June 2019 ZornFast

(Patricia) #21

Hi all-
I’ve been doing timed eating for a solid 8 months with (almost always) at least 16-8, often more. The most I’ve done is 22 hours - but I’ve been watching the ZornFasts for some months - always from the sidelines - afraid to jump in and just DO it!

Well, here I am - actually POSTING to say I’m IN and just passed my usual 16 hours… and going for 36. Black coffee & water so far today. I look forward to finally being a committed part of this!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #22



(Joe Potter) #23

At this moment, I’m a bit blown away … I’m so clear mentally it’s a bit strange to feel this way at 9:30pm at night. It’s not a nervous clarity, it’s more of a calm but totally on and I’m not hungry. Not at all. Although I did just self talk myself out of drinking a whiskey. “ is there such a thing as a whiskey fast? “ said self, “ nope that’s BS “ said self. Day one complete.

(Karen) #24

Aargh. 24 and will restart again tomorrow


I’m sitting at about 56 hours. Easy peasy, all is well, first day was a “dirty fast” with a total of 53 grams of Cream in 3 coffees enjoyed throughout the day.

Today and tomorrow, its mostly just water for me.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #26

You guys are awesome.


Nice to see everyone rocking along with their Fast… I’m just about to head out to work and presently at just over 59 hrs. :+1:

(Danielle Meitiv) #28

Started late Wednesday night (after my 50th birthday party!) so I’m just hitting 33 hours now. I had tea with a splash of coconut milk yesterday morning, pickle juice, and water.

The first two times I fasted over 24 hours I had trouble sleeping the second night. Not just waking up but restless sleep all night - and felt awful in the morning. After poking through the IDM FB files, I decided to try something different this time. Right before bed, I had a tablespoon of chia seeds in water and a tsp of MCT oil. Worked like a charm - I slept really well!

I’m pretty sure I could keep it going, but I’m going to break tonight for our Friday night family dinner. I may pick it up again Saturday morning. If not then Saturday
Night through Monday.

So excited to get through an extended fasting night without insomnia!


Happy belated Birthday! :birthday: :+1:

On another note, I actually just made a pot of Decaf Coffee now that I’m at the office. - I usually do water only during Fast, or the occasional Tea, but I also just pretty much quit drinking Coffee altogether when I switched over to Keto nearly 13 months ago. This from someone who drank Coffee 24/7 and all year long for many, many years. But I just decided to make some today for some reason? :slight_smile:

(Patricia) #30

Yes, Happy Birthday @DanielleM42!

Coming up on 35 hours - with my first extended fast goal set at 36… but everything is just ticking along fine. Had a big glass of water this morning with some Real Salt - now a cup of coffee. I’ve got a couple appointments this morning, so I think I’ll just keep going with the fast as long as I’m feeling good. (And I AM!)

The other convenient thing for my fasting today is that my husband will be out of town, so I don’t have to think about another person in the house right now. So - I’m just playing this by ear as to how long I go.

Thanks for the “likes” everyone. It is definitely encouraging to know that I’m doing this with a group. I look forward to your various posts!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #31

I love to fast. I never get on the scale, I’m more interested in how my clothes feel and knowing I’m reaching autophagy. But what encourages me the most to fast is the fact that I reach such an excellent state of euphoria by day two.

I’m curious, how many of you become euphoric on an extended fast?


Yes yes, Brenda. I get euphoric and it’s usually about day 2.

Even if I don’t particularly feel good for a few hours, I still have that euphoria . Its ridiculous.

I woke up cold this morning, and that worries me just a bit. I dislike that cold feeling. And I wonder if it is problem with my metabolism while I’m fasting.

Otherwise… I’m a fasting Beast, and I have to limit them. In fact, this month, I have committed to just one extended fast and it’s the Zorn fast.

(KCKO, KCFO) #33

Good morning everyone.
Karen, it is all good, just KCFO.
Joe glad you are enjoying this fast.
Dave, keep it up you’re doing great.
Patricia, how is it going? Hope you are enjoying yourself.

@olddoug and @ ZuleikaD Enjoy that black coffee guys.
@ DanielleM42 Happy belated birthday. Hope your fasting is going well.

@goldwingnut I get that cold feeling in hands and feet, even in the summer weather, but I have found if I do a black coffee, then some light exercise, it goes away.

@Brenda, I get a calm feeling, like I am doing exactly what I need to be doing. Wouldn’t call it euphoric, but I love that feeling. Maybe some day I will grow up and be a Keto Warrior like you, and dump the scale. I use it to keep me on my path, it no longer rules me as it did in the past and I don’t judge myself worth by that number, which is a huge improvement for me.

I’m at just over 36 hrs. in and feeling good.


Not sure if it’s exactly euphoric, but at times, yes it could indeed be. :slight_smile: I simply like the overall feel I get whilst Fasting. I like the empty feeling I get and actually enjoy getting away from all food, flavors, etc. for a while. … But yeah, sometimes I can feel like I’m bursting with energy, but even when not I’m also not tired or feeling burned out so to speak. So it could be some here and there indeed?

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #35

A short article on artificial sweeteners published today that I wrote for the IDM Roundup newsletter. The newsletter is free. Go to IDMprogram. com and scroll to the bottom of the first page to sign up.


(Susan) #36

Go team, go, you are all doing great!! Keep up the great work, all of you.

I really want to do an extended fast soon myself, but starting on a Thursday doesn’t work for me, as Friday is the only day I leave the house (usually) and I have a hard time already with this day (shopping for a few hours with my almost 3 year old grand daughter, running to bathrooms for her to potty OFTEN when shopping, more a novelty thing for her) and my hubby waits in the van, and drives us around to the diff stores) and well I already am weak, out of breath, and stressed out during all this, so I just cannot do this day). After I have lost a bunch more weight, that will change I am sure… =)

I could join the group tonight after I am home until Monday sometime. I would really like to do a 60 hour period --I have done 3 24 hours so far, and have been doing daily 18/6 or 20/4 for about a month.


You can join in anytime it fits your schedule/desires. Some (like myself) started early this time, & some jump in later, so nothing is set in stone. :slight_smile: … And yes, do what you can, when you can and never push it. As most will attest, it does get easier for most folks the more they Fast. But this can also vary depending on the person, and some seem to struggle no matter how many times they try. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #38

Okay, great, thanks. I don’t have a problem with the day Thursday per se, but Friday is my really stressful day, so I really would prefer doing the longer term fasting when I am at home, not out of the house. I am sure once I am in all this longer, and have lost a bunch more weight, I will be way better at all this!

(Doug) #39

Some usually brief episodes of it, once in a while. Hey, as little as it is, I’ll take it. :slightly_smiling_face: That’s on top of a happy, positive mental/emotional feeling since I’m doing something good for myself.


If you get pretty good at fasting (or better, anyways…) it might just ease your load on Fridays. I hit my stride a couple of says in and feel like Superman.

(Like right very now!)

But listen to your body. When I feel unwell during a longer fast, it CAN mean it’s time to pull the plug. Usually not however. I “powered through” such a time just this morning… and returned to Superman Status fairly quickly.

You can do this!