June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Thanks, and I sure do. Kept that headache until around 9pm last night, but woke feeling a little better. At least I can breathe a bit better and sinus pressure seems to have lessened. Figured to give it another day and see how tomorrow feels/goes. Wouldn’t mind jumping back into a Fast for a few more days this week. But I really hate Fasting on weekends, since it’s usually a better time for eating nice meals, but I don’t have that in stone either. :slight_smile: :+1: … Thanks again.

Unfortunately I’ve never experienced this or read about it, and also don’t Fast past 5 days. (Not sure if that’s part of it?) So hopefully someone can provide some input, that’s maybe experienced this as well?


Thanks for replying. It hurts just a little less now than earlier. Really hoping it’s just a weird muscle cramp. Not giving up on the fast just yet; I’d like to go a few more days before I refeed. I never want to see the 180’s again!

(Jane) #43

I’ve never experienced it but I have seen several threads on it in the fasting category. Search “lower back pain” in the #Fasting category and you will see them.

I don’t think anyone ever figured out the cause - just that breaking their fast made it go away.


I searched for “fasting kidney” but the results weren’t very helpful. I’ll try your suggestion.

(Jane) #45

40 hours in and feeling pretty good. Did a 2.25 mile walk at work in the Fort Worth summer heat (ugh!) at lunch.

BG: 70
BK: 4.2
GKI: 0.93 (yay!)
Boz: 17

My goal is autophagy so I feel good about my numbers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Halfway through my fast for this week.

(Eric - Less is more!) #46

Jane you are really rocking the GKI aka Boz.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #47

Checking in at 25h.
Feeling good. I need to stay on a budget for the next year and decided to add a buck for every meal skipped to my tattoo fund… Let’s see how that keeps me motivated :thinking::thinking::thinking:


So my back pain is gone. I’m so relieved that it’s not going to derail my fast. I think it must have just been a muscle cramp.

Is it weird that I look forward to going to bed just so I can wake up in the morning and weigh myself? :rofl:


unexpectedly fasting today - hadn’t planned on it, but today’s work and schedule and all means I’ve arrived at what would normally be the end of my eating window and I haven’t eaten today. so 24 hours fasted.

I’m new enough to keto (7 weeks or so) that when I read posts on the forums by others which said it wasn’t a bid deal to sometimes miss a meal I laughed. I just couldn’t imagine it.

Yeah, so here I am, just now hungry. And it’s not a huge hunger. So, unless it disrupts my sleep horribly, I’m just going to wait until tomorrow to eat. Keto has really been an eye-opening change in my relationship with food.

(Eric - Less is more!) #50

Me too.

(Eric - Less is more!) #51

48hr and just sat with my ladies while then ate steak with tons of garlic butter on it. It is weird and wonderful that I can do that.

Day 2 tends to be just slightly better than day 1. I’m looking forward to watching some tv and then sleeping so that I can get to the gym and then my surgery.

BG 75 mg/dL
BHB 1.8 mmol/dL
GKI 2.3
Boz 42

Almost to the goal of Boz <40

This is my best 48hr blood levels. It will be interesting how my minor surgery will affect my BG and BHB levels. Hoping to go to at least 66 hrs.

Happy fasting all.

(Paul H) #52

Well as far as Fasting goals are concerned I want to do at least a 72 hour fast…Get past the 48 hunger threshold. I would like to get a regular schedule for a long fast and IR or omad. My work schedule varies from week to week and working 12 hour days I think is to my benefit. I think I am in a good position to focus on weight loss more and would like to lose 20 lbs in 9 weeks.

(Jane) #53

Isn’t it amazing??? I couldn’t even make it between meals w/o snacking and suddenly I was forgetting to eat???


But it happened. And wasn’t a fluke. And it is wonderful to not be a slave to cravings and hunger anymore.


I know you might just be saying this in a general, or in a manner of speaking… but if you don’t mind a little advice, I would highly suggest not doing anything as to being on a schedule per se. I only say this since the body can and will adjust to any set schedule, and (I personally) find that keeping things mixed up (i.e., keeping the body guessing) is extremely important. So basically, if you Fast for 72 hrs., maybe try putting some in the 40’s, maybe even the 30’s, and so on. As long as you keep changing it up, not letting the body get used to any set schedule, it seems to really help. I do this with everything… Meals, Meal times, Fasting, etc. I can honestly say I’ve found this to quite helpful and appears to give me the best results overall. :slight_smile: :+1:

(Paul H) #55

Right on… I have mentioned this before as well and you are absolutely right. More of a plan would be better verbiage. I have talked about this very thing of mixing it up long before I did Keto… I agree 100% on this. I think my varied work schedule will help with this as well. I guess my concern is after a fast how long of a break until the next? Wether it be IR, OMAD or extended?


I can only tell you what I personally do, and this is from reading loads of information on it, at least the first 6 months after switching over. - I put at least two feasting days between my Fast, with both days being TMAD, so basically I eat a minimum of 4 meals before starting another Fast. This doesn’t matter if I did a 2 day, 3 day or 5 day, or what I plan to do next? I just use this as a minimum once I break a Fast. … But this too I mix up, sometimes going back to OMAD after those two feasting days for a week or so, and then going back to throwing 1 to 2 Fast in a week. - At one time, I actually started wanting to Fast Monday thru Friday and just eat on Weekends, but this would be way too scheduled, so I decided against it. … And I do indeed love eating a nice meal, which I start missing mostly over anything else.

Fasting slowed down a bit following the Emergency Surgery I had to have back in January, since I had 3 Hernia’s repaired in my abdominal area, (all around the belly-button area) but I’m now getting back to Fasting much more again, plus I do plan to start working out too. Just will do so easing back into it, as to not do anything stupid, causing me any more issues. :slight_smile: … But I believe there are other folks here that indeed agree with me on the 2 day/4 meal thing. - Actually, if she doesn’t mind stopping in, I think @Brenda could provide you with more information as to why making sure to feast for 2 days is so important and why they use this method as well. :slight_smile: It’s what I’ve been doing since I started Fasting.

(Jane) #57

47 hours in and headed to bed soon for 8 hours of “free” fasting :laughing:

I’m loving the empty feeling - takes me almost 2 days to get there and I enjoy it when it does.

I’ve only experienced that burst of energy/euphoric feeling once and it was on day 3 or 4 and it was amazing. Wish I could get that back again!

But my old lady bat wings are shrinking so I am happy with my fasting results.

BG: 63
BK: 3.9
GKI: 0.9 :smiley:
Boz: 16

(Paul H) #58

Awesome response Dave!! I hear ya…Back to the mixing it up but, 4 meals between sounds real. Gotta get the micros and macro balanced again. I am wondering if I can do it in less than 2 days though. I don’t want to starve myself…even though people fast for weeks. My 2 thoughts and I know I have read otherwise are still metabolism and headaches or reactions… The typical be aggressive but, don’t overdue it… The only way to know how I respond is try I reckon but, I like to be smart about it… Thank you!

(Eric - Less is more!) #59

58 hours in and still a little itchy but not too bad.

Measured my girth circumference yesterday and it was 42 inches. 3 weeks after I started it was 51.5 so nearly 10 inches lost around the belly in less than a year.

As @Janie says I love fasting while I sleep. I do find my sleep is much shorter when fasting but I’ll take that to lose weight and gain autophagy benefits from fasting.

(Mame) #60

Greetings June fasters! Wow you all are doing great. I am still on holiday and eating meat and veg but who knows what may or may not be with it… a lot of indonesian and surinamese food…I love curry, avoiding rice… oh and I am eating an indecent amount of cheese but I have been doing my overnight breaks, and omad or 2mad.

This morning I got my monitor out 16 hour post food and had BG=78, BK=1.3 (gki=3.33) so I am pleased especially as I have no idea what was in any of the sauces/curries last night and had a couple of bits of fried bananna!

All in all I feel like I am getting a nice big break/change and my body has no idea what will come next. :smile: And stress is less which is awesome!

Cheering you all on! I may get a good 24h in on Friday as fasting is so great for travel.