June 2019 ZornFast

(Patricia) #101

Yes, I did @goldwingnut! It was on the DietDoctor website - “Bacon-Wrapped Keto Meatloaf”. We had it tonight and it was fabulous. I made extra so that I have one more for another night.


I’ll look it up! Thanks!

I smoke them frequently, in Apple chips…and when I do Meat Loaf I like to use my electric. It is a pretty “hands off” process.

I like that site, by the way.

(KCKO, KCFO) #103

I believe free members can see this as well as paying members. I decided to join for a while during Low Carb Denver this year. Lots of good videos, I am working my way through those before I stop my membership. It is cheaper then going out to the movies LOL.

(Val) #104

I want to Zorn fast for the first time next month (July 2019). I’ve only gotten to 36 hrs in the past. Include me next month!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #105

Brenda posts a few days ahead of time, it is the third Thursdays of each month. Watch the new posts for the Zornfast posting.

36 hrs. if fine, with black coffee and water, lots of autophagy going on with those.

I do the Zornfast every month, so see ya there.

(Jason ) #106

Third Thursday of every month? That would put it at this thursday, the 18th if on track. That will work great for me, as I was planning to fast then for five days, so can start with the Zorn and extend a bit! Sounds very good, and looking forward to it!


(KCKO, KCFO) #107

@Brenda and everyone, Third Thursday is the day before Ketofest starts.

Since I have the one day ticket for Saturday’s cooking demos/tastings and the pig roast I am fasting early for the July Zornfast, started last night. I’ll follow along to support those doing the regular days.


(Patricia) #108

Hi all -
I plan to do the July 2019 ZornFast as well. I’ll join in on the new July thread when it’s started! See you all later in the week!


I’m waffling about the July Zorner myself. I may skip it…not sure yet.

But ONLY BECAUSE I’ve been focused like a laser beam on solving my particular (peculiar???) problem of relying on Extended Fasting to FIX some previous Food Bender… that I unfortunately tend towards. It seems a distortion of the highly regarded Fast-Feast-Fast protocol. Fast-Feast-Fast is NOT the same as BINGE-FAST-BINGE, at least in my Phormerly Phatt Mind. My eating has been broken for 5 decades.

Extended Fasting IN PREPARATION for some Party or Family Gathering doesn’t seem trigger a Gluttonous FoodFest, in Stanley…not like the reverse. If I do an EF, then break with TOO MUCH FOOD like say…oh…The Weekend…then I feel like I’ve violated some ancient wisdom and might just suffer a derailment for a couple of days, throwing caution to the wind. :neutral_face:

So I may be absent this next time. I’ve got another day or so to decide.

I’m fully 10 FREEAKING pounds heavier than my previously achieved goal of 170. I’d like to get back there by EATING better, not by extended fasting beyond my normal 20 hour daily intermittent fast.


(Patricia) #110

Stan, like so many things we have to experiment and figure out for ourselves, I know you’ll figure this one out, too. Whatever you decide, we’re in your corner!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) closed #111