June Zero Jubilee :)

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Found this neat-o info graph



I searched for a bigger pic…

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Thank you @Shinita and @Tmdlkwd. Looks like there are a lot of fattier cuts than pot roast… how exciting! I saved this image to my computer. It’s very helpful. And maybe when I butcher an elk this fall I can sound like I know what I’m doing!! lol

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@Ketodaisy oh god, be careful what you wish for…Mine are hidious.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hell on a plate.:smiling_imp::fire::fire::fire:


You are so nice, it’s one of your prettiest lately :slight_smile: The one where I actually felt hunger for the second look (my inner critic with good taste was in control for the first look)…

Hi guys, I hope everyone has some nice stuff to eat, I got my kid goat! Half. Of a tiny one.
Almost 3kg in total. Oh well, it will be still a great experience! We make soup and some roast of it. I don’t know if the liver is its but it’s so big, yay! Innards, finally! The beef farm never sell innards nowadays but they sell whole fowls, half lambs, half goats, half sheeps… Good, good!

There is no heart, I guess half a heart sounded as unpractical to them as to me but we have lung and kidney. What one does with them I wonder… The chickens had tiny lungs, they end up in whatever dish we made, usually soups, fowls make good soup… But rabbits too and surely kid goats as well. I have some leftover chicken fat, we will use that for the soup.
But my absolute fav is liver, yay!

Photos will come later, it’s a rainy day, tomorrow will be more light and I am tired anyway. We didn’t make anything with the kid yet, just came home from our shopping (2 supermarkets and the beef farm) and ate. It was so hard to get satiated without proper meat… But I did it in the end. Eggs, cheese, herring, smoked pork, some coffee with a little cream… It’s usually such a hard work to get satiated, I don’t even know why I don’t do OMAD more often… Probably due to my obsession with eating lunch together with my SO when he comes home… But I usually am borderline hungry at that time anyway. not enough to eat a proper full meal and not thinking about food for a day. TMAD often works well, sometimes I eat more times on carnivore and it’s fine but nowadays something isn’t right. I totally blame carbs when they happen and the usual lack of proper meat…
It’s so odd, I change my woe, I barely can eat then my body switches (okay, not that suddenly) and I eat a ton and it’s not so bad yet but I eat a ton while not feeling so well and the usual Perfect Satiation evades me. But let’s blame the carbs somewhere in my past, we are probably right at that.

I am still happier with my woe than a year ago :wink:

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@Shinita one of my prettiest lately
…thats a worry.:scream:. Did the burnt salami do it for you?? I ate it anyway.:upside_down_face:. But you know I’m a weirdo.:heart: Lazy too…oh god, I’ll reply properly later… babe, seems I’m too damn lazy. Help my soul… pray for me if you can…:heart::wink: but um…you got GOAT…YAY.:partying_face:


I wouldn’t eat your food, it just made me a bit hungry. Cat food can do this at the right moment… :wink:
But you are right, it was the salami. It looked like food to me… It had some proper shape among the general chaos.

But tomorrow I except very pretty food on my plate and in my bowl. I started to miss soup and we will have that!

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@Shinita My food is fit for cats and dogs and me…that.is about where it ends.:upside_down_face::wink:. The salami burnt cos I didn’t remove the paper from it…So the paper stuff burnt…now I’m laughing…HELP!!!:see_no_evil:

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Nooooo that looks delicious!!!

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Oh good! I bought goat liver at the farmers market and am excited to try it!

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@Ketodaisy um um um…it was…Ugly is cool…can still be delicious.:upside_down_face:

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Ugly meals are great!! Lol. I made some pretty gnarly looking scrambles last month for sure, but they were amazing!

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Ok guys… I’m going to cheat today. Well, I kinda already did, but I’m going to cheat more. By cheat, I mean on the lion diet reintroduction protocol…:joy: I had two t-bones today and I’m still hungry!!! I have a third t-bone in the fridge, but I don’t want to make it. I’m making chicken thighs and bacon for the family and have decided to eat one of those. I had a slice of previously cooked bacon too while I was preparing it. I don’t know why I’m so hungry today!

