June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Tamela Robinette) #161

Ok I’ve had my 2 meals today and have started a new fast. Will attempt to make it 42 hours. I really struggle with that 2nd meal, I’m just so full already. Hope everyone is cruising through their fasts!!

(Eric - Less is more!) #162

Okay decided to break at 45hrs. See the post I linked to.

Got a little adrenaline rush after getting two good news in less than an hour. And boom my hunger was back.

I’m gladly breaking my fast for celebrating with my ladies tonight.

BG 71 (YEA)
BHB 1.6
GKI 2.5
Boz 44

Pretty happy with those numbers especially the BG level of 71 mg/dL.

I’ll be skipping next week as I’m on holiday. Of course I will do some IF 18/6 days but with tons of relatives around we will likely be having social breakfasts.

Want to Avoid Refeed Gains
(Paul H) #163

Well I have some work to do… Broke fast at 47 hours.

BG 107…kinda high
BK .9
GKI 6.6

Dang was hoping for better just drinking water n black coffee. But I went 47 hours!

(Eric - Less is more!) #164

How long have you been keto and how long have you been fat adapted? How long have you been doing fasts >24 hrs?

Do you have a history of high (>100) bg fasting or in the morning? I have had the dawn effect and my BG used to be 120 to 130 in the morning but during the day when eating very low carb has been 95 or so. I’ve been strict keto for 11+ months and fat adapted maybe 7 months. Even that, it has taken me most of the last 11 months to get my BG down. That is because I’m insulin resistant. I started doing IF 18/6 and time restricted feeding since October and it took extended fasting once a week since January to break through my insulin resistance. Today 45 hrs fasted and my BG was 71 mg/dL. It is possible but it takes time. Be patient.

(Paul H) #165

I have been doing Keto for 4 months with my only focus on BG as I am T2D went from 9.5 to 6.9. Just starting to think about weight loss and have only really done OMAD with this fast just something that was easy and I rolled with it. I do not know much about my BG fasting it definitely goes down throughout the day and I am happy if it goes below 100. For my second day I was surprised it rose to 144 at lunch. I really don’t know how fat adapted I am… I felt great during this whole fast… really good. Is it just a sign I am not fat adapted or fatty liver or I dunno? This was the first Mojo Ketone test strip I used as I just opened the package… I will be trying this again after a couple days from my understanding… Very happy how I felt…

(Carol) #166

June Fasters are amazing this month. Every post seems so positive and I’m drinking it up since I can’t join in for a bit.

I decided to put a positive spin on these non-fasting days by thinking I’m shaking my metabolism up. I can’t remember the last time I ate every day for 10 days straight. lol I can’t wait to feel that nice, light feeling one gets with fasting. Next week!

(Jane) #167

A little over 24 hours in and no hunger. I’ll be headed to bed soon for my 8 hours of “free” fasting :wink:

BG: 80
BK: 3.0
GKI: 1.48
Boz: 27


This isn’t a bad thing at all… It helps even more with changing things up, and it’s actually good to throw in a couple weeks of just eating sometimes and simply enjoy those meals. :slight_smile: I know I do so.

Also I’m at 52 hrs. presently, and heading to bed here shortly, once these last two Mini-Cheese Cakes get finish cooking and then cool. Actually 10pm now, and usually just getting in bed, but running a little late tonight. Made one full sized & the Wife has been waiting for me to make her Mini’s. One was just plain Chocolate the other has Orange Flavoring.

(Jane) #169

My plan this week is to fast 70 hours and break Thu night at dinner. From my ratios I should be in a decent autophagic (is that a word?) state after 24 hours so that will give me around 46 hours of autophagy this week.

(Jane) #170

Love the new AV!!!

(Carol) #171

Yes, I think this is the best plan at the moment. So whether it’s OMAD or TMAD, I’ve given up to relaxing and enjoying. :slight_smile:


Thanks… It’s just an image I did back in 2014. Actually I did it just to use it for an AV for another site and thought to change things up tonight. :slight_smile: It’s called ‘Horns’, and I’ll post the full image on my thread, so as to not stomp all over our Fasting thread with these fine Folks. :wink:

:+1: … Correct indeed. :slight_smile: You can always kick back into Fasting whenever you’re ready. But I also look forward to taking those breaks and just enjoying the Feasting for a while too. :slight_smile:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #173

calling it quits after 41h. stupid headaches really… but I will have a bit of an extrem end of the week so that’s okay.
2 days festival Music followed by a day of pride parades and whatnot. I will be dead by sunday XD Looking forward to TMAD because it makes my life easier and cheaper…

(Eric - Less is more!) #174

I’ll allow it (LOL) but I’m not the grammer police. You number are amazing.

(Eric - Less is more!) #175



It is very likely that you have significant insulin resistance (IR) given your A1c.

IR people respond to food, the sight of food, smells very differently than people that are not metabolically deranged. There are studies that show this.

For example, artificial sweeteners can stimulate an insulin response. Then your body may produce more blood glucose to avoid the big swings. A vicious cycle.

Staying strict keto, doing fasting and losing weight should all have a positive impact on your IR. But it takes a lot of time. Ignore the people that have fantastic fast recovery from such derangements. You are on your own journey. It may have taken years to get here. It may take some significant time to straighten out your situation.

You might want to get some baseline BG readings. Ketones may not matter so much yet as long as you are in ketosis.

Measure your BG within 15 minutes of waking up. This to see how much you have the dawn effect.

Take your BG before a keto meal and then post meal (last bite) 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes.

Maybe some specific time of day. Noon or so.

Then when you do extended fasting end of each day. Like 6 pm.

Don’t go to crazy with readings, unless the monitoring is fun for you. But get a baseline and then redo this again maybe in 6 or 8 weeks.

Above all, be patient, keep calm and keto on.


Just getting in to work, and just passing 61 hrs. … Hope everyone is getting along as well. :slight_smile:

FYI - I usually just keep my Fasting app set time to 120 hrs., being it’s my self imposed limit. But it’s not the time I shoot for each Fast, I just don’t change it for each one.

(Tamela Robinette) #177

I’m a little over 16 hours, shooting for 42 hours, my 2nd fast of the week after simply doing OMAD for several weeks. I hope this fast is as easy as the one I did earlier this week. I’m really sore from my workout on Monday so not sure if I will workout today. Feeling a little guilty about that because I won’t be able to Friday, going out of town and Monday through Thursday of next week, hubby and I are going camping. When we camp I take 15 pound dumbells and do bodyweight exercises but it just doesn’t feel as good as a true gym sweatfest. I know it’s good to let my body rest though so I should let go of the guilt. Happy fasting all! Have a great day!

(Paul H) #178

Thanks Eric!

I do check my BG regularly( 4/5 strips daily) and have been for months. My IR is significant and I think you’re correct in that just because my A1c dropped significantly does not mean my IR has improved much yet. My first day woke up below 100 and ended below 100. What confused me is second day it rose to 144 without eating a thing and did only get to 107 before I ended the fast…but worse than the first day. Didn’t cheat at all… I was expecting at least similar numbers. Although I did give myself a few units less of insulin that morning as precautionary of being to low and being new to my Fasting data. So I guess that’s probably the reason. So little really had an affect. Dang and I was hoping to get off the insulin soon to help with my new weight loss goal… That and IR and A1c are 2 different markers. Thank you very much Eric! I have learned a lot with this first Fast and your responses.

(John) #179



(Eric - Less is more!) #180

I see what you did there or their. LOL.