June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Cruising along at almost 40 hours, planning to go until this time tomorrow or maybe until dinnertime tomorrow. Yesterday was an easier day than I’ve had in a while. Also, I think it helped that I was really distracted by a project I was working on in the evening instead of watching TV and thinking about how much I want to eat like usual.

Then I got on the scale this morning and it said I’d lost .2 lbs. Stupid scale. It doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Maybe it’s trying to make up for no re-gain after my last fast? Anyway, we’ll see what it wants to think up tomorrow.

(Eric - Less is more!) #22

Today my hands started to get cold at 19 hrs fasted. I’ve been cold before but not this early. I routinely fast 17 to 18 hours most feeding days. Not sure what is up but I do associate significant water weight loss with feeling cold. I am hydrated and been sucking on some salt.

(Jane) #23

Coming up on 17 hours so just getting started. Been unusually hungry today but so far ignoring it.

Was going to go to dinner Thu night but taking a friend out to lunch on Thu (she couldn’t make it on Fri) so going to break a few hours earlier than I had planned. Our friendship is worth more to me than an extra 6 hours of fasting on a 86-hr fast.

BG: 77
BK: 1.9
GKI: 2.25
Boz: 40.53

(Eric - Less is more!) #24



Well, I actually started having some sinus issues earlier today that just progressed as the day went on. I could feel pressure building throughout my sinus cavities, then my neck started getting sore. And lastly my ears started clogging. They also kept popping each time I went up/down hills on my hour ride home. Lastly I’ve had a headache for the past few hours, not bad, just aggravating. So I decided to take some Advil and eat something when I got home, hoping it helps. … So I broke at just over 30 hrs. but I really hate having headaches. I actually don’t get them much anymore thankfully, but usually they are sinus related when I do. So will see how the next couple days go and get back at it.

(Eric - Less is more!) #26

23.5 hrs in and feeling good

BG 75 mg/dL
BHB 1.2 mmol/dL
GKI 3.5
Boz 62.5

I see better number on the 2nd and 3rd day. But BG of 75 mg/dL is a good place for me. My insulin resistance is reducing and that is echoed by my BP now being mostly below 110/68 with occasional 123/72 or so. Soon I will ask my cardiologist to reduce or remove one of the meds.

Happy fasting all. On to Tuesday morning for me.

(Eric - Less is more!) #27


I use most nights a generic version of the breath-rite strips which helps me stay more congestion free. I don’t like the breath-rite as they irritate my nose bridge.

Not sure if this can help if you get frequent sinus problems but it helps me.


Seasonally yeah sometimes, but this just kind-of came on just this morning? I have been spending loads of time out in the garden, so could be all the vegetation I’ve been working with. Headache is almost gone but I was wondering if it was a head-cold coming on too? … Feeling a little better, but yeah, I’ve used the strips as well, but it’s been a while since I’ve needed any. If I’m like this tomorrow, I may indeed pick some up though. If not, I may just use today’s meal as an extended OMAD+ and just start Fasting again. Going to play it by ear and see how tomorrow feels. If not, I have some stuff at work to make a meal. :+1:

(Paul H) #29

Ok so I have been on keto for 3+ months and done some omad and 24 hours fasting with no problems. I have not focused on weight loss at all… lost a couple pounds but, dropped my A1c pretty dramatically and that was part of my goal. I am now setting some new goals and more Fasting is what I am thinking. Along with more weight loss. I truly believe in mixing things up for results. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

(Susan) #30

I fasted 48 hours easily. I had a sleep shift at work.THEN I took my sleeping pills and proceded to eat everything carby the my client offered me. No more trying to fast at work I guess. I gotta take some food with me to work. I never learn.

(Jane) #31

20 hours in a hunger finally receded. Was hungry off and on all day, which is unusual for me.

BG: 75
BK: 1.9
GKI: 2.19
Boz: 39

KCFO fellow fasters!

(Eric - Less is more!) #32

Happy Tuesday fasters.

Woke a little early which happens for me when fasting.

Morning BG 89 mg/dL also good.

Feeling good for the start of upper body resistance training and my 2nd day of fasting.

Still slightly itchy but not as bad as last week. I think I just need to burn through some old toxic fat.

(Hormones suck!) #33

Did you ever get off your statin? I remember you saying back in March that you were going to ask your cardiologist about it.

(Eric - Less is more!) #34

Not yet. I am having a comprehensive battery of tests in October including many markers of inflammation. If my inflammation is low I will probably stop taking statins.

In recent weeks I have heard some respected experts talk about statins for secondary CVD and they make the point that there is a benefit. But I worry about all cause mortality and dementia more the heart events and stroke. Especially now that my BP is coming down and other biomarkers are in the dramatically positive range.

(Hormones suck!) #35

Hopefully your test results are good. I’ve never heard anything good about statins, especially the side effects.

Do you know what tests you’re getting? I want to get comprehensive testing, but I don’t know what to ask for.

(Hormones suck!) #36

Day 12

Down another pound since yesterday. Didn’t think I’d make it this far. Had no hunger yesterday at all. What a relief! I hope it continues.

Let’s see if I can get to the 160’s…

Hope everyone’s fasts are going well. Isn’t this a nice time of year to fast? So much easier to get all the water down!

Going to mow my mom’s lawn today; it’s only going to get up to 80 with low humidity, so a perfect day to do it. Especially considering the forecast of a week of thunderstorms and rain. The dandelions are about a foot tall already. Can’t imagine what the yard would look like after a week of rain :scream:

(Jane) #37

33 hours in and feeling good this morning. Hunger finally subsided. Had a breaking-my-fast with food dream last night and was so glad when I woke up to find out it was a dream! I even got as far in my dream of thinking if I spit it out before I swallowed it was I still breaking my fast? LOL I devoured it anyway in my dream.

BG: 79
BK: 3.6
GKI: 1.22
Boz: 22

(Hormones suck!) #38

For you veteran fasters, I have a question. I’m experiencing lower left back pain and I did some googling and read that fasting can mess with your kidneys? Thoughts?


@Digital_Dave, hope you’re feeling better soon. @daddyoh, hope you warm up! I’ve been chilly the last couple nights and got out a lap blanket while I was watching TV, even though it hasn’t been cold. I completely forgot about the fasting-cold connection until your post. And good going @Sharon_E!

What are your goals that you want to achieve with fasting? That might help us give better suggestions.

I’m getting close to wrapping up my 64-hours. Earlier this morning, I was thinking that I wasn’t hungry at all, what’s the big deal, I’ll go until tomorrow. But now my stomach is starting to want food. I think I’ll push through until dinner tonight for 72-hours, though. My scale decided to make up for not moving at all yesterday, by dropping 2 lbs. this morning. :grin:

(Eric - Less is more!) #40

I had long pjs last night and a long sleeved t-shirt. Did fine until about 20 mins ago and now my hands are cold again. Thanks for asking.

44+ hours now. A little hunger at times but it is mental. I’m still thinking I’ll take this past surgery in the AM. Will try to push to at last noon tomorrow (66hr+).