June Zero Jubilee :)


KD I so get the fat wasted from the family. Drives me bonkers to see it also when my family eats, I so get that LOL Loving your meat pics~!!
Hope your bad headache disappears fast for you and you are better! Never a fan of headaches and you know, being zero carb I rarely get them anymore but for me it is like you…allergies are my starting point for head misery.

--------June is off to a good start. I lost my bloaty lbs. and feel so back to my normal ‘empty’ feeling I love so much. Lean and mean fighting machine feeling and it rocks. So holding my new low on the scale. My 2 lb. loss for May is set and holding and gonna move a few more lbs. off the scale for June if the scale gods let that happen :slight_smile:

Didn’t eat much yesterday. Not in the mood. About 10 oz beef tenderloin steak. 5 slices bacon and ate those only cause hubby made bacon and then I grabbed 5 slices of salami around 7 cause I was hungry and ‘I could eat’ but I figured being so late why bother eating big so I just grabbed some salami and I was fine. Didn’t need bigger food at all.

But today I woke up more hungry mode. Not my usual I don’t need food, yea I will be eating a tad earlier today I think. Planning on a big burger later and might pair up with some chicken? Not sure, kinda in that what do I want stage today :slight_smile: Not worried, I will make my zc meats fit me as I always do.

TO JUNEBILEE!! Love that new word that Moo made for our thread :slight_smile:


My family never wasted food. I learned from my Mom that we basically fry everything in a tiny fat and we eat it all. Deep-fry is still an odd thing to me, sometimes needed but it’s tiresome. And my SO’s Mom often pack leftover fat for me :smiley:

I am still starving so I quit today (I didn’t went too far…) to make the stress a little bit less. I ate a full-blown proper (according to my standards, there were various meat items… and 10 eggs) carni meal before noon(!) and starved just the same… Whatever, it’s my personal problem, I trust the goat will bring a very positive change. The meat is too lean but I will balance things out with yolks and fatty pork! It should work!

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I keep stuffing up…I was such a good carnivore for two months. .But hey get back on the horse right!!! I will try again…until I get it.:heart:


make sure you hit the grocery and stock up on good meats/seafood. very important to have it all around you and keeping it handy in arms reach!!

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@Fangs Is Fangsy talking to me… how are you babe??


yes B. Doing great here. Just saying remember to surround yourself with good meat and seafood. very important so you have that to grab and once you get all that good meat and fat into ya, you will zip up and do carnivore great!! :slight_smile:

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Headache is better. Had a cup of bone broth this morning, I do so love my bone broth! I’m 15 days into just beef. Tomorrow I will add a duck egg. Today I had leftovers. Leftover roast from the family’s dinner. I ate it cold in hopes of avoiding my normal reaction to slow cooked meats (burpy, indigestion type reaction). It worked! Then I had what was left of the steak I made for my daughter last night. No wonder she barely touched it. Worst steak of my life. So full of gristle. Left me very unsatisfied. So I had a burger lol.

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@Fangs Thanks Fangsy, I love my meat…But seems I’m a pig with condiments…:scream:. If I could do it for over two months, I can do it again…:heart: I hope your well, it’s been ages…I guess I felt like a bad little carnivore and had my tail between my legs…Oh well. Back on the horse right…:horse::racehorse:


ahh, KD sorry you got one of those crappy steaks. I had those and they don’t satisfy one bit, I would be doing a burger also LOL
Glad you are feeling better!!

Bubby, don’t worry. You had stress, being sick and more and you just started zero carb eating so…many of us had to walk into this a few times before we made it stick, felt safe and secure on this plan and then decided to make it a long term lifestyle. So nothing wrong with that :wink: I was in and out of carnivore a few times before I went all in and decided this was my path, so just do you and do it best ya can and go for it if this is what you want :slight_smile:

-------so wow, I pulled a neck muscle. Couldn’t be those heavy doors I was carrying since we are replacing them or maybe it was the old dryer that died and me and hubby carried it out of the house when he bought a new one and installed it? LOL OMG I can’t carry anymore. Younger slamming around 70 lb. bales of hay like nothing, now at 58 I just can’t carry heavy stuff anymore. So my neck got nailed but I took 2 of my giant 800mg Ibuprofens and they fixed my crooked neck muscles but darn if they didn’t nail my tummy. My guts are blown, need a day to get over that, get it out of my system.

