June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Eric - Less is more!) #141

23.5 hrs
BG 78
BHB 1.4
GKI 3.1
Boz 56

Pretty typical for my end of first day. Hoping for Boz <=40 at 48 hrs.

My blood pressure is slowing coming down. Hope to start reducing meds soon.

Happy fasting all.

(Tamela Robinette) #142

Oh yikes. That sounds awful! Been there done that! Take good care of her Dave.


Thanks and will do. :+1:

(Paul H) #144

Going on 26 hours…Working late helps keep the mind busy… just hoping to get to bed and fend off the people saying you need to eat…lol I swear some people think we need to eat like shrews…

(Jane) #145

Joining you fasting guys this week. Just got started so 0 hours for me. Got a late start because my flight was delayed into O’Hare due to high winds so ate dinner later than usual.

We had high winds this morning at the house in Arkansas so must have been a large wind storm. Bringing cooler temps this week - wish I was off and home to take advantage of it.


(Eric - Less is more!) #146

34 hrs fasted. Sleep the entire night. Yea!

BG 91
BHB 1.2
GKI 4.2
Boz 76

I suffer dawn affect so the BG og 91 is actually good. This afternoon my GKI and Boz ratios will be much better. I’m going to try to experience the day with little stress.

Off to the gym. Today is just keep moving day at the gym. So some walking, bike or rowing. Not resistance today.

Happy fasting all.

(Tamela Robinette) #147

About to hit 37 hours! I slept fairly decent for a fasting night. I usually lay wide awake completely wired! The scale shows a 3 pound loss in 36 hours, which I know a lot of it is water weight from my carb creep over the weekend. I bought a new bio impedance scale, the Renpho, and the data is fascinating. Fun fact, you know how the say goes you lose a half a pound of fat during one day of fasting? Well the scale does indeed say I lost a half a pound of visceral fat! I know these things can be highly inaccurate but the trends I’ve seen on the charts make me feel fairly positive I did lose some visceral fat. Happy dance. Getting ready to head to the gym. Hope V is feeling better this morning Dave!


Actually just at 37.5 hrs. presently and back at work today. Made dinner for V last night and my Son just heated up his stuff he didn’t finish the night before. Also have to make 2 Cheese Cakes tonight for an order the store near me placed for Father’s Day, so will be doing those, along with making V three of the Mini-Chocolate Cheese Cakes. She wants me to make 3 different types, a Strawberry Chocolate, a Orange Chocolate and a plain Chocolate. These are the small 4" Mini’s I make. She can then freeze a couple and eat them when she wants. (She only eat very small pieces because they are so rich) :slight_smile:

Thanks, she’s quite sore this morning, but should be ok in a few days or hopefully by the weekend. Said she’s now feeling it all over, like her shoulders, etc. She slept most of the day yesterday afterwards which was good. So I’m hoping she takes it easy today as well, and just do some of her Crocheting. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #149

Just getting started - less than 10 hours in. BK a bit low this morning to start but ate Indian food out yesterday so no control over the carbs in the sauces. No biggie - EF’ing until Thursday evening.

BG: 90
BK: 0.4
GKI: 12.5
Boz: 225

Happy fasting!

(Tamela Robinette) #150

I just broke at 39.5 because I have a lot going on today and will be on the road and won’t have access to decent keto home cooked food. It’s funny how after going keto you get where you don’t want to eat out. I used to live on fast food. Will have 2 meals today and attempt another 36-42 hour fast. This one was amazingly easy!

(Eric - Less is more!) #151


I was going to break tomorrow at 60+ hrs but might break fast tonight because we just got exciting news on two fronts and we want to celebrate. I know, celebrating around food is bad. I don’t care today.

Our oldest got a full on interview as a digital librarian at a community college and they seem generally excited to be interviewing her. She just got her masters in library info science in December.

Also got some good financial news.

My adrenaline is up a little. I assume so is my BG. All good however.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #152

checking in at 28h.
feeling good.

bg at 24h mark

BG 78
BK 1.6
GKI 2.6

Really happy with those numbers. the trend is amazing.
investing in mojo and heads up, for me personally best decision ever.

(Eric - Less is more!) #153

For 24 hrs in these seem pretty good.

(Tamela Robinette) #154

That’s great news about your daughter Eric and any good financial news is a blessing so yaaaay!!! Celebrate around food, it’s all good!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #155

Last time they were 90 and 0.9 I really like the downward trend… :star_struck:

(Paul H) #156

So last night and this morning bs 97/98. First break 124… now 144. I usually have a late dawn but, it’s higher than usual and certainly for hour 40 of just water… feeling great though… longest fast yet for me…

(Jane) #157

15 hours in and tummy rumbling a bit since it is lunch time. No food smells since I am working from my hotel room this morning so easy to ignore.

BG: 82
BK: 1.4
GKI: 3.25
Boz: 59

Much better numbers than my starting point. Happy fasting!


I was up a bit on the scale yesterday morning for a net gain after my last fast. Overall, still a downward trend though. I try to focus on that. But I find these occasional net gains so demoralizing. It’s not that I just lost a tiny bit, but that all the effort of a fast was for nothing. It’s a struggle sometimes.

I’m down this morning though and I’m going along at close to 40 hours. I’m feeling a bit hungry, which is unusual for me, but it’s definitely something I can ignore and keep going. Planning on going until lunch time tomorrow. Then eating Wednesday and Thursday. I have a big dinner out on Thursday to a really nice restaurant and I may go off plan (haven’t decided). I’m planning on getting right back in the game with another fast on Friday and Saturday.

(Susan) #159

i read there is something like 10 lbs of waste in your digestive system at one time and fasting empties that out so you regain it right after eating. Perhaps this is an old wives tale?


Not really… I believe I’ve actually read where it can be anywhere from 5 lbs. to 20 lbs., depending on your Age, Weight, Height, etc. … But it’s usually more than most would expect in any case. … So yes, I also remind folks that when you re-feed after a Fast, that you have to keep in account along with fluid weight, you will also have to figure on some meal weight returning as well. But this is normal as to re-filling the tank so to speak, and one shouldn’t get too hung up on the numbers since the type of meals being consumed can play a big role in this. (i.e., heavier meals, higher impact on weight regain) But I would never suggest that someone go lighter on purpose, to keep said numbers lower either. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear everyone is rolling along nicely! … Coming up on 44.5 hrs. here myself & feeling fine. :+1: