June 2019 ZornFast

(Joe Potter) #41

Nice article, makes sense - all I know is I feel hungry when I use artificial sweeteners. So no thank you. That comment about “ natural “ is spot on. How can an “ artificial “ be “ natural “ ?


Never. The closest I’ve gotten is some insomnia on my first few fasts. Usually, I’m just irritated that I can’t eat. I’m not cranky otherwise, but I like food and I miss it. Also, the first few times I had extra energy like @Digital_Dave described, but now I don’t get that either.

Thanks for the link to the article on sweeteners. I’d heard Dr. Fung or Megan Ramos say something similar at one point, so I’ve avoided them during fasts. I still use some sweeteners on days that I eat, but definitely try to keep it to occasional use and not drink diet coke all day long.

(Patricia) #43

Hi all - Past 40 hours now and moving toward 41, which pleases me since I set 36 hours as my goal for my first “extended” fast. I feel very good - not euphoric, but I have plenty of energy and a positive spirit.

I’m thinking that I’ll do 42 hours and then gently break the fast since it’s the first one I’ve done… not go too gung-ho but give myself a goal to pass on the next one.

Any and all advice from those of you more experienced in this is welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t doubt the sweetener info…not even one little bit!

I happen to get along pretty well with Stevia though. I’ve lost a bunch of weight while continuing to be a heavy user. (160+ pounds lost) Mostly sweet tea, and coffee with Stevia plus Cream.

Having said that, and thoroughly believing the article linked above, I AM (and have been for some time) trying to retrain my taste buds, to need less and less sweet taste.

I believe we were designed by Our Gracious Creator to enjoy sweetness, or we wouldn’t have the receptors, or the capacity for that particular sense.

But like all things we imperfect humans touch, the tenancy to pervert the gifts we’ve recieved, or otherwise fowl our nest is ALWAYS a problem.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the article and linking it here, Brenda!

(Danielle Meitiv) #45

Thursday to Sunday doesn’t work for me because Friday night is family dinner night and Saturday there’s a community lunch. Sunday through Thursday works better.


Only advice I can provide, is to try to break easily, and not go full bore into a meal especially if this is your first Fast. - Also, and this may not apply to you?, but there are a few things that most have issues breaking with, such as Eggs or Nuts. (Myself included) Though some can break with these items, from all the things I’ve read, most do have issues when they have these two notorious items included. And you will know quite quickly at times afterwards, so you will hear that most like to break a Fast when at home, or somewhere having a facility nearby. … I’ve also noticed an abundance of Fat can also cause this, such as a Steak with a nice amount of Fat on it. I think it can overwhelm the system too quickly.

Most find that having something small, and then waiting 30-60 minutes, or even 2 hours before eating a meal to be helpful. But unfortunately, trial & error are the only true ways to see what affects each of us. I generally have good luck eating a small Salad with Olive Oil & Dressing, or just some Sauerkraut, then waiting an hour or so before eating a full meal. But even then being at home is always a safe bet. :slight_smile:

(Patricia) #47

Thanks @Digital_Dave. I’d read about breaking with items you mentioned ( on my phone I’m not sure how to do the blur function so won’t mention anything specific) so now I will be cautious.


No worries, Patricia. :+1: It’s just that they ask folks to blur mentions of food, since some folks don’t like to read or think about foods whilst Fasting. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I even cook/bake while I Fast, but we all do try to comply for those who it does bother. :slight_smile: … And if you do post something when on your phone, a fellow member can always help you with that. I believe once a member reaches trust level 2? they can edit post for others? … I will have to go back and read it to confirm, but getting ready to head out the office for the day. So will have to do it later. If you don’t already know about the trust levels, you can read up on the thread posted below. :slight_smile:

(Patricia) #49

Thank you again, @Digital_Dave. I’m at Trust Level 2 now, and just find it easier to navigate things on my computer rather than my phone. But both work to be able to keep in touch, especially when I was wanting to check in regularly on the ZornFast this time.

So. Ta-da. I did 42 hours and 1 minute (and some seconds, but who’s counting?!). I know I want to do an extended fast again, maybe once per month? Maybe more. But I’ve found that when I start out slow but steady, I can keep at things and build my foundation and discipline for whatever it is I want to make a regular practice.

I just had a little under a 4 hour eating window and have started my next fasting period - looking toward a 14-16 hour fast overnight. Tomorrow morning, I will be babysitting a two-year old granddaughter and will (perhaps) eat a little breakfast with her. Tomorrow is a bit negotiable and then I’ll be back to my usual timed eating practice.

I’ll be rooting for all of us on this month’s ZornFast and will continue to follow the thread. Thank you @Brenda for your leadership and keeping this going for folks like me who watch for a while and finally decide to jump in. You are appreciated!!

(KCKO, KCFO) #50

Ok, I had to break, listened to my body and refeed it. Lots of sinus drainage going on, I could have carried on but it was stressing me out.

I did get in 45.5 hrs. so it is all good.

If I feel better tomorrow I will try to do another 36 hrs.


I’m sittin’ somewhere around 78 hours right now. I felt pretty gassed this afternoon, so much so in fact…I nearly pulled the plug. I’m glad I decided to push on through. I feel great again.

I’m not sure why that happens…

(Susan) #52

I began at 5pm today (was waiting to see how it went shopping at Costco and Walmart before posting I was beginning, just in case I ended up eating samples at Costco, and I could have since they were selling something we can have, so… (I bought a package of them) but did not indulge (because in my head I was thinking, “you haven’t eaten since before 5pm, Susan, so if you don’t eat now, then your fast began at 5”, so yes!) and I wasn’t hungry…I don’t know how to do the .blurrying out words, so wasn’t trying to conceal the item from you lovely people, just trying not to mention, etc.

I will have to break it when we have a going away party for my son and his wife that are moving to a different province, but I am not sure when they are coming. I will do better with next month’s one, and try for the full Thursday to Sunday though.

Congrats to all of you and best wishes for success.

(Doug) #53

Friday night… :neutral_face: Hmm, this not eating deal is kind of boring…


After you type the words you want, such as these…

Simply highlight the section you want to blur, click and drag, etc…

Click on the Sprocket icon, all the way to the right above.

And click ‘Blur Spoiler’ and those words highlighted will be blurred until clicked on. You will know it worked when you see the [spoiler]highlight[/spoiler} in brackets such as this. (But I changed the last bracket to make it not work just to show it. … Someone then needs to click on it to reveal it.

(Susan) #55

OKay, great thanks very much, I will try that when I need to, thanks!


@Digital_Dave HAHA! I totally agree, I actually do more cooking when in the fasted state! So reading about food certainly doesn’t bother me in the least either.

I may not make it to 120 hours this go around. (It was my goal) I’m feeling pretty tired @ about 89. May tap out later on today.

(KCKO, KCFO) #57

You are doing good. You just do you on a Zornfast, not all of us start on Thursday and end on Sunday, Some start early, some start late. Some even get in a refeed meal or two and start fasting again. It is all good.

Just come to the party for support and chatting with like minded fasters. They are rare in the wild!


I weigh every day and fast pretty regularly, so I’m used to my weight bouncing up and down. Good thing, too, because I got on the scale this morning and it had actually gone up from yesterday. UP! :rofl: Tomorrow morning I’m going to get up and it probably won’t even have numbers anymore. It’ll say something like you weigh: blue. Or it’ll spit out my fortune or something.

I’m at 60 hours and feeling like I should be fine at least until this evening. I’m headed out in a bit for a quick Costco trip, so I have something in the house to eat tomorrow. I always just ignore the samples since I assume they’re things I can’t eat. Grocery shopping while fasting isn’t hard for me these days. Then I have have some other stuff to do out of the house.

But my worst times that I really struggle are in the evenings. Sometimes I even go to bed early, because I am so dang hungry and can’t stop thinking about food. Tonight is going to be tough!

(Susan) #59


Okay, thanks, I have been fasting since 5pm Friday evening (but I normally do 7pm-1pm daily so so far nothing unusual regardless). I have done 3 successful 24 hour fasts and been doing the daily 18/6 for a while, and sometimes even 20/4. I just feel that I would like to do longer ones on occassion as well.

I don’t have a problem with not having food, as I do with making myself drink… I can normally drink tons of water, easily. The only problem I find with the longer periods of not eating, is I struggle drinking a lot of water… no idea why when one would think you would want to drink more during these times. I have to force myself to drink water though, during them. Hot tea goes down easier though.

(Doug) #60

On Day #3 - a good day. Lots of rain here lately but today the air is clear and dry, and that Northern Hemisphere maximum power sun is doing its deal. Feel pretty good - not like I want to go out and hunt giraffes, but pretty darn good indeed. Even better mentally, one step away from euphoria. :dolphin:

9 hours sleep last night, that’s why.