Didn’t eat much yesterday. About 6 oz beef tenderloin and 5 slices of bacon and could only eat 3 of them. You know I ain’t good if I leave 2 slices of bacon behind HAHA

Won’t eat much today but by tomorrow tummy will be better since I won’t be taking any more of those pills. They fixed me good enough right now and will just cruise thru the day. Holding my low on the scale. Cool. Nothing more to report, all good in carnivore land here :slight_smile:

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@Fangs Thanks Fangsy…Yeah it’s certainly been a ride…I did Carni today…But ugly meal…:upside_down_face:. I have this new thing where I love to make meals really really ugly then take a photo…So tonight was 4 eggs, with a sausage and cheese…But couldn’t finish it all.:heart: I’m sorry about your neck…owwwww. I know what that’s like.:no_mouth:. Get better soon. Xxx


do you live in opposite land? HAHA…I know most want pretty pics of their meals LOL too funny.

B also you gotta remember ALL the time why you are going carnivore. It can’t be to ‘just try like crazy to lose a lb’ kinda mentality and a lot of people come here for that reason. And that is not reason enough to hold zero carb. Like I believe the physical body runs on ketones first, til we civilized and made life all about glucose burn. Glucose being our back up system for survival when we couldn’t get fresh meat from a hunt etc…then there is the body only requires 2 things for life. Protein/fat. Not one carb needed ever in our lives. Our bodies can do everything on ketones but our bodies can not ever do everything on glucose for survival…then ya got the low level plant toxins we ingest along with the real toxins they spray on them and more…sugar we know kills our bodies etc.

So I keep all this in mind on WHY I DO this cause I gotta say, if potatoe chips, French fries and ice cream were healthy and all the body needed ever for survival, hell yea I’d be eating them HAHA But I put more of a science, nutrient dense and what the body needs truly against why I do the plan I desire to do.

hope that helps to just think about things. Cause if you do well on a keto plan and feel great, there is nothing wrong with just that for ya, you know…in that a keto plan is far superior to the regular old crap we did eat. But if carnivore is calling to you come on in and hold on tight :slight_smile: It is great LOL

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@Fangs Fangsy I will come on in.:heart_eyes:. You make me laugh…I know people like pretty food pics but um…I’m a weirdo AND a rebel.:upside_down_face:. I DO live in oppososite land, we know this.:upside_down_face:. I know, my stupid Anorexic mentality…i must STOP…i did very well on Carni so I can do it again…yep, our ancestors totally were in ketosis with their meat…you smart.:monkey:…Sorry Random monkey. I love your thinking…i agree
We ate berrys and shit when we couldn’t find meat. But meat was our goal.:wink:. Oh YES if pizza and ice cream and shit was good for me…i would eat it day and Night. Regular old crap we eat…LOL…Uh huh…Well back on the horse, day 1 AGAIN.:wink:


we eat random monkey around here ya know!! Hey many amazon tribes hunt monkey and love it but I doubt in my lifetime I will be trying a random monkey on my plate :sunny:

You hit a good point with us having troubles on eating disorders and those we are born with inset in us in a way and troubled by obvy life style stress and more…well hell I was fine til ‘I dieted’ cause I gained up some after I had my kid at age 43. I was FINE with me til I sat home and watched a cute baby sleep and just ate frozen pizzas and chips and more and added darn near 70 lbs. to me…and sick thing was when I was preggo I watched it all and only gained 19 lbs with her…I sat home and ate myself super fat after. I tell ya I then ‘dieted’ and what the hell if that didn’t warp my brain to the ultimate. Dieting…what a friggin joke it is.

Eat less, move more is the worse concept known to mankind in a civilized world where we sit in cubicles and have stress to pay for everything and anything we want, so HOW much time do we have to ‘work on us’ ya know…I mean LOL

anyway after I hit low carb I relied on veg and found myself worse off then when I was told, eat fat, get thin and I tried that and it kinda brought me into atkins and then I realized the more general physical biological info I learned about insulin, what the body requires etc…I walked into zc and it was still hard to accept. Heck I want pizza darn near every day of my life truly but in the end, I put me and what it takes for me. My beliefs/theory/nutrition/science etc. is my rock on why zc works for me and never against me.

I had to let all the other stuff go and put faith in real body nutrition and facts of life on this planet and science behind it all and just friggin’ go for it and it has worked wonders for me :slight_smile:

because of how and why I went into zc and the truths it holds for me, I can’t eat crap anymore…most I can do is friggin’ spoonfuls and licks of crap while cooking for the family but in the end it makes me want/desire/monkeys with the old brain for me and of course being human, I mean come on ya know LOL but in the end my true thoughts mean I can’t go back and I can’t eat crap, but I can lick a spoonful of it every now and then and at some point, I am one step from giving up that even, but I am years into this. Nothing is easy but in the end if we want it bad enough and believe where we are going and goals to achieve, yes we do it and enjoy doing it as a process.

I love chatting out zc all the time. I so love my plan LOL


I had a crazy day but I was starving and it annoyed me…
Now I feel better and came back! Kind of. I still prefer carnivore-ish with my tiny plant matter (I could do without but I would gain nothing with it IMO) and it’s June… Out of question to do proper carnivore anyway. But it seems I can do it with a few off days :wink: Especially after I get my goat meat tomorrow, it will be soooooooo easy in the next week… Until the huge amount of various red fruit (and yellow or pink as the vast majority of my raspberries) overpowers me… But I enjoy them anyway, I picked a lot of beautiful tiny strawberries today and watched my SO to eat them up :slight_smile: I don’t want them at all now.

So I will behave for the rest of the week I am sure. But it will be so good to eat proper meat and not smoked super salty pork, sausage and fish…! Those help but I strongly feel I live on eggs with some other stuff as spice and it’s basically true. It’s some weird hardcore style. I hope the farm will have some other meat soon. Probably.

I don’t know if fat-loss as an only goal is necessarily bad but I have a long list :smiley: I had it with vegetarianism too, I had plenty of reasons and most of them didn’t even change… That’s why I can’t buy meat in just any store, I need good farms. Except for fish but I am not into that, it’s not satiating enough, it’s not so substantial…

Today was easy as I needed a smallish meal and I can have that with my very limited resources right now, without getting bored.

