjoy fasting all day long, for OMAD purposes, although I’m pretty sure I would eat if I weren’t busy at work, like i do on weekends. That was a good idea since it helped with the breakthru.

Nice to hear from you again Hawkeye


I hear ya. Take time for you. Gardening and more are good ways to relieve stress and chill out. Stress is nastier than we think for sure and in this time now, yea stress is abundant!!

Brussel sprout here and there…LOL …had me laughing on that one. omg I hate the brussels, never a fan but you cooked them in beef grease so that is a plus :wink:

We got a big old rv. I live in luxury. I don’t camp ya know HAHA
got fridge/freezer, stove, microwave, AC, full bath and in truth it is like we bring home with us. We used to tent camp when younger but older, we went all in camper trailer. So it is better than ya think when I say we ‘go camping’ LOL

but grilling out is good. But I swear I am liking my burgers/steaks etc cooked on my propane stove in the rv vs. on the little outside grill anymore.

I am getting SO particular on my food it is getting almost hard to eat different. I don’t know if this is good or bad cause eating out is a friggin’ nightmare anymore for me. My good choices and way to cook etc. are so precious that when eating anything other type of cooking etc. I am not liking it, it upsets my guts and all. I am kinda becoming a PIA to myself in a way about food now LOL oh man…

Like we hit a restaurant last night. Parm encrusted golden brown scallops…I think oh hell yea…a ‘keto type’ appetizer…Ate 2 and thought hmmmm….asked waitress and yes they are bread crumbs and parm cheese battered. kill me. Kid ate my other ones. Then I got a ‘slow roasted’ prime rib 16 oz cut. It was friggin’ cooked on a smoker. Whole slab of meat was pure smoke taste and nothing else but some nasty herb rub in the bark. Not close to the prime rib I thought I ordered LOL Came home and had to eat a Tums again.

omg eating out is gonna kill me truly

I am drinking Coors Light. Only beer I like anymore and even then I am not liking beer hardly as much. I had one last night when coming back from the restaurant but didn’t finish it.

3 days left on trip and rare I say this, but I wanna come home. A lot of rain around and trip is like ‘over in my mind’ ya know. Some stores open, some closed and this trip for me is off ya know.

oh gosh big thunder out there right now LOL shoot me HAHA

staying zc and doing my thing and waiting to come home and open my pool at my house, swim, relax and eat my food.

and yea, home from my trip straight to my retirement life…not bad is it HAHA

glad everyone is doing good!!


So. Nowadays this is my carnivore news topic ~

Finally I could order 2 big roosters :smiley: Lots of meat :star_struck: For me, at least, they will last for a while!
The last rooster from that farm was delicious but so tiny, Alvaro complained that so much work and barely any meat… These will be waaaaaay bigger. And I can’t imagine we can’t make them soft and juicy and delicious :wink:

Yay! I am not that elated with my fruits, actually, my body is a stubborn one when it tastes something better. (My fruits are totally awesome just well, sugary so even my decent tasting is less than ideal. I don’t get really unwell but I like to feel as good as possible. I want my carni days. I am fine with eggs and smoked pork for a while and I have fish but well, the lack of proper meat for too long is a problem.)

So, next Friday I will have roosters and carni days until they last… :smiley:

Right now I have tiny eating windows. Not perfect OMAD but I have one big meal and some other bites before or after… I think it works better but it’s not like I am in power, my body decides when it gets hungry (never but I feel strange and weaker and eat), I just choose the food items (not like I have many options) and I don’t eat just because it’s lunchtime… It’s still not that natural and easy to eat a big meal using animal food only so pure OMAD doesn’t happen but my meals aren’t mostly tiny ones like in the beginning when my body was confused and I got satiated with 2 eggs, it was surreal…


Hip Hip Hooray…glad you got the roosters on order…big ones too :slight_smile:
Nice to feel we have a good supply of meat at the ready when we want it!


Yes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Of course I am greedy (and experienced. even big roosters can’t last for super long) and patiently waiting for my half a mutton in the future, that’s the really good stuff but it’s nice if I can get out some rooster from the fridge whenever I want. And roosters make good soup! :slight_smile: I need my soups, it’s strange when I don’t have some in a week… Proper Hungarian lunches have soup, I don’t have them every day unlike in my childhood but a few times per week is nice.


that’s interesting. I have to say we were not really soup people but my mom would make soup out of big bones etc. when she was in the mood to do so and it is fab when done from scratch. tasty. I tho am not a soup fan ever so I never feel like I am missing out wtihout soup in my life :slight_smile:

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Bloating and gassy (burping). Never used to have any issues!

(Daisy) #97

Yes, these website issues are driving me crazy! This is the first time I’ve successfully gotten into the site and able to post in several days…

I’ve been inadvertently adding things in faster than I should. I’ve reintroduced butter, pork, and salmon. The pork didn’t go well, but it also had seasoning on it that could have been the culprit (my daughter’s leftovers). Then last night I super impulse ate a moderate piece of salmon WAY outside of my normal eating window. My tummy is a little upset this morning. Neither of those are pictured because neither were on plan…

(Daisy) #98

Btw this is a fun new thing I created, bone broth parfait! It’s cold wiggly jiggly bone broth with homemade bone meal on top. I discovered warm bone broth without added salt isn’t very tasty lol


Loving your pics as usual and this is wild. bone broth parfait! You do come up with some interesting ideas for sure! Very cool.

Oh yea I have read some get that type of reaction from eggs, other zc people have described it so…yea it could be that way for you?

Nice thing is as we reintroduce a few things we can truly start to see what agrees and doesn’t for us.


stellar what eating so clean does for me :slight_smile:
feeling wonderful. had the most delish beef tenderloin last night.
body feeling great, little bloaty is gone…dropped beer now, don’t want it anymore so that is good. I hate that icky feeling it gives. Not worth it, being older now, boozing it up is right there on not worth it LOL

2 days and home to normal eating routine. I try very hard to hold it but family on vacay and sightseeing and more we do can throw me off a bit but not too bad tho so that is good.

feeling fine and zc’ing it as I should :sunny: