June 2019 ZornFast

(IDM Educator) #1

June ZornFast, Thursday, June 20th through Sunday June 23rd. Here we go, guys! Join me! We will be here to support you and answer your questions. Let us know what type of fast you have decided to do with us. Are you practicing meal timing? 16/8? 18/6? Excellent. Are you learning intermittent fasting? Every other day? Extended days? Multi-day? All 4 days? Fantastic. The choice is yours.
The ZornFast is always the third Thursday of every month through the following Sunday. You may choose any type or length of fast you wish, or simply practice meal timing and use the support here to learn.
Everyone is welcome.
I started practicing monthly fasts February of 2016 and I still gain great benefit.
Join if you’d like, on whichever days you choose, we’ll support each other here.
I always do a water fast. (water/ black coffee & tea). The definition of a fast is open to your interpretation and needs. Some will need to do a fat fast. There are benefits to that type of fast as well.

I fast to target visceral (organ) fat and to promote autophagy, fasting also releases HGH for muscle growth. I follow Dr. Jason Fung. Matter of fact, his book “The Obesity Code ” is what started my venture into fasting nearly three years ago.
Because of the ketogenic diet I am no longer diabetic. Fasting managed to further improve my health dramatically since I have included it in my health regime. It has increased my insulin sensitivity.

Oh hey guys, try not to talk about food on this thread. I know it is tempting to discuss the foods you plan to break your fast with, but it can actually cause hunger in those reading your post (including me!) Thank you.

You may want to include this drink during your fast (or some version of it). I drink 2 bottles a day while fasting.
KetoAide homemade: 290 mg sodium 350 mg potassium 75 mg magnesium

KetoAide homemade (ketoade) recipes, Recipes, RECIPES

KetoAide homemade (ketoade) recipes, Recipes, RECIPES

Messages and comments from me (Brenda, your fearless leader) and other members will be posted below!

Zorn fast begins this week
(Karen) #2

Add me to the list. And boy do I need it


I’m ready for the Zornfast.

I have been practicing, did two 36 hr. fasts in the last two weeks.
My fasting mojo had gotten rusty over the winter, I had a hard time with any fast over 20 hrs. but since the last Zornfast I seem to have it back. I breezed through all 3 of those fasts. I’m in maintenance so fasting can become harder, excited I can do them easily again.

Many thanks to Brenda for keeping this monthly fast alive. It has sure helped me reach a lot of my goals since becoming a ketonian.

(Joe Potter) #4

I’m in!


I’m in, too! I’m going to try to go for all three days this time. Longest yet has been about 72 hours and then I cave and eat dinner. We’ll see how I do and if I can go three full days.


Sounds good, just do you.
It’s all good.


Count me in! Need this fast bad!

I may even start a day early.

(Susan) #8

Count me in. Water, black coffee. Starting Thursday.

(Jules ) #9

Hope this won’t mess up the thread flow too much, but how did you get your fasting mojo back on?

(Danielle Meitiv) #10

I’m in! The longest I’ve fasted is 42 hours, so I’m nervous but I’m going to do ALL FOUR DAYS.:grimacing::scream::open_mouth::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I’m going to use whatever hacks I need to get through this first one (bone broth, MCT oil, etc), but I’m excited to try.

Happy to fast with y’all!


I’m actually already Fasting presently, (started last night) so not sure how far in I will be going through the week, but hope you all have a great ZornFast this month. :+1: Happy Fasting Folks…


Hah! I use all kinds of stuff like that to get through 42 hours. :rofl: I’m planning on starting after dinner today and going through mid-day on Sunday. I think I’ll be having a mental break down sometime around 8:30pm on Saturday, when my stomach realizes there’s no dinner happening.

[Edited to correct when I’m starting.]

(Susan) #13

Well I wasn’t hungry last night so I got an impromptu start on the Zornfast. 22 hours in and I am going to sleep in a couple hours because i work tonight.

I had a slight headache that a pinch of salt under my tongue cured promptly.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

Starting my fast after the BBQ and dance we are going to tonight is over. I’m going to go for 72 hrs. I always start my Zornfasts on Wed after my dinner. Glad to see some familiar names joining in, and welcome to the newbies to fasting.

@JulesyMcJulesface. I just did a couple of OMAD fasts, then did 36 hrs. Did a good refeed over three days, lots of healthy fats, very low carb, was almost carnivore for those days. I slid right through the extended fast. And my 36-48 hrs. fasts have been easier. I also now remove myself from the downstairs area while fasting, no ques from the kitchen area that way, can’t see nor smell anything up in the far bedroom. I watch movies and read books a lot along with catching up on podcasts. So the trick is don’t get bored and don’t willfully encounter anything that might make you hungry or think you are.

KCFO everyone.

(Doug) #15

In. :slightly_smiling_face: Perfect timing, tomorrow - having the last supper right now.

(Susan) #16

Resetting my start time. I did 31 hours and now I am back to square 1 at 7 hours. Gotta start somewhere. (again). It will be easier if I am on days off.

(Karen) #17

I think I’m doing a bit of a fat fast in that I had coffee with heavy whipping cream. I have some powered MCT oil arriving courtesy of Amazon this evening. I’ll include that in my modified fast

(Karen) #18

You can do it Miss Sue

(Doug) #19

18 hours, on the second cup of black coffee today… :rainbow:


I’m all in on the black coffee, too.

Like others I started after dinner last night, so I’m at almost 15 hours.

I was out of a couple of sides/condiments (things like sour cream) that I would typically have had with last night’s dinner and almost popped out to the store. Then I realized the less I had in the house the better, so I did without and even managed to scrape out the last of the Fage yogurt to eat instead of sour cream, so now that’s gone, too. Fridge is emptier and emptier.

I’ve been having too many little fat boosts on my fasts lately and have just gotten sloppy, so I’m going to try to go as long as I can with just water, coffee and broth this weekend.