June 2019 ZornFast


I tapped out @92 hours. A pretty good fast for sure, but AN EXCELLENT re-feed…at least so far.

(Susan) #62

Wow, that is awesome, major grats from me =).

I am currently at 31 hours and feeling really spacey, but going to bed soon =). I am drinking some lovely herbal tea, plain =) it is Twinings Vanilla Camomile and is delicious and really helping me atm…drinking it, browsing forum and to bed soon =).

I am going to have to stop at 48 hours tomorrow at 5pm, but it will be 48 hours for me, and so double my previous best… so over time I hope I can do it longer!


I do.
Am in.

(KCKO, KCFO) #64

So, I did a quick refeed during this period but I have a total of 82 hrs. fasted. So I am delighted with that.

Everyone seems to be doing well this time, Yea Zornfasters!!!

(Susan) #65

Very nice @collaroygal --grats!

I am coming up to 43 hours and I am hungry but going to make it to the 48 (5pm) when our meal will be -which my hubby is BBQing so I don’t have to cook =).

I am going to make some tea though now, and the green tea seems to help curb the hunger so I will do this. My previous 3 fasts (that weren’t my daily 18/6 or 20/4’s) have only been 24 hours, so this is my longest one thus far.

I am in awe of the rest of you that can go so long, though. I hope I can do longer for the July one =).

(KCKO, KCFO) #66

I have found that there are lots of benefits from the 40-80 hr. range, the longer ones I did were great for getting me to goal weight, the other range has kept me there, along with the IFing I do 5-6x per week.

You are going great, hope hubby is not putting sauce on the BBQ meats. They really don’t need a lot of extra. They taste great to me now when plain and if I do decide to have a sauce, it is one with net carbs under 5 grams because I will be eating the meat with salad, so can afford those extra carbs.


edited to add: My longest fast was just over 108 hrs.

(Susan) #67

I don’t think that he is putting sauce on any of them, as my kids are very fussy with sauces, but just have it on the side if people want to add but I will check with him =).

Thanks for the encouragement, my family thinks I am nuts, for fasting, hehe, they just don’t really get it but I have the forum now, and you are all helping so much!


I’m at 85 hours now and I’m planning on having a small snack in a bit to break my fast and then a good solid meal soon after!

I was not a perfect faster–I ended up having a tiny snack last night around dinnertime (a couple of tablespoons of sour cream and a couple of kalamata olives). Nothing significant and it calmed my growling stomach enough to keep going through today. Part of my goal for this weekend was to build my fasting muscle some more. I want to make the regular two-day fasts that I do I little easier, and feel like three days is the stretch not two. Sometimes I need to calm that growling hunger at dinner on day two, so this was a success!

This morning the scale said “Your life will be full and rich due to your inherent honesty.” :grin: Okay, for real it said I’m down 3.2 lbs. for the three days. We’ll see where I net out after eating for the next couple of days.

(Susan) #69

Well done, Zuileika =). You have done great.

(Joe Potter) #70

Hi there team! Wow, this was a great experience for me! It was my very first longer that 24h fast. I’m normally 16/8 and have been that way for since I stated the Keto lifestyle on Jan 1st of this year. Just prior to the fast I was on a 2wk plateau. So I thought this would be the right time to try it. In preparation, I listened to the audible on The Complete Guide to Fasting ( awesome! ) for motivation and the Zorn fast was the perfect excuse to do it.

Thursday - my last meal was on Wednesday at about 9pm. Felt fine, had to mentally get my head around committing to it, went to bed early to sleep through the hunger that evening. Ketones ~2
Friday - I felt absolutely great. Had short periods of hunger during normal feeding times, which seemed to decrease as the day went on and a clarity I don’t ever remember having. Ketones ~ 3+
Saturday - No hunger, clarity like Bradley Cooper in Limitless … interspersed with short periods euphoria that Brenda mentioned which I only noticed after I read that part of the thread… they were real, but I think the commentary just made me recognize them for what they were. Ketones ~4

Not sure it will stick, but 5lbs came off in those 3 days, and what weird is I believe I am not as hungry between meals today as I was last week when I was stuck.

For social reasons, I planned on stopping on Saturday. I actually wanted to continue but it would have been rude…had some friends over for dinner. It was obvious to me I could have gone on for a long period because I wasn’t hungry at all. For dinner we had a great keto meal. Didn’t mention the keto or the fast to our friends, but I got some questions on what I was doing because I’ve lost 50lbs since last time we got together. I don’t use the word “Keto” for the unconverted, just told them I eat whole foods and eliminated all sugar and starch. Then they ask different questions, but I always make the unconverted pull it out of me. If they don’t pull, then they aren’t ready. Anyway, after the teaser conversation, I typically send some information to youtube links, the podcast, this forum and touch base after. Less is more. Sneaky right? Seems to work though.

Anyway, this was a great experience and all the comments and community really helped. I’m so thankful for this forum and this fast!! Really looking forward to the next one!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(Doug) #71

Cruising altitude. 4 days in. Clear air.

(KCKO, KCFO) #72

You are doing awesomely well OldDoug.


(Susan) #73

Wow @OldDoug that is great! Grats… how long are you planning on going?

I made it to my 48… ate a meal at 5, now doing another 24… I had family party so well went off for that but now back for another 24 (next month will do atleast 72 consecutively.

Do you just do water/tea/coffee @OldDoug? or add anything to them? I know some people add things to them, etc so just wondered =) Regardless, if you do or don’t, you are doing amazingly well!


Awesome grats to you too, Joe, that is great =) and 5 pounds down is awesome, hopefully that has kicked you out of your slump =).

I had a family dinner with our two sons over and they were only concerned that I have not started any exercise program, pretty well nagging at me to do that… I told them I will in time… I am just not ready yet…as my knees are still killing me, hard to get up, etc still… I still have 120 or more pounds to lose…

(Doug) #74

Thanks @collaroygal and @Momof5. Susan, a couple cups of black coffee in the morning, today it was two cups of green tea. Once in a while I’ll mix some apple cider vinegar and magnesium citrate with salt and water and drink a cup of that. Occasionally use ‘lite salt’ that’s half potassium chloride.

I’m pretty sloppy and inexact with the electrolyte stuff. Usually feel okay - only once or twice in two years have I thought that getting some salt in me made me feel noticeably better (maybe?). Some people fast for 30 or 40 days with just water, period - nothing else at all.

This is a good fast - in the top half of them, as I reckon things, either “easier” or “harder.” It’s open-ended to a point. I work away from home and will be on a plane back to Atlanta and my wife next Saturday, so that’s the limit. Would make 10 days, in a tie for my longest.

I really need to be more consistent. A month can go by quite easily and then I realize, “Dang, I didn’t fast at all…” I’ve thought about doing 2 days per week, or 3 or 4 days every other week. But I’ve always been rather “all or nothing.” A big (good) thing for me would be staying strictly keto when I eat, but I really suck at that.

(Susan) #75

Well you are doing really well I think =). I think that doing that while being away from home must be even more difficult. Being away on business there must be a lot more temptations around then if you were just at home in your own environment.

I think it will be a while for me before I could do the longer ones, but you never know, I never thought at the beginning of switching to the Keto lifestyle that I would be able to even do the 48 hours I just completed today. Our bodies certainly adapt to a lot of changes, which is awesome.

(Susan) #76

I came home from a 14 hour OT day shift on Friday and ate. Then I slept 12 hours, worked another 9 hours OT and ate again. Therefore the last few days have been OMAD. Back on 10 hour nights for the next 4 nights. It seems like never is a good time to fast. Too much cortisol I guess. Not going to give up, but you all must be getting tired of hearing about me falling on my face.


Sorry to hear that you’ve been tied up with work. I have job that does that at times as well, and it does get in the way of things sometimes. … You can only do as much as you can sometimes. Just try to stick with it the best ya can & hopefully things get better and allow you to do some of those things soon. :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #78

I can relate, I’m retired now but when I was working it was 12 hr. night shifts, 4days a week, then the next it was 12 hr. shifts 3 days a week. Talk about a messed up circadian clock. UGH.
Is this just a temp extra busy time at work or a permanent weird hrs. shift work?

I would think your OMAD plan should work out, you are fasting most of every 24 hr. cycle that way. Just make sure you are eating really nutritionally dense foods when you do it. You are fasting many hrs. every day. Try to destress as much as possible, I know it is hard with that type schedule.

No worries about falling on your face, you get up and keep going. KCKO. You’ll get there.

(Susan) #79

They are understaffed, so they called me to do some overtime on my days off. I usually work Sun- Wed 10 hour night shifts. It has been quite some time since I did day shifts. The over stimulation of a lot of people can be stressful for me. I am used to looking after one client at night. The OT was in a facility during the day. (I am a community health worker who dropped out of the RN program 6 weeks before grad).
Ty for your support.
@Digital_Dave thank you Dave, I keep trying.

(Doug) #80

Well there you go, Susan. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: I hear you - there are times when everything goes out the window, i.e. “I’m just glad to be alive at the end of this day…”

The next fast is always out there.