JULY 2019 Weight Maintenance Check In


Time for a new check in thread.

How is everyone doing?

I am starting to stay further down from my original goal, so pretty happy about that. I am also getting excited about the upcoming Ketofest this month.

JUNE 2019 Weight Maintenance Check In
(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #2

I’m still struggling a bit. I was thinking about this a bit today and I think I am in a transition period on the mental game. I’ve been keto for over a year. It’s not new and exciting anymore, and my body is used to it. So maybe there is some carb creep going on, and maybe a drink or two more than before.

Part of me is okay with this. I’m not out of control. I’m not eating ice cream in this heat. I’m not even sad about that. The buns on burgers don’t even tempt me. The only thing they add to a meal is clean fingers. I am perfectly happy to wash my hands. The carb creep is all from keto friendly foods. Just more than I need.

But another part of me is saying I need to accept that I just can’t loosen up. At least not yet.

One nice thing I noticed the other day, I saw my reflection unexpectedly while walking down the street. It was shockingly… familiar. Not that fat stranger who occasionally shocked me when unexpectedly encountering my reflection before. Looking in the mirror, I feel mostly the same, then and now. It is the photos, and the surprise reflections, where I can see the good, the bad, and the progress.

(Mark P) #3

I have gotten to where I look great in my clothes. I’m in a 32 inch waist, and down to medium shirts. When I take shirtless photos, I have 15 lbs I could lose, but it would be the “tough” 15 to lose. I have been staying at 169 - 171 for over a month using a 75/25 keto/cheat regiment. I feel fine, and it’s really nice to be able to free myself up on weekends. Does anyone have knowledge of the health ramifications of low carb 4-5 days per week, and normal eating including some restaurant fare the other days, as long as they are consecutive days? I feel like if the weight is staying off, and I’m feeling fine with this maintenance schedule, then I should just do it. BTW, I’m almost 48 years old, and my health is good-great, my bio markers are fine.

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I’m actually up a few pounds. This is due to eating more because I felt hungry. The past few days have been 2800, 2300, 2600 calories eaten as OMAD (calories rounded). Most meals are around 1800 calories.


Well I still have a hard time with how much smaller I look. I still think I am on the thicker side. So a great NSV for you.

It is getting into the 90s F around here and I am having iced coffee when I want a cooling treat. I also am eating Greek Yogurt with cacao powder and stevia for a cool treat. I used to love frozen yogurt but I am loving this chocoyogurt I am making for myself even more.


I suggest you do this until you notice it doesn’t work anymore, then dial the carbs back down again. It is high carbs, high fats that are the most dangerous, so don’t do that. Congrats on all your successes so far.

(Carl Keller) #7

I’m seven pounds under goal and my insatiable appetite seems to have calmed down some. For a while, after I reached my goal, I was able to eat nearly 24 oz of protein and fat before my leptin hormones would raise a white flag. Now I seem to be able to reach satiety at around a pound.

I’m happy to say I’ve learned something else about my relationship with food but I’m sad to say that cheese and myself are no longer the good friends I thought we were. Throughout my life, I’d get an occasional pimple or two around my lips or chin and I always suspected that it was something I ate. Anyway, after some experimenting I’ve determined that it’s cheese that was causing it. I went 10 days without cheese and had zero pimples. The day I after I ate cheese, viola, pimples. I repeated this experiment twice and came to same conclusion.


Try it with goat or sheep cheese, also hard cheese are better tolerated by most. At least you know what caused them now.

(Carl Keller) #9

I reacted to pecorino romano which is a fairly hard cheese. I might have to try it with feta though. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

(Jules ) #10

I haven’t weighed for close to a week now. I had lost a bit more though at the last weigh in. My hunger was reined in somewhat by splitting up with sweet keto stuff,although it was back with a vengeance today. I ate more than I would (but still 20g carbs or under) across the weekend as well. I was out hiking all weekend with a full pack and the super cold weather seemed to increase my hunger more than I expected it would. Yesterday after getting home I walked for 14km around town, just for fun. I felt great after my hiking trip, courtesy of keto for sure. Today’s hunger…well who knows where that came from. I intend to weigh in at work on Saturday morning as I start work at 7am so will be fasted.I don’t want to step on the scales until then as this will be the longest stretch of eating totally to appetite without the knowledge of what the scales are doing. I think if I weigh in tomorrow evening at work with 2x meals etc in my belly and see a higher number than I expect, it will influence my next few days intake if that makes sense? I just want to test out if I am hearing my body’s signals clearly. So Saturday it is.

That’s cool that your satiety is kicking on in now, much feel pretty good? Appetite is such an interesting thing.
Oh no, a break up with cheese. It’s great you could work out the problem though. Hopefully the goat/sheep options collaroygal suggests will work better for you.

Awesome NSV Ruina! I understand what you say when you are struggling. Losing weight is hard, but feels like a clear cut goal, maintaining is just tricky. Particularly if you have yo’ed yo’ed before as most of us have. There is the worry that things will get away from us and that we can’t listen to our bodies as we have been fooled before etc etc. So hard to find the middle ground where we are happy and content , relaxed and not constantly in a guilt cycle. Well done on finding the real you again and not that stranger that made an appearance for awhile.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I’m looking forward to eating to appetite without checking the scale. That is a great place to be.

(Jane) #12

146.6 so under my scream weight of 150. This is my third scream weight setpoint LOL. First it was 160, then 155 and now 150.

I am eating the same things and amounts I did at 157 - just lowered my setpoint by fasting for autophagy to reduce the loose skin.

(Trudy) #13

Hi all, WAS 62.5kg, 0.5kg under goal weight late June prior to embarking on my European vacation…my August weigh in may be a different story. Thank you all for this forum!

(Jules ) #14

Ha! So my self control re:staying off scales lasted all of 45minutes of being at work. Just having an afternoon tea break. Even though its the middle of the day and have eaten etc, am down a further 1kg (2.2lb)since last week. Imagine when I do weigh in on Saturday morning, the loss will be more.
Ate a wholllle bunch yesterday too as well as over the weekend. Oh well. Getting well below my goal now. Will just KCKO, am sure I will eventually find the sweet spot to maintain.

6 months in
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A little late but finally arrived :slight_smile: