June 2019 ZornFast

(Susan) #81

Try not to get discouraged, you are on the Keto train and eating the right things, and still doing great… you can only do what you can manage reasonably. Please try not to be too hard on yourself, slow and steady wins the race and we are all here to cheer you on =). This forum is great like that, encouraging each other and everyone has situations that can occur to make us have to take detours at times.

(Patricia) #82

Hi all - What a great, supportive community this is! Thank you for making my first longer-than-24 fast a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next one for sure.

@xsuebeex, I join the others in an encouraging word to you! I think the OMAD you’ve been doing is amazing given your work situation and OT. Seriously, you’re doing great! We live in the real world with lots of curveballs and we all do the best we can and get lifted up by the care and concern of others. We’re all here for one another.

@Momof5, as for exercising and working out, you’ll do it when you can - and so many people still think that this is “the answer” when getting our metabolisms right is the priority. Keep believing in your process!

@joegpotter, some months ago I listened to the Complete Guide to Fasting on Audible, too - and often, often I just listen to various low-carb and keto podcasts as I go to sleep… it keeps me on my path. I guess it’s another community of support for me. I also love how you let your guests tease things out of you because if we preach too much, people just think we’re crazy because they’re not ready or something. So I love your approach!

Everyone is doing awesome! KCKO!


Well, for me this week will be filled with nice meals. :slight_smile: I have promised the Wife that I will not be Fasting this week. This is because she is correct, that every time we pick up a bunch of stuff for food prep, meals, etc. I want to Fast. :confused: I can’t say why this is, but it usually seems to be the case?

So I also did an experimental Carb-Up n=1 day yesterday, so eating meals throughout the week might be a good thing for this as well. - Plus, I think I will shoot for doing a 3 or 4 day Fast on the following week, especially since I took off the Friday following Independence Day to make a 4 day weekend. So maybe start a Fast next Sunday and run it a few days before the Holiday weekend starts. :slight_smile:

Happy Fasting this week everyone… :slight_smile:

(Joe Potter) #84

@Momof5 I agree you should wait until you feel your body is ready. And you can add in a bit more movement into you day. Like parking the car farther out from you destination. Whatever you can handle.

(Joe Potter) #85

I take a prescription anti inflammatory ( similar to Aleve but prescribed) . I typically take it with some food because I tend to feel mild nausea if I don’t. I just skipped it with this fast. Any recommendations? I considered eating a small amount of nuts and taking it, but would that blow the fast? I know it doesn’t take much food to rectify the nausea.

(KCKO, KCFO) #86

That is what I do as well. I am very careful how I frame my way of eating to others and they have to ask me what I have been doing. Some days I encounter people who I would love to tell, "Just do what I tell you and you will get better. " I just bite my tongue and move on.


I totally agree with both of you. I am real careful what I say, but I almost have an evangelistic zeal for KETO.

“I see FAT people” to misquote that great line from The Sixth Sense (I see dead people…) and want to help EVERYbody get better. BUTT there is no use telling them. I know how miserable they feel, yet it’s useless and irritating to mention anything…unless they ask.

I am having a terrific refeed so far…the best yet!

(ADMINS. I hope this is not a violation to copy/paste from another forum, but I wrote it myself. If it is a problem, edit it, post-haste…with my apology)

Quoting myeself from another forum I frequent:
Aaaaaand…I have another Official Fasting Observation from my adjustment and re-learning of that particular tool. (Extended FASTING AND I.F.-Ing)

Actually, it is a lesson I’d learned LONG ago, but needs refreshing in my mind from time to time.

Here it is: (…clears throat, unfolds The Printed Profoondity to read aloud…) ;)



“If you REALLY REALLY like food, and would like to enjoy it even more, EXTENDED FASTING is an utterly fantastic tool to reach that end. So is intermittent fasting or even OMAD, but if you can go 2, 3 or even more days without eating, EVEN THE MOST PEDESTRIAN SUPPER tastes like a Blessing sent Directly From GOD Himself… a Gift to be Praised and Celebrated!”

The end.
I may well be just a reminder to myself…but if anyone else needed to see this and be encouraged, there it is. Free Of Charge!

It is pretty good info, even if i do say so myself.

(Susan) #88

It is very very true though! After a period of fasting I always enjoy the meals much more then I did pre-Keto eating!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #89

Fasting is a skill that you build on. You will no doubt be able to fast longer eventually. Keep practicing.

(Joe Potter) #90


(Joe Potter) #91

Here’s a joke you all might appreciate: “ How can if a person is on a Ketogenic diet? “ Don’t do a thing, just wait… he or she will tell you all about it.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #92

And Fasting. That would be me. Unfucking the world, one unsuspecting stranger at a time…

(Susan) #93

Thanks for the encouragement, @Brenda

and I am only too happy to tell people I am on Keto, I am not shy =).

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #94

This was originally for a VEGAN

(Joe Potter) #95

ugh… I need to take a shower

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #96

Ha! I said vegan. There are a few people who are trying to do vegan keto… I actually think vegan keto is more unhealthy than regular vegan!

(Doug) #97

Ended at 5 days - co-worker had brought homemade meatloaf, and while I withstood the first offer, I caved on the second. Felt great today on the refeed. Was a really easy fast, makes me glad for the future.

(Susan) #98

Congrats on the 5 days, Doug, and that was awesome that they had a nice Keto approved meal for you to have =), awesome.

(Patricia) #99

Congratulations @OldDoug - I’m inspired! I was just looking up a recipe for a great keto and bacon meatloaf. This was just the nudge I needed to make it!


Did you find a recipe???

I LOVE meatloaf!!