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@Ketodaisy Well I do ugly WELL…pretty food is SO boring to me…I like ugly. I get upset if it’s NOT ugly damn it.:upside_down_face:

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Do you guys think it may be from the eggs yesterday?

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I ate 2 chunks from the bowl of liver. Not pictured, another thigh and a few more half slices of bacon. And honestly? I’m only comfortably full, not even stuffed. What the heck???


KD this is fine. You will go thru periods of big eating. It is a normal zc thing for us. Our bodies want it truly so we eat it but then you will find all of the sudden your nutritional issues will be handled by your body and your appetite will cut back automatically…naturally. It is ok to eat :slight_smile: truly!! I wondered about me some days, cause I ate SO much and never ‘got full’ and just kept eating thru the day big amts. I can almost always eat big but in the beginning of carnivore I ate so much I asked the veterans on this plan for years and years what gives and they are like, just eat. Never worry one bit about it :slight_smile: And I didn’t and I just followed each day naturally what my body wanted. It found its own setpoint ya know, what it needed when it needed it and once I never questioned it again, I found longer on plan my appetite changed over and over. So to me you are more than normal :sunny:

Hey guys. I am leaving on a 10 day beach trip tomorrow. Own a rv so away we go to a beach state park. so wanting the sea air and boggie boarding and wave jumping and metal detecting and relaxing :slight_smile:

Since we grill and I got a full kitchen I am bringing sausage, taylor ham, bacon, burgers, pork chops, pork loin, beef tenderloin (packed 10 of them just for me only), Tbone steaks, chicken legs and breasts, salami, meat sticks, few cans of tuna for just in case SO I AM so greatly set for eating. Then I plan on a day for all you can eat crab legs and shrimp. My treat to me while the family slugs down carby junk I will be staying on carnivore as normal.

So I will try to check in, I kinda go radio silent but if I can post one day and read up on how well ya’ll are doing I will…be good everyone :slight_smile:

one little good thing about zero carb…just eat as you need when you need it, don’t worry one bit about it, zc will lead you exactly where ya need to be all the time!!

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I’m so excited for you, that sounds like a great time!!! And thanks for the encouragement!’


How nice, I can look at meat pictures without feeling envious now :smiley: My tiny goat, I need to appreciate it for the short time it lasts!
It’s all looks good food. And if you needed more today, let’s be it. I don’t understand my own body either but sometimes it wants way more than other days. I hope it knows what it is doing, I can’t help but obey anyway, I so don’t let myself hungry…

Eggs… Why, do you feel hungry the day after eating eggs sometimes? I can imagine almost everything, people are wonderfully different… And the previous days often affect us - not everyone, my SO starts a brand new day every morning and past doesn’t matter… He’s weird, everything satiates him about the same, I still hardly wrap my mind around that fact as I am so very different…

I don’t think you ate so very much, it sounds normal in certain circumstances and hungrier days happen.

I personally never had days when I needed lots of meat but I almost never had lots of meat. And the beginning was special, I got satiated with a few bites all the time and ate as much I could… Then it got normal (still needing less) and now I am back at my big meals. Carnivores often talk about eating so much meat I never could imagine for myself so it’s normal, it seems.

@Fangs, have a nice trip! Oh, all you can eat…One day I will visit a nice all you can eat restaurant in a city where (in the city) I wasn’t since years. I hope it still exists. Good place, several kinds of meat and fish and well, everything else too, carb lovers find things too - and they prepare the selection quickly, we can choose sauce - well I would need to think about that part, maybe those are carby a bit, I don’t necessarily mind a tiny bit if it’s delicious but since I have carnivore(-ish) days, I feel sweetness totally different. It was so stable for years and now it changed again. Things became inedible for me, they are overly sweet now. And I absolutely hate my meat to have any sugar, it was actually super odd to me to see on this forum that people love adding sugar to their meats (and not quince or apple, they actually suits some meats, I ate like that once in my 43 years…) - so much that they do that even on keto. I love sweet things a lot but those are usually desserts.