June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Susan) #121

51 hours and feeling great. I checked my ketones on my keto mojo and they were only 0.5 That surprises me, I thought they should be higher. I would like to last till Sunday afternoon, I will see how it goes.


As I thought yesterday morning, I broke yesterday at dinner, even though I was originally hoping to go to lunch time today. Total was about 48 hours. I’d gone into my fast not with two full eating days, but with an OMAD and then one full day. Despite having lots of body fat stores to use (and I’m sure being fully fat adapted), I just don’t think that sustains me through two or more days of fasting. I should probably think of an OMAD day as a fasting day, but I think of it as an eating day even if the one meal is at the end of a 72-hour fast.

Still, progress is progress: With the re-gain this morning, I’m down another .6 lb.

Now I’m headed into a couple of eating days and I think I’ll fast again on Monday and Tuesday. Happy fasting everyone!

(Eric - Less is more!) #123

Starting a 48 hr fast. Got some social obligations in the middle of the week. Next week will be no EF week.

I hope everyone has a great week.


Actually just starting a Fast now myself, so just about 2 hours in. But thinking I would really like to run this one, since I’ve been doing more smaller ones lately. But again, no set time presently.

Happy Fasting Folks. :+1:

(Susan) #125

Broke my fast at 91 hours. Feeling great but have to work tonight and dont want to eat junk at work, So I ended it.
I spent a lot of tim reading food porn on triligy and part deux that I never finished. It was a pleasant experience over all.

(Carol) #126

Hello Fasters, I was many days behind in reading this thread but it’s nice to read everyone is doing so well! I am missing fasting at the moment and will share a cautionary tale.

Be careful what you wish for. After losing a nice bit of weight last month, I was thankful I’d found keto and thanking the keto worker bees for getting rid of the inflammation in my foot. I happened to mention to the worker/repair bees if they’d like to get rid of the bags under my eyes I’ve had for years, I’d be grateful for that too. Wham! A week later and I have a severe sinus infection. Antibiotics and nasal wash for 10 days. I’m not sure antibiotics and fasting would mix well. On the up side, the bags have all but disappeared and if they stay gone, I will be very pleased and thankful.

Fast on - I hope to join you later in the month. :slight_smile:


Well, just passing 12.5 hrs. presently, but probably had the worst night’s sleep, in maybe… years?

Nothing wrong really, just couldn’t sleep more than maybe 10 minutes at a time, very restless, etc.? I did fall asleep yesterday afternoon around 2pm, for about 90 minutes, which is rare for me. But I don’t think this would have caused this? … And it didn’t get much better when I got up at 5am to get ready for work this morning. Got dressed, took all the Pups out, drank a Keto-Aide, and left out at 6am… But not five minutes after leaving the house, got a call from the Wife who said she had just taken a bad fall. - So I turned around and came back home, and told my Son to just take the vehicle and head to work, that I would stay home with her for the day.

She’s a little banged up, but not too bad thankfully. She banged up and scraped both her elbows and has a nice bruise and bump forming on her right leg, a little higher up along her Thigh. But with her history of blood clots and medical issues, etc., we will be keeping an eye on it all. :neutral_face:

(Tamela Robinette) #128

Oh no Dave! I hope she is ok. That is scary stuff!

(Liz ) #129

Great tip, thank you!

(Liz ) #130

So sorry to hear this! Sending good wishes


Thank you, Ladies. :slight_smile: … Yeah, she’s doing ok. Bit banged up & might get a little sore, but overall ok.


(Susan) #132

Speedy recovery Virginia

(Tamela Robinette) #133

Anyone else see Thomas Delauer’s video on ACV and fasting? I’m not sure when he uploaded it but I was impressed! I know a lot of folks here aren’t a fan of his but he had me at “additional fat burning.” I’ve only used it in the morning before my 1st cup of coffee, but I fully intend to start having it throughout the day, in my water, while fasting. I’ve seriously fell of the fasting wagon lately and have mainly been doing the OMAD during the week and 2MAD on weekends. I’ve also seen some carb creep and a slight weight gain that I want to get under control so today I’m not eating. Some of my weight gain is muscle because I’ve really been making some gains in strength in the gym but my brain freaks a little at any weight gain. Anyone else struggle with this? https://youtu.be/9h57yom5io4
Anyway, here the the link to the video on the ACV. Happy fasting!

(Brennan) #134

I hope your wife heals quickly with no complications!

On the sleep matter, I always find a magnesium supplement helps me nod off when I’m restless.

(Eric - Less is more!) #135

Virginia, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Dave, good thing you were not too far away and was able to help Virginia.

Darn, life can get in the way some days.

(Jane) #136

Speedy recovery, Virginia! Glad you didn’t break anything.


Thanks everyone, much appreciate the kind words. … She’s doing ok, presently sleeping. Bit banged up, and has a whelp on her leg and two bruised elbows, but should be ok in a couple days. :slight_smile: She was more worried she’d busted open the area on her elbow where her stitches were recently removed from the recent surgery for the cyst, but she didn’t so that was good. … Thanks again.

Also presently at 22 hrs. and feeling fine. :+1: Now if these rains would only stop so I can get in the garden! There’s loads that need picking, but can’t do much with it being a mud pit presently.

(Eric - Less is more!) #138

I’m at 23 hours and going strong. I’m taking this one 12 hours at a time. Sleep buffers 7 to 8 hrs for me and that is good.

(Tamela Robinette) #139

We are at the same point in our fast, about to hit 23 hours. I’m glad V is ok but do we know why she fell? I remember you saying something about some abdominal pain a few weeks back and I think I remember you saying she has fell before. Very dangerous stuff, she could of hit her head and knocked herself out or something. I hope y’all get it figured out and glad it wasn’t worse. No chance of hypoglycemia? Pots? Blood pressure bottoming out? Never the less, sending healing vibes her way.
This fast has been easy so far (knock on wood.) I’ve had 2 glasses of water with acv, I had 1 cup of regular coffee and 2 cups of decaf. I have been attempting again to wean myself off of caffeine. Finally had a decent night’s sleep last night. I’m going to contribute that to less caffeine. I may have some broth soon just to help me push through as it has been awhile since I fasted. Probably will break in the morning after my workout. How is everyone else doing?


Thanks, and yeah, I’m glad it wasn’t one of those episode where she blacks out too. Hasn’t happened in a while either, which I’m hoping it never does again. … This time she was actually carrying a bundle of clothes she had just gathered up to wash and as she went to walk through the bedroom doorway to the hallway, one of her tables (a smaller fold up) may have slid down some where it was leaning. But her slipper actually got caught on it somehow, throwing her forward, where she landed partially on the table in the hallway between the two back bedrooms doorways. So though she got busted up some, it could have been worse. She has two large fold up table she uses for doing crocheting, but this was the small metal on, with the metal legs and frame. :neutral_face: But she slept most of the day, and is just sore at this point. :slight_smile: