June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Tamela Robinette) #181

Struggling already today…super HANGRY :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

(Mame) #182

I have major jet-lag so I may not make sense but my understanding that while healing IR/T2D your BG numbers can rise while fasting. They are rising in response to what your body is consuming for fuel, even though you are not eating, your body is still using fat and liver stores for fuel… or they are rising in response to stress/cortisol.

Although it seems weird from what I have heard it is nothing to worry about, you are only 4 months in yes?

(Paul H) #183

Correct I am an infant in the Keto/Fasting world. Sometimes like today I feel like mommy just confirmed pregnancy… :exploding_head:

(Jane) #184

I had my BG rise a lot during a fast once - it was on day 3 of water/black coffee only.

My BG had dropped into the 50’s and then before I went to bed it had jumped up into the high 70’s on water only. The explanation I got was my body decided I needed glucose and my liver made some from my fat stores.

You are still healing from IR and diabetes so your body may have made a lot more glucose due to IR. Like @daddyoh said - hopefully will get better in time.

(Eric - Less is more!) #185

You should try to find a keto friendly doctor so that weaning you off insulin is done safely.

I have no advice for you on that front. Just be safe.

(Paul H) #186

Thank you both @Janie , @daddyoh … I will have to drive a couple hours to a Keto Dr and might if my Dr does not budge at my next appt.

(Graci) #187

Well I started fasting at 4 pm yesterday…my first EF on Keto, my tummy is rumbling which I expect is just from timing as I usually have my first meal around this time. I am a little concerned as I now believe something definitely brought me out of Ketosis recently (I did have about 6 oz of sugar free flavored water provided by a hotel a few days ago and ever since then have had a return of the most unpleasant symptoms I experienced when I first started Keto 3-4 mo ago…headaches, some nausea, and the very worst nightmares have returned - never trusting “sugar free” again that I haven’t prepared myself from whole foods). I am going to keep on with the fast even if it’s more bumpy to start in hopes I will recover faster, super annoyed that I was kicked out at all, but even more-so knowing it wasn’t an intentional cheat or something enjoyable…bs!

(Jane) #188

38 hours in and no hunger at all today. Last week I had low-level hunger almost my entire fast but not uncomfortable. The body is complicated!

I plan on fasting next week when I am back in Ft Worth but cutting it a day shorter than last week. I really don’t like traveling fasted - not busy enough so not as comfortable, especially on Day 1 so I will start Monday evening after dinner.

This will be the first time I’ve ever fasted 3 weeks in a row. Just worked out that way with my job travels. After 3 weeks I will take a week off (from fasting and literally - be at home) and enjoy my July 4th holiday week sous vide and smoking some yummy meats and cooking my garden veggies keto-style.


Great work everyone!

Yesterday, I had an easy quick trip to the grocery store in the middle of my fast. I was out of coffee, so I really needed to go and I grabbed a couple other things while I was there. I never would have thought a couple months ago that I could go to the grocery store and not flip out if I hadn’t eating in more than 40 hours!

I’m at about 62 hours. I was planning on breaking at lunch, but I have some unpredictable stuff going on until about 1pm. Then I have to leave for an appointment and won’t be back until late afternoon. Right now, I’m totally fine and I’m sitting here thinking about just going until dinner or tomorrow. But I’m guessing that by dinner I’ll be super hungry and won’t want to go until tomorrow. Or I’ll get hungry just before it’s time to leave. :roll_eyes:

In other words: I have no idea what I’m going to do today as far as eating goes.

(Paul H) #190

That’s awesome! From my first experience breaking last night. I will only do it without anything needing my attention shortly afterwards… I kinda had a couple whooshes disrupt my first hour or so afterwards. Provided I am feeling ok.


@Sharon_E … How you fairing, Sharon? Haven’t seen ya on, so just wanted to check in on ya. :slight_smile: Hope all is well after breaking?

(Mame) #193

Well, I think I can get a 24h (or more) fast in this week. This thread and my weight-lifting on Friday are great motivation. Hard to plan though with my fuzz-head, but I guess I will start sometime this evening and go until at least Friday noon…

wow I am so definite (not) :roll_eyes:

(Jane) #194

I never feel all that great the first couple of hours after I break an EF. I enjoy the empty feeling and all of a sudden it’s like UGH - heavy, sluggish, blah feeling after I eat. Doesn’t last but that first meal can be touchy.


I ate 45 mini Snickers to break my fast and died. :rofl:

I’m ok, just been binge watching a show. I have to switch up obsessions every now and then, lol.


Well, you only died because you didn’t follow the CICO (Candy In, Candy Out) Rules! … You must immediately run, at top speed mind you, for 0.62 miles for each Mini-Snickers consumed! :crazy_face:


I also broke my Fast tonight at 71.5 hrs. Came home and the wife had made some stuff since I needed the oven tonight, so I decided to join them. But it was a nice Fast indeed. :+1:

(Mame) #198

Ok, I just ate some steak and my head is not quite so foggy now.

I think I can start my fast tonight – so at 1+ hour. I am a bit hesitant to plan as I feel so odd from traveling, but I am pretty sure 40h is doable.

Who knows maybe the oddness will make it easier.

(Becky) #199

Thanks for the info, Brenda. I have been off-track for some time now on both keto and fasting, carb addiction is real!

I came to the forum to read up on both to try to get myself back on a healthy track. I am all set up with 2 1/2 gallons of ketoaide and several bottles of water in the fridge and small containers of salt in my purse, car and desk.

I will add your refeed advice to my fasting! Thanks!

(Jane) #200

48 hours in and a bit hungry but going to bed soon and shouldn’t be hungry when I wake up. Just have to make it through tomorrow at work - lots of meetings so will be busy then drive into downtown Chicago for the night and to break my fast at around 70 hours.

Noon numbers:
BG: 70
BK: 3.5
GKI: 1.1
Boz: 20

Bedtime numbers:
BG: 71
BK: 4.1
GKI: 0.96
Boz: 17


(Mame) #201

great numbers @Janie

This. I am always amazed that no matter how ‘hungry’ I am in the evening I wake up and poof it’s gone. It is just all in my head. Or it’s a cycle. Or my body starts burning all this flipping fat I still have. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am at barely 12hours fasted, after ribeye + dinner, but my numbers were nice this morning, literally at dawn.
BG=86; BK=1.5; GKI=3.18

I would have thought I would still be showing all the effects from eating crap and drinking wine on the flight but I guess I AM getting better and better metabolic health that lets me bounce back from a one-off fairly well.

I think it’s Thursday. :thinking:… Happy fasting Thursday all!