JUNE 2019 Weight Maintenance Check In


Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of Springtime.

Just hit goal weight, new to maintenance mode!

We have hit winter and I’m not loving the cold, fly out on the 28th June to chase the European summer.

I strolled into June at 62.2kg, 0.8kg below goal…so to celebrate I have been on a two day bender with two beautiful bottles of Janz (Tasmanian sparkling wine) and full on Keto binge.

You can see why I’ve had trouble with maintenance in the past, weighed 64.3kg this morning. Wasn’t going to weigh but I needed that slap in the face.

I will spend the next 3 weeks getting back to goal before going on my holiday of a lifetime.

KCKO, I have the tools and skills to reign this in.

Thanks again for this thread, using it as my personal diary :nerd_face:


The trip sounds like fun.

You have the right attitude, you know what to do. Hopefully you’ll be back in your comfort zone really soon. At least it was a keto binge :slight_smile:

I find wet cold weather to be very challenging. I’m happy to be waking up to sunshine and nice temperatures again finally, it has been a long wet, snowy spring here.


I was kind of worried how I would do and manage maintenance but I’ve learned that as long as I stay away from carbs, do some sort of IF fasting (usually 20/4 but sometimes 16/8) most days… it’s easy! My original goal was 130 lbs, and I just saw 124 on the scale yesterday (over the last few months I’ve been between 125-127). And that’s ok with me because my original goal was conservative. Better than losing “weight” is that my stubborn area (thighs basically) is still losing FAT. Thought I’d be stuck with saddle-bags forever! :blush:

Just hit goal weight, new to maintenance mode!

Yeah, Keto has a way of surprising us that way.

Congrats, never hurts to drop more fat. :slight_smile:

(Wendy) #6

Thought I’d check in. No real new issues. Still working on maintaining and not losing too much weight. I’ve been as low as 119lbs lately. My conservative goal was 132. I’m 5’6".
I’m increasing fat and started eating some keto icecream. Nice treat. Nuts are up in my diet too.
How thin is too thin?

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #7

Hi! I think this is where I need to be.

I’m 43, 5’4, maintaining at 147 for several months, with a 43 lb loss, but creeping up the last couple months. Looks like I need to start with timed eating. And I’m taking an alcohol hiatus, along with cutting out the fatty coffee. Maybe have the coffee as a Monday morning treat. (Monday is my rest day.)


@Happyheart, Wow, that is a wonderful thing to happen. Dr. Phinney tells people their ideal weight is the one where they can eat and not fill deprived and aren’t struggling all the time. At 5’6", I think you have the right idea, adding in some treats to not go lower. Enjoy them.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #9

My adjustments to get my weight back down are going well. Two days of no alcohol and black coffee only and I’m down from 154.2 to 151.4. I’m sure there are hormonal issues going on too, but that is a quick recovery. I’m having my creamy coffee as my Monday treat today, then back to black tomorrow. I like black coffee, so it’s not really a sacrifice.

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