Dieting… I am a weird dieter. I eat whatever the hell I want, whenever I want and as much as I fancy, who cares about hunger and satiation, I go beyond such stuff… I can keep myself from being obese with this mindset, I actually tend to hover on the normal/overweight border if I eat to my heart’s content… So it’s not that bad but losing fat from here… Oh my, that’s tough. And I do only easy things if it’s about my food. I like challenges but that has its own reward, it’s fun :smiley:
“Eat less, move more” is perfect for me, that is what my family members need to lose fat, always (despite we are totally different, my SO and me. and no idea about his mother but she stays very obese, the usual low-carb diet is quite ineffective… that 160g net carbs doctors advise… I would gain fat eating so insanely much carbs myself, well not into severe obesity but I have good genetics not allowing me to be more than borderline obese). Okay, when I was fat, I didn’t need to move, just eat less. It was so damn easy, I lowered my carbs, ate as little as possible for me - and lost fat without any problem, being more satiated than ever all the time… There was some fight to keep my fat intake low… It regularly went over 200g but I could afford that and I surely didn’t ruin my metabolism with too little food, that’s not my style :smiley: Oh, good times. I loved my low-carb woe, I just grew out of it.
But I get it. One can do things very unwell using the same basic advice as me… I never followed any advice, by the way, I just figured out what works for me and what doesn’t. And kept eating whatever I wanted, fat-loss be damned, I am a hedonist with a not very unhealthy weight. ~30lbs extra fat is tiny, my mostly quite healthy body (I mean, there are weak points but where it really matters for long term, I am healthy) would handle it for the remaining 8 decades or something but I trust myself to lose it in a few years (I want it in 2020 but I wanted it in the last several years too so I should be realistic and want it to be done in 1 year :P).
Move more is a great advice to me as I exercise way too little… Not like I do that but I put some effort into it and enjoy the exercise when I have it. Obviously, I wouldn’t do it otherwise, I am not THAT desperate! :smiley: And eating less is inevitable for fat-loss as I never will move THAT more and my body doesn’t work in mystical ways. BUT if it does, that’s fine too, it’s not like I force myself into things, I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am perfectly satiated :slight_smile: I think I have my method and eventually I will even follow it most of the time and my tiny miracle happens.
I am very patient, I just want to feel very good and energetic for now :slight_smile:
This small meal felt great. I should enjoy this feeling, I very rarely eat small meals… It probably wasn’t that small but wasn’t big… I didn’t track it yet and I totally suck at guessing even after tracking for quite a few years. Maybe it felt small. It was a decent one…
Nope, it was tiny, barely over 1000 kcal. Okay. I feel very good now.

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@Fangs @Shinita Hey fellow Carni girls ( well I literally come from a Carni family in ONE side …just the wrong sorts of Carni, Cowboys and shit :scream:). Seems I’m very very lazy… how the hell do I reply to both of you at once.:see_no_evil:. Fangs, eating Monkey…nope NEVER heard of it…but where the Amazon’s at…I wanna join their tribe…Ive heard they are Tall, but surely they let me join.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. So it took you a few goes to go full Carni… I don’t have to feel bad then…Shinita…i am " Kind of" Carni too, hey it’s better than nothing right!! If I had fruit growing I would eat it, it’s simply…like normal…But GOAT…sounds great…:heart: Sorry girls I’m lazy as hell basically.:scream:


My SO’s father (or his friend) ate monkey once, some Asian friend brought the meat or something… So I at least heard of that :smiley:

I am the curious type but normal meat is enough for me. Goat now… And lamb at some point as I ate mutton but not lamb… And lamb liver, what is that like I wonder…

@Bubby1 already requested photos of the baby goat so I will bring some in the next days :slight_smile: Hopefully the food will be pretty, I am sure it will taste nice. I would appreciate any proper meat but tender goat, first time for me… It will be special :heart:

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@Shinita Pretty, ugly, I don’t care, it’s goat… something I’ve never seen or tasted…Will be lovely.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Post the pictures!! Don’t let me be the only one posting pics!

(Daisy) #39

Today was a rough day. My energy has been really low with the weather, long hours and dietary tweaks to my fat and salt. Then I had a rough work day. My thoughts were feeling pretty self sabotaging. So I stuffed myself full of meat. I also ate 2 duck eggs today. One with breakfast and one with dinner. I kinda feel a little bloated, but the skirt steak I had for dinner was so massive (but I needed that much to keep from self sabotage) so I’m not sure if it’s the egg or the volume of food. All beef again tomorrow and the next couple days. I had thawed 2 of those terrible steaks, so I made myself eat the other one for breakfast. It really was so awful!!! I don’t know where I got it, or what kind of steak it was, but hopefully I never get it again!!!

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What’s the fattiest cut for a beef roast? Is it the “pot roast” cut? Took pot roast into the field with me. Worked 12 hour days and camped. Loved it and the fat was helpful for energy. I didn’t have knife and fork, so I felt primitive ripping the fat off the connective tissue with my teeth! haha Is there anything fattier? Made a leaner roast last week. It was more of a roast beef kinda cut. It’s pathetic that I don’t know the name of the cuts consider I butcher my own game…

Going to start taking psyllium husk capsules bc my GI problems continue…